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How to Win Battles of the Mind and Overcome the Mental Storms: Spiritual Warfare
Your stress, burdened head, and shade of disappointment in your life all are the results of mental storms. Of course, you are living in the physical world, but in reality, you aren’t in the physical world. From teenage to the old-aged you are living in your own world, the world of spirituality, where you are dealing with your emotions, thought, and ideas every time. For other persons, you might are in the physical world but for you, you are always struggling to gain calm, to achieve mental relaxation, to gather happiness, and these all things are related to your inner, unseen world, but not with your physical world. In the physical world, you are doing everything for self world. Every time, everyone is battling with thoughts and mental storms. Even though all mental irritations come from the physical world, you can admit it as real-world, but your physical world is nothing without your mental relief and mind happiness. Therefore, to live a happy life in the World you have to first beat your inner evil cruelty and have to build peace in your spiritual world as Jesus Christ did. To understand the mind battles, you have to understand that what does the bible say about spiritual warfare? Bible defines the spiritual warfare in the better way and leads you to paths where you win over the mental battles and you are free from mental disturbance. There is only peace inside you so that you can get happiness from the physical world. Things You Must Watch Over Your mind is the territory and this is the first place where you are attacked. You should be constantly aware of the type of thoughts that come into your mind. You need to know if your idea is satanic or divine. If the enemy, bad thoughts, can control your mind, it controls your thinking style. When you agree with these ideas, you believe them leading to actions. Your actions go according to your opinion. When you see the area of your mind, you will not let any thought come without God. When you start thinking everything with the involvement of God, you will see only good and peaceful things, because God is about Good. And, that’s an answer to what does the bible say about spiritual warfare? Understanding Stronghold Also Can Help You to Battle with your Mind It is a castle of a protected and defensive place. When the enemy gives you ideas, keeps those thoughts, and makes sense with them, they eventually become part of you. At this point, you will start defending those lies because they have become a bastion. The enemy has acquired that land but the weapons that you have are not physical, they are powerful to break these strongholds. Every bastion you break will take you to a new season, a new level. A level of peaceful mind.