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As I strolled along the streets, on my way back to the hotel, it was then I heard it. It sounded close but I quickly realized it was far, it was merely the echoes bouncing between the buildings that made it sound that way. Against my better judgment, suspicous and just too damn curious as to what can make that high pitched ping sound, I followed it.

I went down one alley, then another. I felt as though I was in a maze of buildings and feared that I would lose my way but I kept going. The sound had not stopped and for some odd reason a sword came to mind. Notre Dame, those two men arguing. I stopped, thought and began to question if I should go on, and then I realized the sound had stopped. A few seconds went by and a loud crackling sound came at me from all around, I could see a bright and brilliant light coming from the same direction I was going. The sound of windows shattering and then a loud boom that made my heart stop and for a brief few seconds, lose my breath as if that sound had hit me dead in the chest and pass right through me.

And then it was quiet.

There was no sound except for the footsteps I heard running away. I could not tell if it was coming toward me or away from me. There were no other sounds, no sirens, no one shouting, nothing. I pushed on. I figured I was this far, I might as well go all the way. I found the spot where it all happened. It looked as though a tornado had come through. The area looked abandoned, there were no lights in the windows, there was no one around except me and...

On the ground not far from where I stood, there was a body partly covered with rubbish. I approached it slowly. I reached down and tugged on the leg and subconsciously asked if he was okay. I tugged again but there was no response of any kind. So I firmly took hold of their ankles and pulled. As the garbage fell away from on top of him, I mindlessly spoke to him, reassuring that I would go for help once I made sure he was all right but to my horror, he had no head. I fell backwards, I felt a sudden rush of blood to my own head, I had never seen anything like this other than in a movie. I did not know what to do other than to run.

I ran. I ran back the way I had came. I ran hard. I ran fast. I don't even remember reaching my hotel, or even how I got up to my room. All I know is, my throat and lungs were burning, sweat was dripping off my face like a faucet that had been left on. My legs ached and burned like never before. I had collapsed behind my door and there is where I stayed. Every time I heard someone down the hallway, I would peer under the door to be sure that they would pass by my door. Morning came but I did not leave my room for that day. I called the front desk for a newspaper, I watched the news for any hint of a headless corpse found but there was nothing. I did not understand, how could something like this go unnoticed.

For three days, I stayed in my room, watching the news but nothing.


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