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Warning 18+

due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Park, Jaebum
Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?

~(Jay POV)~

Today was Loco's wedding day, and my date was still being pissy towards me. Well not just me, but at Gray too. Though for Loco and Dream, Lili, had plan to just ignore Gray and I all together for today. She wanted to just simply be happy for the lovely couple. We all just wanted to be happy for the lovely couple.

Lili was at my place with me, getting ready to attend the wedding with me. When I came out of the rest room from finishing freshing up. I had already hit the salon to get my hair done. She had gone with me, and it was strange to see her with her with straighten hair. Liyah rarely ever straighten her beautiful curls, so I couldn't help but stare.

I lean in the doorway, and watch her strap up her heals. She then fixed her hair a bit to put in her earrings, before finally fixing her dress and standing up. Liyah glare right at me, and came to stand before me. "Wipe that look off your face, 'cause I'm still upset with you." She pushed pass me, as I sighed heavily.

"Then why are we even going together. You're so upset with me, then shouldn't we go separately? We already have to enter separately because someone doesn't want to go public." She spun around on her heals so fast that her hair flew. Her turn was so breath taking, as if she was modeling.

Liyah looked hurt more than annoy though this time. "I don't want to go public because it will make us both look bad at the moment. I have only been with the company for half a year now. Plus, unlike you... I am thinking of your career and fans. Don't you think, coming out to the public will hurt you?" She grabbed the couch throw pillow, and made its name truth by throwing it at me.

"I will never be sorry for fucking caring about you, and your career. Let alone caring for one of my few female friends either. Chase and you didn't want me involved in your dirty business. Yet I was pulled into with the aid of my curiosity. So, shouldn't be understanding I don't want her to join this world either."

She looked as if she was about to start crying. I brought the pillow back to the couch, before grabbing Liyah by her waist. I pulled her deep into my arms and crush my lips along hers. "I am so damn bless to have a girlfriend as you... do me a favor, and direct that anger more towards me. I'll deal with Gray for ya."

Lili just glared at me before going to the room to grab her coat. "Can we just go? I don't want to be late. Its Loco and Dreams special day after all." I nodded and noticed a twitch along her lips. She was fighting not smiling, and trying to stay cold.

It made me smile knowing that she was weak for me, even when mad. I grabbed my jacket, and headed down to my car with her. Since I've been home more, Liyah has been staying at my place more. I was planning to ask her to move in after tonight, as well as possibly going public. Yet she was too set in her ways about going public, and annoy with me to even ask if she wanted to move in.

We arrived to the wedding together, and luckily the wedding was private. So we could actually enter in together without getting caught my the public view. I did my best to keep Liyah away from Gray, so we all could enjoy the beautiful ceremony. She was well tame the whole time, and stood between Simon and me. It was when we were moving to the reception hall, that Gray was in danger.

The seconds he got the chance to get away with murder. She punch Gray so hard in the arm, that he scream out in pain, while she walked away. I ran to Gray to check on him, as he rubbed his arm. "I did warn you, and she caught you." Gray just glared at me as I help him find a seat.

She did a good number to his arm, because by the time Loco came to say 'thanks for coming' to us. His arm had burised perfectly. "Its time to catch the garter and bouquet!" The best man announce, getting everyone's attention. "I want all the unmarried ladies on the left in a group, and all unmarried men to the right."

Lili and I both got up and did at the DJ said, while Dream and Loco stood in the middle of the dance floor. Dream was sitting down as Loco was on one knew and turning red. The kid got shy easily, so it was fun to tease him. For today though, it was his new wife's job to do so. She was smirking, as she place her foot on his leg lightly.

Loco was blushing like no tomorrow, but with a huge smile plaster along his face. The DJ in charge was Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck) and man was he enjoying the current torment. "Okay Hyuk Woo, hyung, time to take the garter off your beautiful new wife." Loco shyly hid his face on her calf to hid the fact that he was blushing. Dream seem entertain by her husband's shyness, and lightly pet his head.

We all laughed when Dream squeal, the moment Loco's hands darted straight for the garter on her thigh. "You're hands are cold, damn!" The laughter grew due to her comment, leaving everyone with smiles. Once Loco had it off her leg, he kissed the top of her high heel, before placing her foot down on the grown again.

It was always easy to see Loco's love for another, but you can see it with Dream too. She kissed him on the lips before standing up. She even help him stand back up as well. "Loco... Dream get ready to throw in 3... 2... 1..." Ju Kyung counted down until the couple threw the bouquet and garter. Lili wasn't even moving when the bouquet hit her head, before landing in her hands.

