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I would like to spend Christmas with JR....JinYoung.

First, let me explain why I call him JR still. I don't think I'll ever meet him or post something about him (besides the cards here on Vingle), so he will never know. It isn't for disrespect or anything. JinYoung to me is the leader of B1A4....and always will be. I keep JR to avoid confusion for me and others, and hey, it's probably better than the nicknames I have for other idols.
So, why JR? Well, I think we could both have fun on Christmas, yet later be low key and just sit and talk. JR likes to read, as do I. I think we could have some interesting conversations about books. I saw him on the two episodes of Master Key, and it would be a lot of fun to tease him about the show. I'd also like to tease him about when he will go to the jungle now that both Mark and JB have gone.