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Hey guys!!!!! Kim here coming back from a semi hiatus. But where did you go?? I didn't go anywhere, I had to take some time to be wit h my family when my aunt passed away two weeks ago. And I know we are all still in morning over the passing of Jonghyun. I hope to bring you guys some Christmas cheer with this fluffy story!!! Merry Christmas Eve to you all!!!!
You looked out the window to see snowflakes falling. Aahh, the first snow of the season, you though. You smiled as you went back to your hot chocolate. You sigh in content as you walk over to the couch. "You are gonna help me wrap up presents for my members, a voice said. Babe, you know I am. Besides, they will know that you wrapped it. Everyone knows that you can't wrap presents, my fishy!!!! That's ok love, I don't mind wrapping for you. You walked over and gave him a kiss on the nose. Your boyfriend then got up to get the nessary things for wrapping Christmas gifts.

You sat your empty cup on the counter, energized and ready to get started. You hear a noise coming from your bedroom area. What did my silly puppy do this time? You got up to investigate the noise. As you walked towards your bedroom, you noticed a trail of bows coming from your art room. You opened the door a bit wider to a sight to see! Standing there was your lovable boyfriend Donghae literally wrapped up in your Christmas decorations. You saw glitter, lights and one giant bow at the top of his head and you instantly start to giggle.

"I, um, I guess I over did it with the gift wrapping," he said, sheeply, giving you those big doe eyes. You couldn't help but to burst out laughing to the point where you had tears coming down your eyes. Once you caught your breath, you walked over to him. Wow, I see that you tried to wrap yourself, literally!!!!! You took the light strand and began to slowly unravel him.

It too a good thirty minutes to get Donghae out of the lights. By then, the two of you were covered in glitter, but you didn't mind. Donghae reached out to brush the remaining glitter out of your hair, but tripped over the light strand and collided with you on to the floor, him on top of you. Your eyes widen as you start to blush. Donghae leans in towards you to kiss you, but you turned your head and he got your cheek instead. Your face instantly flushed as he kissed your cheek again. 

You slowly turned your head towards him to give him a proper kiss, but was interrupted by a noises in your hallway. You both looked at each other with confused looks. "See I told you that they wanted to be alone!!!" You and Donghae both looked up to find Eunhyuk, Shindong and Leetuek standing there at with knowing looks on their faces. You bring your hands to cover your face in embarrassment but Donghae took your hands and whispers in your ear, "Let's give them a show?" He then fully kisses you on your lips and you sigh happily into it. You heard the kackling of his groupmates and you couldn't help but laugh. I guess I'm not wrapping any gifts anytime soon.
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