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The guys react

Holiday Edition

Trying to get you under the mistletoe to finally kiss Loco

Simon Dominic

The man in charge.

Kiseok is the ring leader that asked Jay to invite you to the Christmas party. Since you two are close and he can break through your defenses, he was confident Jay could convince you to fly back in from Seattle so they can all push Hyukwoo and you together with out either of you knowing.
"Alright is Loco in position? Make sure you keep other girls from getting to him."


The Guardian.

Wraps his arm around Loco's shoulder and, unbeknownst to Loco, Minsik leads him to the location where the mistletoe is and strikes up a conversation with him.
"So yeah Jay and me have been talking about getting you on the new track. It would be dope with your rap style Hyung."


The locator.

Harry stays in the perfect position to look out for when you enter. He's the one communicating with Kiseok on the phone.
"Oh there she is with Jay, we've got to separate them."


The interference.

He gets the hand signal from Kiseok from across the room. With a shot in his hand, he hurries over to Jay accidentally bumping into him.
"Sorry Bro, can I talk to you for a second in private it's about the thing for the thing."
"Hyukwoo's thing, excuse us Y/n."


The guide.

Seonghwa makes his way over to you as you start to look around and look for more familiar faces to be around. He gives you the boy next door smile he's so famous for and wraps his arm around you shoulder leading you somewhere as he speaks.
"Y/n it feels like we haven't spoken in so long. I'm glad you decided to come to the party."


The Recipient.

Hyukwoo talks to Minsik before he excuses himself for a moment. Seonghwa has happened to lead you over to Hyukwoo and you all say hello to each other before Minsik comes back to ask for Seonghwa's help.
Loco: What's that all about?
You: (Chuckles) I have no idea.
Loco: I'm glad you came, I saw you with Jay earlier, did you come with him?
You: Uh yeah, he invited me. Did you come with someone?
Loco: Chase.
You: Ah so you two are a thing now? I always shipped you two.
Loco: Aish you're such dork. (laughs)
The conversation continues quite casually and you two chat as friends.
Loco: I thought you were staying in Seattle?
You: I was but I recently got a work visa. Jay asked me to join the H1gher music team.
Loco: As?
You: Um he defined it as head of Creative design and concepts.
Loco: So you'll be directing music videos now? You: Pretty much.
Loco: So we may see each other more?
You smile softly but slightly bigger.
You: More than we were before.
Loco: Sounds promising.
You look up for a moment and see the mistletoe.
You: Oh. (you point up.)
Loco: What? (Loco looks up.) Oh, mistletoe.
You: Tradition says we've got to kiss.
Loco looks at you pleased but surprised. He chuckles nervously and you step up and cup his cheek.
You: I don't bite-- often.
You pull him down slowly and your lips touch in a soft kiss that stirs your heart as much as it does his. As if you both have been waiting for this moment, Hyukwoo slips his hand on your waist and the presence of his tongue on your lips allows you to grant him access. Your lips move together in sync like a soft little dance that only you two know the moves to. The room seems to disappear with the feel of your lips against each others and the magical moment blooms further as you wrap your arms around his neck. The both of you slowly pull away from each others lips in amazement that you twohave finally kissed after the months of friendship and light hearted flirting and slight jealousy at times. You smile after your bottom lip slips from between your teeth and in a soft loving voice you say
You: Merry Christmas Wookie.
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OMG I love Simon D and loco
and a happy birthday to him too
The puppy gets some love!!!!
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