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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by Agent 606; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Christmas with the RFA

by Agent 606

Chapter 2: Secret Santa

Chapter by Pawsome Alley Cat (thepineandthestar)
MC played with Yoosung’s hair lightly as he laid his head on the table. They had been a bit too early for the RFA meeting but it was fine, it gave them more time to rest and collect themselves after last night’s conversation. Often times, they were running late so it was a refreshing change for them to be the early birds this time.

Meanwhile, Yoosung decided that it was best to doze off for a bit, feeling too tired to function after finishing one of his hundreds of projects for university. Yoosung had been working his self off day and night just to get those grades that he wanted.

It wasn’t a good habit though, that Yoosung spent his nights on his desk with only the lamp giving him light. His opthalmologist suggested that he stopped it lest he wanted both his eyes to not function well and that was enough to coax him out of his late night tendencies. MC was a student too and she knew the difficulties of being both a student and a part-time worker but they needed to eat and pay rent and pay the bills. The only thing that she could give to him now was support. That and she could help read some things for him when he couldn’t.

So she let him nap on the table as they waited for the rest. Yoosung seemed to be in a deep sleep just seconds after she started playing with his hair, something that soothed him and made him fall asleep faster, but this time, he fell asleep maybe a bit too fast. Maybe Yoosung was overworking himself? She had to have a conversation with him when they got home.

The door swung open and entered Seven. He waved at her and she waved back before going over to their table.

“What happened to him?” Seven asked

MC opened her mouth to speak when Seven smirked and spoke, “Tired him too much last night, MC?”

MC blushed instantly, “Can you not?”

“Fine I’ll lay off just a bit,” Seven responded, “What really happened to him, anyways?”

“Nothing just university stuff.” MC shrugged, “He’s been really busy these past few days. He’s also been spending a lot of time in their library.”

“Library? I thought Yoosung was allergic to libraries?” Seven raised a brow, “No offense though, MC, but Yoosung isn’t the type of guy to stay in a library for too long.”

MC furrowed her brows, “Well then… where do you suppose he goes? He leaves the apartment at eight in the morning and arrives at nine at night. There’s no way he has classes for that long.”

“Well,” Seven trailed off, “you know that I can always put a tracker on Yoosung’s cloth-. Ow, did you just kick me?”

Yoosung grumbled then slowly brought his head up, “Are you convincing MC just to spy on me? And besides, I do study at the library. We went together like three times.”

MC frowned at him, “Honey, I trust you, okay? Please tell me that I’m not wrong.”

Yoosung sighed, running a hand through his hair before cupping MC’s cheeks in his hands.

“I will never do anything that will make you unhappy, my love.” He placed a kiss on her forehead

“Did we arrive at the wrong time?”

Yoosung and MC jumped slightly at the sound of the newcomer greeting himself. They looked up and smiled at Jumin and Jaehee who had just arrived.

“No it’s the perfect time,” Seven answered, “I really needed to get them to stop.”

“You’ll get used to it, MC.” Yoosung sighed once more, “So we’re only waiting for Zen and V. Do you guys have your wishlists ready?”

He received collective nods.

“I’m so excited!” Yoosung beamed, “MC’s finally spending a Christmas with us! I feel like the RFA’s so complete.”

“Well we never even had Christmas parties before,” Jaehee stated

“Not once?” MC raised a brow

“Yeah well Christmas isn’t much of a holiday for us to celebrate. We’re all busy and the only one who could actually enjoy the break is Yoosung,” Seven explained, “but he goes home to his parents every year so there’s no need to celebrate it with each other.

“And besides, it’s rare that we can all get together at one place without having an RFA party. We’re very busy people.” Seven finished

“Yes and now that MC is here we all have a reason to celebrate!” Yoosung smiled

“So you’re not going home to your parents this year?” Jumin raised a brow

Yoosung shrugged, “I plan to but it still depends on our plans.”

“And those plans are?”

“None right now,” MC answered, “But we’re working on it.”

“Wouldn’t it be the perfect time to introduce MC to your family?” Jumin inputted, “Well, that is if she wouldn’t go to her own family.”

“My family’s out of the country and even if I really want you to meet my family, Yoosung can’t,” MC answered

“Then it’s settled, I guess? If you want to meet them, I, uh, we could go to my home and then I’ll introduce you to my family,” Yoosung explained, his face getting redder as he spoke, “then they’ll probably smother you with love because you’re the first girl that I’ll ever bring home and then they’ll force you to shop with them and they’ll get you gifts and-.”

“First girl.” Seven laughed

“That’s really adorable, Yoosung, I’d love that,” she stated

“Really? Because most girls I know didn’t want that kind of Christmas,” Yoosung said

“Most girls? Who are these most girls?”

“Well there’s Seven’s ex, and Jumin’s ex, and Zen’s Ex, an-.”

“I think she gets the point now,” Seven interrupted, placing a hand over Yoosung’s mouth

“Why are there so many commoner food here? What are we going to eat?” Jumin asked as his eyes glazed over the menu in his hands

“I guess you don’t have a choice but to try it then,” Seven replied, “I recommend a burger for you, Mistah Trust Fund Kid.”

Jumin rolled his eyes, “Where are Zen and V? When they get here, we’re moving to another restaurant.”

“Not if we order first.” MC grabbed the menu from his hands, “Seven, what burger?”

“Bacon melt,” Seven replied as he tried to stop Jumin from standing up and leaving

“Is it pepperoni, Yoosung?”

