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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by Agent 606; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Christmas with the RFA

by Agent 606

Chapter 4: Seven's Little Boy

Yoosung☆: MC please T.T

Yoosung☆: Let’s talk about it

MC☆ has changed her nickname to MC





707: whoa

707: how did you even do that?

MC has left the chatroom

707: u messed up

707: big time

Yoosung☆: Can you not?

Yoosung☆ has left the chatroom

707: Welp he’s cranky

V has entered the chatroom

V: Hello everyone

V: What happened to them?

707: I honestly do not know

707: But Yoosung was here last night

707: asking for advice

Unknown has entered the chatroom

707: Saeran!

707: My bro!

707: Did u help MC change her nickname?

707: because if u did

707: I am going to be too disappointed on my skills

Unknown: And if I say no?

707: Then

707: there’s


a haCKER

Unknown: Seriously?

Unknown has left the chatroom

ZEN has entered the chatroom

ZEN: What are you guys doing?


ZEN has left the chatroom

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom

Jumin Han: Meow?

707: Meow~

707: Can mew stay for a bit?

707: MC and YS are figjting

707: Saeran left me

707: Zen entered then left

707: V isn’t responding

707: This day is a total wreck

Jumin Han: If you had a girlfriend, it wouldn’t be.

707: Says the man who doesn’t have a girlfriend

Jumin Han: I have Elizabeth as my companion.

707: I wanna see Elly~

Jumin Han: As much as I would love to stay and chat, I have to fix everything for the party

Jumin Han: Please make it a note that I will be bringing Elizabeth to the party

707: Aw yissss

Jumin Han: I have filed a Restraining Order against you. You can’t get near Elly

ZEN has entered the chatroom

ZEN: Sorry I accidentally turned my Wifi off

ZEN: Mister Trust Fund kid is bringing that cat?

ZEN: Why would you even do that?

ZEN: You know that I have an allergy!

Jumin Han: Control it

Jumin Han: Use your mind over matter

ZEN has left the chatroom

707: Guys it’s the 18th

707: It’s our party tomorrow and we still don’t have a time and venue

Jumin Han: What are you talking about?

Jumin Han: MC and Assistant Kang had been working for it.

Jumin Han: There will be an announcement today, probably

Yoosung☆ has entered the chatroom

707: Hey hey hey

Yoosung☆: MC

Yoosung☆: just left my apartment

MC has entered the chatroom

MC: The party tomorrow will be at Jumin’s penthouse at 4 in the afternoon. Bring your gifts and wear the best ugly sweater you have

MC has left the chatroom

707: You know

707: If you just asked her what she wanted

707: This never would have happened

Yoosung☆: That’s not it. Remember that I’ve been arriving home late? That’s what she’s mad for

Yoosung☆: Now I have to go

Yoosung☆: I’m gonna go chase her

Yoosung☆ has left the chatroom

707: Hey V

V: Yes?

707: I’m gonna have to go now

707: I have to prepare my gift

707: Laterz

707 has left the chatroom


“I’m really sorry, MC, but I can’t tell you why I’ve been coming home late,” Yoosung explained, “J-Just don’t think that it’s because I have someone else, okay? I’m not having an affair.”

“With you telling me that, it’s more likely that you do have someone else,” MC replied, frowning, “Are you tired of me? If you are, you can just say so, you know.”

Yoosung pulled MC in for a tight hug, “How can that possibly even happen? I’m never going to get tired of you, MC. I have my whole future planned out and you’re in every step of it.”

“I’ve… I’ve planned out what I wanted and when I’d try to get it. I’m going to graduate it two years and then get my PhD. I’m going to finish it quickly so in four years, we’re going to have our own clinic,” he explained, “We’re going to get married when I finish college. We’re gonna have three kids. One maybe five years from now, and then another three years later, and the last one in four years. Then by 40, we’ve finished paying for our house. While our kids go to college, we’re going to work for them and when they work, we’re gonna use our savings to travel.”

