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At least they specified SHINee in the text becaues imagine if it just said 'lead singer of south korean boy band found dead' and you saw RM on the screen. Hearing the news about Jonghyun was shock enough, if I heard about another death I dont think my heart could take it.

This happened on the December 19 broadcast of '5AM Morning News', NBC Chicago

They've since apologized but, come on.

Their apology tweet also shared a SHINee video but the short clip showed Jonghyun for 0.1 seconds. Do better NBC Chicago. Literally google. This is not a time for sloppy reporting :(
Rest in peace!
for real this made me mad....if you're going to put something THAT IMPORTANT on television you think that they'd do proper research.
I feel bad that in a lot of the American news medias that have been talking about this have the wrong pic. But it's interesting that a lot of them are talking about Jonghyun, I know it was the websites of cnn, Washington post, and billboard.
either do better or don't do at all, you become less trustworthy and more like tabloids for the the hottest clickbait if you don't come with facts and research that's what's suppose to set news apart from trends and talk shows. smh
yeah.. this broke me. first jonghyun then rap mon? i...i was just broken. guys, dont f*ck with us on such a serious matter. pay attention and be respectful.