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I've gone on far too long With the feeling something's wrong with me A ghost that I can't see Follows me, tries to pull me into the dark Lock me up so I never start my journey So the only way I'll move is in a gurney Learning that I'm unwanted and don't belong The voices in my head too strong, yet silent The storm in my heart far too violent Rioting against my own spirit This danger, I can't hear it, but I feel it coming Is it towards emptiness I'm running? Gunning for a future I don't have Haunted by the pieces of all my past mistakes Feel like my very existence is fake Take my soul and shatter it into pieces Maybe disappearing is easiest
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no it isnt the can never get better if you arent around. I totally understand you though I went through a point in my life that i thought ending it would be easiest...yeah it can be an easy out but life isnt easy....we have to work on it....if you need someone to talk to you can always hit me up im on kakao my user name is SarahBelle