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@lizfranco Sweetie I am so happy that you really enjoy my cards but could you please not share them onto your feed anymore. Of course I love the fact that you want the card to be seen but in reality it makes me feel bad because I work really hard to find the pics, gifs and style the cards in the way I love for it to come out and it truly does take a good amount of work and time to make my cards and I am pretty sure the same goes for others who post cards on vingle. So it slighlty upsets me when I see that my cards are shared onto others feeds because All you have to do is make a title. and all my hard work looking and even making the cards just goes away and it makes me sad. So if you could please not do it anymore it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you❤
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@lizfranco No i knew it was intentionally thats why I asked nicely xD if you wosh to save the card but without sharing it then all you have to do is clip the card (on the bottom right corner theres the clip button) and you choose which collection you would like to save the card and then once you decide it then saves the card!😊