“That sounds really nice,” MC whispered, a smile lingering on her face, “I’d like that.”

“Yeah? Well, all you have to do is stay. I’m serious about you and I want our future to be happy,” he continued, “You know, I talk to you to my mom a lot and she likes you. She wants to meet you soon, that’s why we’re going there for Christmas. If you want, that is.”

MC nodded, “I’m sure my family understands. And besides, you’ve met them already and I haven’t met yours yet.”

“Yeah well we’re spending next Christmas with your family, okay? So it’ll be fair,” he added

“You’ve really got the hang of this,” MC responded

“Well if you’re with the one you love, you’re gonna do everything you can to make them happy,” he answered, “Can I… can I be honest with you?”


“You know, I almost didn’t pursue you,” he answered

“What?” You gave a low chuckle

“That’s true! I… I almost didn’t try because, one time, Zen, Seven, and I were out and Zen told us that he likes you and Seven also said that he has a crush on you,” he paused, biting his lower lip, “And then I thought, how can I compete with a famous actor and a spy and hacker?”

“And besides, the trend wasn’t usually getting a guy who didn’t have an ambition. It was finding someone who knew what they wanted. So… So I tried to change, for you, and,” he responded, looking into her eyes, “and I was right. You’re worth the changes.”

Mc smiled weakly, pulling Yoosung’s forehead to hers, “I’m sorry for not trusting you.”

“It’s fine, MC. I understand,” Yoosung finished


“Come on, bro! We don’t have all day!” Saeyoung called as he knocked on his brother’s bedroom door for the umpteenth time that day

“Tell me again why I have to go buy gifts with you,” Saeran grumbled as he went out of the room, fixing his sweater

“You’re going to have to get them presents too, you know,” Saeyoung replied

Saeran raised a brow, “Why? I’m not even invited.”

“Well they haven’t formally said that yet but you’re definitely invited,” Saeyoung responded

“Saeyoung, I don’t want to keep my hopes up. Besides, I hurt Yoosung, remember? I’m pretty sure he won’t forgive me for that,” Saeran pointed out

“They forgave you already,” Saeyoung stated, “Now come on, I miss taking my baby out for a stroll.”

“Which baby? Me or your car?” Saeran chuckled

Saeyoung ruffled his younger brother’s hair as he led the way to the garage, “Tell you what, after we’re done buying, I’ll treat you for some ice cream.”

“I’m not a child anymore, Saeyoung,” Saeran pointed out, “But, yes, I would like the ice cream.”


“There are so many choices,” Saeran grumbled as he looked at the dozens upon dozens of sample perfumes and colognes

“I know right? Now what would you think would suit MC the best?” Saeyoung asked as the two looked at the scents

“Well…” Saeran scanned his eyes, “MC already has these, and her ex bought her this on last year,”

“Did you seriously make a background check on her?” Saeyoung laughed lightly

“I was asked to. It’s not like you didn’t,” Saeran responded

“I was checking if she’s dangerous, FYI.” Saeyoung smirked

“Yeah, and stalking her Tripter and FB is part of it?” Saeran asked

“Touché, little brother,”

“I think we should get her this,” Saeran pulled a bottle up then proceeded to smell it

“Mhm, yeah, that fits her fine,” Saeyoung replied, nodding, “Now for Jaehee.”

“I don’t know, material things don’t suit her,” Saeran inputted

“Gosh this is turning out so easy!” Saeyoung chuckled, “It’s a good thing we did background checks on all of them.”

Saeran nodded in agreement, “I think we should get her a vacation.”

“Yeah, away from work and Jumin,” Saeyoung responded, “Speaking of which, what should we get her?”

“What do you want for a cat again?” Saeran asked

“The best cat house, of course,” Saeyoung answered

Saeran tilted his head to the side a bit, “Hm, I think we should make him something.”



“Mr Han,” Jaehee spoke as she entered her boss’ office, “The gifts have arrived.”

“Good, send them over to the penthouse,” Jumin ordered, “And is the tree ready?”

