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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by Agent 606; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Christmas with the RFA

by Agent 606

Chapter 3: Hide and Go Seek

Chapter by Pawsome Alley Cat (thepineandthestar)
It was easy, maybe a little bit too easy. Zen wasn’t having a hard time, honestly. All it took was a call from all of his former directors and then bam, he had DVD copies of all of his musicals from day one until the most recent which wouldn’t be released until after Christmas.

But this, what he was doing, was weird. Totally, totally weird. Why in the world would Jumin want a copy of his musicals? True, Jumin is sort of a fan of musicals but his musicals? Zen never saw Jumin in any of his shows so it was definitely weird. What would a grown man even do with them?

Zen shuddered, not wanting to think about the reason any further. Jumin wanted that so he was in no way going to complain. Besides, it would seem like the rudest guy on earth was his fan.


Jumin used to think that MC was calm and collected. Her first party went off without a hitch. The guests were pleased and everyone was happy. Even through their planning stage, she was very much calm even after knowing about the bomb at Rika’s apartment, Yoosung and Seven going after the villain’s lair, and Yoosung coming back with an injured eye. Through all of the things that had happened to them, mostly to her, she was always calm, a plan was formulated in her mind in such unique detail that Jumin thought that she had everything planned even before it all happened.

MC was a cool girl who knew how to take care of herself and how yo manage everything.

Well, he used to think that.

The moment he and his assistant, Jaehee, opened the door to the couple’s apartment, absolute mayhem was blown to their faces. Yoosung was running frantically from the couch, to the kitchen, then upstairs, downstairs, and to the bathroom. MC, on the other hand, was trying to fix the bento box in the kitchen, yelling to Yoosung the things that he was forgetting. Yoosung stumbled down when his foot caught the edge of the sofa but he was quickly back on his feet as he put his sweater on.

“Yoosung, your homework! It’s on the table! A-And the flashdrive for the report today, don’t forget about it,” MC shouted, “Also you have your final demonstration today.”

“Yes, MC,” Yoosung replied

MC jogged over to him, placing his bento box down and fixing the collar of the shirt that was underneath the sweater. She flattened in down then placed his lunch inside his bag.

“Everything else that you need is in the bag, don’t skip lunch, and-.”

Honk honk

“That’s the bus!” Yoosung announced, picking his bag up

He placed a chaste kiss on MC’s cheek then made his way to the door.

“Jaemin, hi, bye!” He greeted, making his way outside, almost missing the bus

“Your fly is down!” MC called

Yoosung stopped in his tracks and looked down to see his pant zipper closed.

“Just kidding!” MC giggled

He got on the bus and MC immediately threw herself down on the couch.

Jumin cleared his throat but MC didn’t stir.

“I’m dead you can talk to me again when it’s ten,” MC muttered

“MC, it’s nine in the morning,” Jaehee informed, “And what was all the rush about?”

MC sat back down and looked at the two still standing at the door.

“Please come in,” MC offered as she stood up and removed the things on the couch

The two adults sat down on the couch and MC grabbed a chair for herself.

“So what was the visit about?” She asked

“It’s about the Christmas party.”


MC☆ has entered the chatroom

707: Ya so u just need to send something

707: It goes to MC’s emails

707: It’s completely anonymous

MC☆: Hey everyone

MC☆: What are we talking about?

ZEN: It’s the anonymous email system Seven made

Jaehee Kang: We can send in inputs about the gifts that we want and you will put the emails here.

MC☆: So I’m pretty sure it’s Seven who’s been sending me cat memes all day

707: It was supposed to be a secret

MC☆: Saeyoung, I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who sends cat memes

MC☆: To everybody

707: I was blessing you all with the goodness that comes with cats ^^



Jumin Han has entered the chatroom

Jumin Han: Assistant Kang?

ZEN: Not here…?

ZEN: You go to work with her?

ZEN: You two are working right now why in the world do you think Jaehee would be here?

Jumin Han: We both took day offs.

Jumin Han: Oh you were talking about cats.

MC☆: And anonymous emails

MC☆: If you, somehow, wanted to tell something to you Santa or to the one you chose, you can send me an email

MC☆: Oh I received one

From: Cat To: Mrs.
What color of hoodie? And what size?

707: Mrs huh, MC?

MC☆: No comment

Jumin Han: Cat? Seven is it you?

ZEN: No talking about it.

Yoosung has entered the chatroom

Yoosung☆: Good news everybody!

Yoosung☆: I aced my finals in…

Yoosung☆: mathematics!

707: It’s a miracle!

ZEN: All the studying paid off then

Jumin Han: With the state you two were in earlier, you couldn’t have failed that exam.

707: State?

Jumin Han: They were everywhere

Jumin Han: Pretty sure Yoosung’s shirt was on backwards

Jumin Han: Yoosung greeted us ‘Jaemin’ because of the hurry

Jumin Han: MC basically didn’t notice us

Jumin Han: And she fell asleep on the midst of planning the party

MC☆: We woke up five minutes before the bus came

Yoosung☆: Ya I was almost late

707: lolol why were you two up so late?

Yoosung☆: Because uni is hell

Yoosung☆: I am so excited tp go home

MC☆: You have three classes left

Yoosung☆: Can’t I skip the rest of the day?

Jumin Han: I would personally not like my future employees cutting their classes.

Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom

Jaehee Kang: Mr. Han, you have a meeting in five minutes.

Jumin Han: With?

Jaehee Kang: The cultured citizens organization.

