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I choose Red

blue, let me escape this Donald Trump Presidency 😢.
blue all day
Red but when probably regret it because Yuno Gasai
I would like to go with RED but don't want they to live in my world with all the stupid things that are going on. So I'll choose BLUE. I rather go to the anime world. after all I'm more fit in the anime world instead of my world. at least I can be someone and better and be with the person I love and hang out with them.
tbh it depends coz if I go to an anime world will I be my self with or w/o powers, or will I just posses a character. because even if I go I wouldn't be able to get too close to the characters or I'll end up messing up the story. but if I bring a character to this world wouldn't that mean that they then have to adapt, not kill me for kidnapping them, and live in this non magic boring world. like would they automatically like me if a girl, or would they have an identity in my world so that they don't feel out of place/memories altered so they think they are from this world. And let's say I bring a girl, who says she'll end up my gf/friend same with a guy. I know I'm overthinking this but I've always had these thoughts when it came to these two topics, if I had to pick I would pick an anime that I don't know, and only be friends with the main cast because who's to say I don't mess up an OTP like Nalu or NaruHina, or 18&Krillin heck I would rather it be a different world like situation were it's anime like/videogames with powers without me knowing anything or if I did know I would be like Mc if u guy then imma be u friend but I'mma need you to back off from my Wifu as she won't be in u harem, or if it's a girl I'll do the same or add her to a harem if I'm lucky/unlucky enough for it to happen. well I just rambled but meh
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