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As long as they alter the ending I’m good..... stupid convenient nullification arrow FOR 5 seconds BS
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I'm just hoping they choose to extend it out a bit to make it seem less rushed. I mean, ichigo could've done great things with his *spoiler*, but *spoiler* just took it away too fast with his stupid ability. I wanted to see more of ichigo's final *spoiler*.
I hope this is real but i agree with @NeoNinjaRaiden the final arc was really disappointing to me. Still wanna see it animated tho!
Now I won’t say the final arc as a whole was disappointing just that last part with the fight between ichigo and the king
Is this forreal? please don't play with my emotions
well I'm thinking that they may tweak it a bit to make it better. afterall, this IS animation we're talking about
too bad the final part of that arc sucked
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