Jumin Han: …

Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom

Jumin Han:


Jumin Han has left the chatroom

From: LOLOL To: Secret Santa
I hope I’m not worrying you too much on the gift

Yoosung☆: Welp, the bell rang

Yoosung☆ has left the chatroom

ZEN: You think he’s going back to his old ways?

707: It is hard to remove what you’re used to doing

MC☆: Give him time, he’ll grow

707: Exactly

From: LOLOL’s Secret Santa To: LOLOL
lololol it’s okay

From: Mrs. To: Cat
You choose what color and size 100

ZEN: Hey MC, if someone were to, hypothetically, give you a gift, what would you like?

MC☆: Well, if someone were to hypothetically do that, I would appreciate anything as long as they put effort in it

MC☆: It’s the essence of the gift that counts

707: So I can give u a bag of Honey Buddha Chips

707: And u would be okay about it?

MC☆: I guess

ZEN: Oh hey what about Saeran

707: ?

ZEN: Aren’t you inviting him? To the party, I mean

707: …

707: Well, Saeran’s not the party type of guy

707: And after what he did to Yoosung…

707: He’s my brother and all buuuuut

ZEN: But what?

707: I… It’s a bit offensive to bring the guy who basically blinded someone’s eye to a party initiated by that someone

707: Right?

707: MC?

MC☆: I don’t know

MC☆: Yoosung and I talked about this once or twice

MC☆: And there’s a part of him that still holds a grudge towards Saeran but when we discovered that he was your twin

MC☆: …It’s complicated

707: I fully understand, MC

From: Elly~ To: Secret Santa
You can remove the keyboard and mouse from the list

MC☆: Oh I gotta go you guys. The professor’s here

ZEN: Okay

ZEN: But have you eaten yet?

MC☆: Not yet. Was busy

MC☆ has left the chatroom

ZEN: Yoosung’s gonna be in trouble

ZEN: Why is he not making sure that MC eats?

707: He is, trust me. He told me earlier

707: He was going to cook breakfast

707: But they woke up late

707: So you know

707: But hey we could’ve talked about inviting my bro without MC here

ZEN: Well they’re the party planners

707: Still. I’m a bit guilty.

707: If it wasn’t for me, Yoosung wouldn’t have a blind eye

ZEN: Don’t make it too hard on you

ZEN: He did insist on coming with you, remember

707: Still.

ZEN: Hey hey I don’t want this sad background music alright

ZEN: It’s Christmas

ZEN: We should be happy

ZEN: Also the director wants me to practice this line and it’s really jolly

ZEN: Aaand he calls

ZEN: Gotta go

ZEN has left the chatroom

707 has left the chatroom


V was browsing through the plethora of scratching posts. He wasn’t one to buy cat toys and things for pets, Rika was the one invested in pets, but he knew his fair share of it. The kitten he picked was an orange and white Ragdoll. He was sure that Jumin would love it since the kitten looked a tad bit like Elizabeth. For now, he was looking through the scratching posts and then he would call it a day.

“Is there anything that interests you, sir?” A saleslady approached him

“Do you have a red scratching post? About three levels?” V replied

“I think we have one in the back,” the lady replied

“Oh, I’ll take it if it’s available,” V replied, walking over to the counter

So far, Christmas shopping was good. One person down, five more to go.


MC☆ has entered the chatroom

V has entered the chatroom

MC☆: Has anyone heard from Yoosung?

MC☆: His classes are over and he isn’t home yet

707: Relax, MC, Yoosung’s fine

Jaehee Kang: Yes, he can take care of himself.

MC☆: But he left his glasses at home today

MC☆: No calls? Texts?

ZEN: Have you tried calling him?

V: I tried calling him. It just went to voicemail.

707: Oooh what is that boy up to now

707: Oh waiy a sec

707 has left the chatroom

Unknown has entered the chatroom

Unknown: I should probably pick a better username.

MC☆: Hey Saeran

Unknown: What’s with all the chatting?

Unknown: I only opened this to clear out the notifications

Unknown: Can you cut it out?

MC☆: We were looking for Yoosung

Unknown: You mean the blond?

Unknown: He’s right ov

Unknown has left the chatroom

MC☆: Why isn’t he picking up?

MC☆: I’m worried T-T

707 has left the chatroom

707: Sorry for the interruption

707: MC, what if I was the one who picked ur name

707: What gift would u want?

707: specifically

MC☆: Seven, now isn’t the time for that

MC☆: I’m going out for a while

MC☆: I have to go find Yoosung. It’s almost ten

707: If u answer teh question I’ll track him

MC☆: Fine

MC☆: I don’t have anything specific in mind

MC☆: But maybe something useful? Like a coat or a necklace?

707: thx

707: Found him

707: He’s crossing the street from ur apartment

Yoosung☆ has entered the chatroom

MC☆ has left the chatroom

Yoosung☆ has left the chatroom

707: And there he is

707: Two lovers reunited once more

707: Stay tuned for more of this thrilling saga

Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom

Jumin Han: Nobody bothered saving me.

Jumin Han: What a shame I thought we were all friends.

Jaehee Kang: It went well, Mr. Han. You clearly didn’t need saving.

ZEN has left the chatroom

707 has left the chatroom

V: What’s with everyone logging out all of a sudden

V: Also, a Ragdoll is a good type of cat, right?

Jumin Han: Perfect type.

Yoosung☆ has entered the chatroom

Yoosung☆: I am soso sorry I let all calls go to voicemail

Yoosung☆: And making everyone worried

Yoosung☆: So please

707 has entered the chatroom

Yoosung☆: Help me Zen’s at the door and he wants to ‘knock some sense to my brain’ and ‘show you how much MC worried’

Yoosung☆ has left the chatroom

707: My poor boy Yoosung

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