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So this is a random card! lol
I'm not sure how many Doctor who fans are out there but I still have to share

The other day I finally got my friend whose a major Doctor who fan to go with me to this Doctor who cafe called Blue Box Cafe which was a little out of the way but so worth it, I mean just to have the barista call out "The Impossible Girl" outloud was epic! lol that was my coffee drink of choice and then they called out "Weeping Angels" which my friend ordered was Awesome.
the cafe plays doctor who episodes and has trinkets, even a christmas tree for the holiday and fan art on the walls, yea it was really cool, and really busy lol.
So it was decorated for christmas andd omg so awesome!

I had to share their drink specials cause um yes! Doctor who inspired coffee!

Fam tag!
Galaxy Girls <3
The Groupies <3
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