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Warning 18+

due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Park, Jaebum

Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?

~(Lili POV)~

With Jay away on tour, I was actually able to focus more on school work and work itself. I even was able to better my Korean, and learn more about myself. I recently had been in touch with my mother, whom was happy when I told her what Jay did for dad. She said it was sweet of him, and told me how much she missed me. She was planning to come visit me in Korea soon.

It would be nice to see my mother again. I missed her so very much as well. I was currently getting my apartment ready for a visitor. I had made friends with this wonderful young lady that even got me thinking about going back to school. I told her if she ever needed anything to let me know.

When she hit me up about the idea of changing her identity. I knew something bad was happening towards her. I hit up Simon and he help me out, in hiding my friend Nari. I even gave her a place to stay, which was actually mine. I was arranging to turn my walk in closet, also know as my secret room, into a room again. This way she had her own privacy.

I had installed a sliding screen divider for my bedroom, this way I had my own privacy as well. The door bell rang, and I ran to open the door. Nari ran into my arms crying, and holding onto me tightly. "Whoa... Nari its okay... you're safe now." I rubbed her back, before guiding her inside to close the door.

She had a bag in her hand, and handed it over to me. I looked down at it before taking a look inside and finding money. "Well then, with this you can stay with me for the whole year. You're still gonna need to change your hair, and get a job." Nari was being serious about her escaping her family.

The story she told me on the phone was true. Her parents really were trying to force her to marry someone for money. She just nodded her head, before I guild her to the couch. I was really shock though at how much money this woman had with her. Her family must of been some very powerful people, making me glad I asked Simon for help.

"I'll help you find a place, but first thing first. Lets go see my friend, Jay's Stylist tomorrow. Change your appearance a bit and image. Then we can get you some new clothes."

I show Nari to the room I had gotten ready for her. While, I told Simon to text me when he arrived with the new papers for her new identity. I laughed went he reply in seconds, saying, 'I was just about to ring your doorbell'. "I'm sorry this happen to you, but its for the better. I remember when I escape my house hold. I won't let you go through this alone."

I remember the time I lived with my aunt, before taking Chase's mother took me in. My aunt drove me to basically run into Chase's family's arms. Nari smiled warmly at me, and gave a soft smile. "LiLi, I swear I don't know where I would be in this world if you didn't enter my life. Thank you so very much for giving me shelter and helping my escape my parents." She then went to sleep, as I cover her with a blanket.

I then I went and open the door for Simon. He was smiling warmly, whilst leaning against the door frame. "I'm a little surprise you personally contacted me to get this done for another person. Don't tell me you're getting mix up in something bad now, Lily Flower." He handed over an envelope that held everything I requested.

"To be honest with you, I have no idea what is going on. She called begging me to help her. I offer to help her on anything before, but this is the first time she actually took me up on the offer." Simon looked around while fixing his hoody. "Just make sure she uses these over anything else she has at the moment. I will need to meet her soon though if you need to change the papers."

I nodded my head before Simon kissed the top of my head. "Stay out of trouble Lily Flower, you know how much that boy worries about you." I couldn't help but smile at his actions and words. Simon was one amazing person, that care about all that he held dear. "Let's have lunch soon, so I can tell you why I'm helping her, in private."

Simon agree to my request for lunch, before patting my head and taking his leave. I turn in for the night, but slept on the couch, so when Nari woke up I would know. As predicted, when she woke me up she woke me up without meaning to do so. I clear my throats after sitting up. She jump and looked over at me.

I waved my hand for her to come over. Which is obey, and was nice enough to get my water too. "Thank you, and that envelope is for you. Its your new identity." I pointed to the envelope on the table, before drinking the water. "look over them, before we head out."

I stood up to get ready, but she just stared at me confused. "I told you we need to change your appears. Plus you'll need clothes." She nodded her head happily, and pounce on the envelope. I couldn't help but chuckle at how adorable she was being.