Yoosung nodded, “Can we get it extra cheesy?”

“Of course. Jaehee?”

“Just a cup of coffee would be nice,” Jaehee answered

“Yeah but that’s not much of a meal,” MC said

“Well I’m going home after this so it’s fine, really.” Jaehee responded

MC called for a waitress and told her their orders.

“You didn’t let me order,” Jumin said as soon as the waitress left

“That’s because you’re going to taste all of our orders,” MC responded

“This is gonna be good.” Seven smirked

The doors opened and, with the plethora of other customers, in came Zen and V. The actor guided V to their table and placed him on a seat next to Yoosung.

“As usual, it’s nice to see you all,” V started, “Have you all ordered? My treat this time.”

“We have actually. We’re going to initiate Jumin to greasy carbs,” Seven stated

“I’m in!” Zen grinned

The orders arrived and MC gave a slice to Yoosung, V, and Zen.

“Let the initiation begin,” Seven started then put a slice of pizza on Jumin’s plate

“There is no way I’m eating that.” Jumin replied, pushing the plate away with a finger, “When are we going to start the secret santa?”

“Right now,” Zen answered then they all pulled out their lists

They all folded it up to tiny pieces and placed it at the middle of the table. MC grabbed all of them and juggled them into her cupped hands which were joined. She placed it back down and everyone took a piece each.

Zen unfolded his paper and read the neatly written codename on top of it. Cat. He immediately furrowed his brows. The paper yelled of either Jumin or Seven, the only two cat lunatics in the group. He scanned the very short list that adorned the rest of paper and he raised brow. Cat wanted what? There were only two items on the list and those two were the ones they wanted? He wanted to ask if they were serious but then again what was the point of Secret Santas then? It wouldn’t be much of a secret if he asked. He shrugged it off. It was going to be easy (but weird, definitely weird) on his part then.

Jumin opened his piece of paper and saw the nickname on his chosen paper. Rika, it read. Definitely Yoosung. The list consisted of a simple polaroid, Jumin wondered why Yoosung would want to have one; he guessed that the boy would take lots of pictures of MC, and some films for it. He was a bit curious as to why he made such a short list but maybe because there was a probability that it would be MC or Zen who would pick him and those three might not afford what he wanted. That’s why you have a rich friend, my friend.

V read the name, well, codename, on his piece of paper. It read Elly~ so it was most likely Jumin since he was practically dating his cat. What ‘Elly~’ wanted were many things, nearly filling up the whole paper. V thought that maybe it was a bit too much but it was just an options list so there was no problem. The only problem he saw was the request for a cat. Maybe Jumin was getting even more lonely?

First letter in and Jaehee already knew who this was. Mrs. it read and nobody was expecting to be a Mrs between all of them soon enough. Sure they were still studying but the girl can dream, right? Mrs. or should she put it, Mrs. Kim had five, very specific, things on the list. It wouldn’t be too hard on Jaehee now since she and MC were practically the best friends in their tiny world filled with guys. She knew just exactly what MC wanted and that made everything perfect.

One look into the paper and MC was sure who this was. Assistant, who in the world didn’t teach Jaehee on making codenames? She could’ve picked a better one but who was she to judge anyway? The list wasn’t what MC thought Jaehee would want, she guessed that the other girl wanted a full collection of Zen’s DVDs but maybe she had a change of heart all so suddenly? All that mattered was that she could get all the gifts and they were all in her budget so it was all fine and dandy for her.

A star. A simple star was all the clue Yoosung had but with this very simple and sloppy star, he could say who it was in a split second. Zen. Who else would put star? As far as Yoosung knew, he was the one affiliated with stars. Zen. Why Zen? He prayed to every god he knew, did every luck boosting ritual he could look up, practically calculated the possibility that it would be MC that he picked but he picked Zen. It was fine though, he and the superstar had a great relationship and, even at times he couldn’t stomach the star’s narcissism, Zen was an overall good guy and he had simple requests so it was going to be fine.

LOLOL, his paper read. Seven wanted to laugh out loud. That was Yoosung’s codename? Nobody would have thought otherwise but Seven played the secretive dude in their group and he was going to keep it a secret that Yoosung was the one he picked. This is fun, he concluded, I can play a prank on him. Nice.

“I’m gonna go use the ladies’ room,” MC announced, “I’ll be right back.”

She rushed off from her seat to the restroom, leaving the rest of them in a tense silence.

“Okay so I didn’t get MC and I really agreed to do the Secret Santa thing to surprise her,” Yoosung started, “So, whoever got MC, can I please exchange with you?”

“Uh… you do know that that you can just buy her a gift, right? Christmas is enough reason to buy someone a gift,” Zen pointed out

“Yeah but where’s the fun of it then?” Yoosung asked

“One, no nobody is going to switch names,” Seven stated

“And two?” Yoosung asked

“There is no two, I just wanted to say one,” Seven replied

Everyone looked at the red head with confused stares.

Yoosung rolled his eyes, “Fine, fine. I’m not going to find MC’s wishlist filled with things that she wants because I totally know what she wants for her very first Christmas with me and I would definitely not screw this up because I know what she wants.”

Zen furrowed his brows, staring at Yoosung. He delicately put a hand on the boy’s golden locks before patting gently.

“No, no, Yoosung. You’re the only kind, innocent, and gentle one. You will not be sarcastic, you hear me child?” Zen said softly, “Hearing your sarcarm makes me cringe."

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