I on the other hand actually try and caught the garter like a bottle catches the ring. It sprung down my arm a bit, as everyone cheer. "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!" Someone shouted from the crowd, making everyone laugh. Chase was beside me and said it was Los who shouted those words.

I guess I really have been fucking around too much. Loco brought me to the center of the room as Dream brought Lili. Everyone cheer and clapped for us, as we just smiled and waved. "Now...its time for Liyah to put the garter on Jay!" We both looked at each other confused as they all cheer again.

We were both used to it being the other way around. "Times are a changing haha..." Lili commented with a nervous laugh. I handed the garter to her, and took the bouquet, whilst whispering in her ear. "Now now... be gentle with me." I said playfully, earning a giggle from her.

"Just sit your ass down already."

She sat me down in the chair before getting down on one knee. Luckily she was wearing a dress that went down pass her knees. Didn't have to worry about someone else taking a peak at what was mine. Ju Kyung play my song 'Sex Trip' as Liyah took my leg. Damn my girl was balsy and I was loving it. She licked her lips, and winked before slipping the garter up my leg.

Our crew 'ooo' and 'ah' teasingly before she crawl over my lap to steal a kiss. They all 'ooo' now with cheers, because of Liyah being bold as fuck. We all cool down and headed back to our tables to watch everyone celebrating and chatting together. Liyah had gotten up and walked away somewhere. I got curious because she was only talking to the girls currently.

Liyah was purposely ignoring the guys so her annoyance with us won't be triggered. I got up an went after her, to see her go into the family bathroom. I knocked on the door when she was washing her hands. Luckily the family bathroom of the place was a single bathroom, because when she open the door, I pushed her back in, an lock the door behind me. Lili pushed me away a bit to stop me from pouncing on her.

"Down boy, I'm still annoy with you."

I just smirked, before picking her up by her thighs and sitting that beautiful fat ass on the sink counter. "Keep being mad at me.... allows me to drive you even more crazy." She protest, and try to push me away, but I already slip my hand between her legs. Lili turn weak the moment I toy with her clit.

"Someone being a bad girl... no panties? really?" I smirked after teasing her for not wearing any panties. "The ... The dress its too tight.... it... it would show." She spoke weakly, while gripping onto my dress shirt. "Well, since you wanna be naughty, you should allow me a taste." I slip her a finger inside of her, resulting in her biting her lower lip.

"How about you show me who's daddy instead."

I looked up to see her hunger for me overrule her annoyance. I pulled my hand away from between her legs, to only have her suck my fingers clean. I help her get down, turn her around, and bend her over the sink. She bit her lip to hold back her moan, when I lifted the skirt of her dress and slap her ass. "You're the reason why I carry condoms in my wallet, I swear."

She grind on me, as I was trying to get my wallet out, to get the condom. "Mmmm girl you are so gonna get it." She turn around to wrap her arms around my neck, hauling my advances at the moment. "Jay forget the condom, I'm on birth control. Plus you saw what happen out there. That's the third time that happen to us. Seems like fate has spoken, don't you think."

I couldn't help but smile at her, because she was right. I went to other wedding parties where she was there and we caught them together those times too. This time though we were finally a couple. "Move in with me..." She raised and eyebrow, as I held onto her waist. "I can wait a bit longer to go public but I want you to move in with me finally. Waking up next to you is all I want for now."

She smile, and nodded her head, whilst nodding her head. I unzipped my pants and lifted her dress once again. "Good! Now let me punish you for being do damn sexy." Liyah just chuckled and shook her head. I picked up her up by her ass this time, and thrust inside of her. She was already wet, like she has been waiting for me to devour her.

"Damn it Liyah, always ready for me."

She giggled as we interlock lips, before thrusting in rhythm with her body. I had her clawing at my back, as I went hard, with trying to be as deep as possible for her. I put my hand over her mouth, as I picked her speed, earning her muffled moans of pleasure. Lili head onto me for dear life, before I made her reach her climax with me. I uncover her mouth to grip the counter.

We were both pleased now, while she lean on me for support. I kissed her neck softly, whilst rubbing her back lightly. "I love you so much, Liyah. I give you my word, I'mma make you my wife soon."

She just nuzzled up to me and held me close.

Now that I got her to stop being mad at me, I was going to have to deal with Gray.

Don't want her breaking one of my partners now.

To Be Continue....

A/N: I will be posting new chapters every Thursday... and yes this is a reboot to the original

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