When I came down from changing, she was sitting on the couch with her mouth cover by her hand. "What's the matter?" I sat down beside her, as she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. "Did you do this on purpose? The paperwork and ID basically say I'm your little sister."

I blinked before looking over the paperwork myself. "Gonna be real with you, I asked my oppa to do this for me. He the one you should thank, but I think this is a hood cover. If you're my family, you are protected not only by me, but by them as well." I smiled at her before showing her my H1gher Music chain.

Her eyes grew big as she went into shock. "Wait! You're... unholy shit!" I chuckle at her statement of shock. "I work for H1ghr Music, grew up with Park and ChaCha, ... oh yeah and I'm dating Park. But you need to be chill about it, Missy." She just nodded her head with her jaw drop. I softly laughed before giving her my a6ove hoodie.

She quickly put on the hoody, before we headed out to the salon. She wanted to keep her long hair, but we perm it to be a bit curly, after well as dye it dyed it Azurite Blue hair. We then hit the shopping district to get her a new wardrobe. Her eyes would light up when she saw something she like, but didn't think she could pull off. I would make her try it on just to prove her that she could wear it.

Nari ended up liking some of them and adding them to her wardrobe. With in the next week I had found Nari a job that she was amazing at, as was adapting fast. Jay had come home soon enough, and I was able to introduce her to him. Nari had adjusted wonderful to the new changes, and has been an amazing roommate. She was even taking over her own bills without my reminding her.

Soon enough, we even moved into an actual two bedroom apartment. Were we had our own privacy, and we were protected more too. Though I had Simon on my case about meeting Nari. I just needed to find a good window of time for all of us to meet up. Though his nagging was understandable, since I was asking him to help me protect her, from her family.

Nari worked nights and I worked days, allowing us to actually have self-time when one of other other worked. I had finished work, and thought Nari was still sleeping. So I was a bit surprised to see her awake when I went to check the mail. "Hey sleepy head... Did one of your co-workers bring you home last night? You usually don't come home until the sunrises."

She looked over at me, as I noticed, the bouquet of Sapphire roses, with gray pearls between them. There was a card with a side of different shades of grey. When she flip it over we both read over the written note.

'Your beauty was so alluring, That you were shining like a Sapphire diamond, It seem you have become my new favorite flavoring, I hope you enjoy my chiming Rhymin'

There was no signature, but the color of the card and the poem clicked inside my head. How on earth did Gray meet Nari, got her attention. "Are those for you?" I asked to confirm my knowledge of what I was seeing happen. "Ne, it the guy that gave me a ride home last night. Though this is a bit creepy, its sweet at the same time."

She allow me to read over the card personally, as I noticed the sun reflecting a white on white signature. It said Gray's name, and all I could think about was how Jay and Chase didn't want to involve me in the dark side of their world. Nari had become like a sister to me, so I officially understood how those two felt now. "His name is Gray, and he claim's he part of this group called AOMG." I felt my heart stopping when she spoke again. I was going to have to rip Gray a new one now since he was mixing her in the world we were in.

I took the flowers from her out of instinct and rage. Rage fuel by fear of her coming in danger I am already in. "Y/N you don't want to be affiliated with him. Trust me." I left the building with them and headed out to the dumpster of the complex we lived in.


Nari called out towards me, as I threw them away. "What the fuck, Lili?!" I turn to Nari, took a deep breath, and rest my hands on her shoulders. "Don't accept anything from him... This is the reason why I don't like having my boyfriend around you. They're not the sweet guys you think they are."

She sighed this time around, heavily, and just walked away from me. Nari headed back inside the apartment, as I made a phone call to Jay. Best to call my Bummie, before storming into the company and punching Gray in the face.

If I had introduce her to Simon when he first nagged me too.Maybe...

Just maybe, she wouldn't be at risk of getting mixed up into this dark shadows.

To Be Continue....

A/N: I will be posting new chapters every Thursday... and yes this is a reboot to the original

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