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Nari thought Lu was so sweet and so nice. She just absolutely adored him. He was everything she read about him. He was sweet and honest, a real gentleman. She could see why Xiumin was enamored with him. At times, it seemed like she was even there. But Lu always tried to keep her in the conversations.

Xiumin noticed her phone vibrating from time to time. He finally asked her why she doesn't answer it.

She shook her head, “It's just work. They want me to come in but this is my first day off in two weeks. I want to enjoy it, especially since it's with you.” She smiled taking his hand in hers. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oooohh… should I leave the room and give you two some privacy” Lu playfully said. He pretended like he was going to leave but Xiumin tugged his shirt.

Nari felt her stomach turning. Too coffee and sweets, she thought to herself, “Will you excuse me for a few minutes. I'll be right back.”

Xiumin looked at her concerned, “Are you okay?”

Nari's cheeks went pink, “I'm okay, I just gotta, ummm” she giggled nervously, “Um, I'll be right back.” She quickly went to the ladies room.

She opened the stall door and threw the seat up. She leaned over thinking she was going to throw up. She breathed deep, praying it was nothing. She heard the entrance door open and close. Thinking who ever it was doesn't mind listening to her puking her guts out. How embarrassing, she thought. Then there was a knock.

“Someone is in here.” She politely said.

“I know.”

She heard someone quietly say. She knew that voice. She put the seat down and opened the door. She stared at Chen bewildered by his sudden appearance.

He pushed the door open wider and squeezed in.

“Are you okay?” He asked taking her face into his hands.

The coolness of his hands felt nice against her heated face. Then he slid a hand across her forehead.

“You’re burning up. Maybe you should go home.”

“I'm not feeling so good… What are you doing here?” She asked trying not to burp into his face.

“I missed you.” Chen kissed her lightly on the lips and gave her a hug.

“Jondae, you shouldn't be here. What if he sees you?”

“Oh baby, the only thing he sees right now is Han.” He buried his nose into her neck, taking a deep breath, “Mmmm, you smell so good.”

He worked his way to her lips, kissing her.

Nari's knees went weak. She loved how his lips moved, so she moved with them. Then she choked and pulled away. She covered her mouth right away.

“I'm sorry…” her face turning red. Keeping her mouth covered, “By the way, how did you know to come here?”

“When I heard you didn't go with Noona, I called to see if you were okay. You never answered. So on my way to your place, I happen to drive by and saw you coming in. When I saw Minseok, I figured why you didn't go.” Chen said. He pulled her even closer, his smile getting mischievous, “Should we… do it right here? Like we did at that bus stop? Remember… “ He nuzzled her playfully.

Nari turned a brighter red, thinking about when she met him at a bus stop not far from where she lived. It was a spot where she used to meet this guy she was having an affair with, at the time she didn't know the guy was married.

Hardly anyone used it, it was so far off route that it seemed forgotten. Overgrown with brush and overhanging tree branches. It was dark and secluded, a perfect spot. He held her up against the wall of the little structure. Her skirt wrapped her waist, her legs wrapped around him. She tried to moan softly, but Jongdae's powerful thrusts were forcing a scream out of her. Instead, she bit into his shoulder, sucking hard at his neck. His mouth somehow found hers in the chaos of the moment.

And right now, Chen pecking at her lips, wanting more, was too tempting.

“I think I better get back. Minseok will be wondering.” Nari said. She wrapped her arms around him, laying her head on his chest. She could faintly hear his heart beating. It was steady. She wondered how could he be so calm at a time like this when her own heart was racing. “Jondae… how can you be so calm.” She felt his hand smooth over her hair.

“Because, I'm with you.” He said kissing the top of her head. “You better get back out there.”

She smiled and squeezed past him. She looked back before opening the door.

“Jondae…” she whispered.

“Yes?” He whispered back from the other side of the stall door.

Nari sighed and laughed a little, “You’re starting to make me feel funny”

He peeked out at her, his eyes smiling at her, “You make me feel funny too."

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I keep thinking pregnant...tsk, tsk, rsk
I'm so torned! I don't know who she will end up with 😯