“The decorators are falling behind but they should be done before they all arrive tomorrow,” Jaehee reported

“Everything’s fine, right? Is Elizabeth the 3rd’s clothes for tomorrow at the dry cleaner’s?” Jumin asked

“Yes, it should be back by evening,” Jaehee replied

“Okay, if that’s all,” Jumin stated, “You can now go home and prepare yourself for the party tomorrow.”

“Um, excuse me? Did I hear that right? It’s barely past noon,” Jaehee pointed out

“You’re a part of the RFA too. I’m going to go home after I finish this. You’re done for the day,” Jumin replied

“Thank you, Mr Han. Then I will see you tomorrow.” Jaehee let out a breath of relief as she exited the office

Done for the day. She couldn’t help but smile at that. It was only nearing 12:30. It must be some sort of Christmas miracle that Jumin was kind to let her off the hook so early. And without homework!


“Okay, then we’re gonna get some of these for Jumin, and these will be for Zen,” MC spoke, showing Yoosung the gifts she had put in their cart

“Oh this is so perfect for Zen, why didn’t I think of that?” Yoosung asked, holding up their gift for their friend

“So all we have to think about now is Saeyoung and Saeran,” MC replied

“It’s kind of hard to choose a gift for those two,” Yoosung stated as they browsed through the aisles, “I mean, they’re not very materialistic. Saeyoung just wants cars and Elly, the rest he can make for himself. Saeran, well, all Saeran wants right now is to be with his brother.”

“True,” MC replied, nodding as she looked at the several items on the shelves, “But I really want to get them a gift right now. I want to make up for their birthday gifts.”

“My love, they were fine with it,” Yoosung assured

“Were they really? I still don’t know,” MC muttered

“They’re still using it until now how can they not be fine with it?” Yoosung replied, “Oh wait would you look at that.”

MC looked towards where Yoosung was pointing and saw a pair of red hair walking towards them.

“Hey!” MC called as they approached the twins

Two pairs of golden eyes looked up at them.

“Oh, MC, Yoosung, great timing!” Saeyoung grinned, “Saeran here was getting so worried whether or not he is actually invited to the party.”

Saeran nudged his brother not-so discreetly.

“Of course you’re invited,” Yoosung stated, “I mean, everyone in the RFA is a part of the family. And besides, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.”

“Yeah, even Elly’s invited, so you’re never excluded,” MC added

“But,” Saeran turned to look at Yoosung’s left eye

“No we understand, you were… following orders. And you wished for a better family, we’re giving you that. In a family, we hold no burden towards each other,” Yoosung replied

“Wow you have gone insane,” Saeyoung pointed out, “Where’s the fun and gullible Yoosung? MC did you hide him? Is this one of the Yoosung bots? Lighten up, you guys. It’s Christmas, our first one at that, and I don’t want it to be sad.”

“I don’t even know how Christmas works,” Saeran replied, giving a low chuckle

“Well then, I guess we’ll have to teach you a lot tomorrow.” MC grinned, “I can’t wait to see you there tomorrow, Saeran. I’m pretty sure I could say the same for the others.”

“Th-thank you. That means a lot,” Saeran responded

“No worries. Well, we have to go back to shopping now,” MC said

“Yeah, good luck to that. The line’s so long,” Saeyoung pointed out, “You think a little hacking can do the trick and quicken the process?”

“Probably,” Saeran replied

Yoosung and MC left the twins and went to their own business. MC grabbed Yoosung’s left hand and intertwined their fingers together.

“That was really nice of you,” MC said

“What? Inviting him?” Yoosung asked


“He’s Saeyoung’s brother and Saeyoung is basically my brother too at this point,” he explained, “And I really don’t hold grudges. He wasn’t fine back then and we can help him so why not?”

MC’s face lit up with a smile, “Something tells me that you’re going to be the greatest husband ever.”


“Haven’t I told you? She’s great, right?” Saeyoung beamed with pride as they watched the two walk away

Saeran nodded, “I can see why you liked her.”

“Yoosung deserves her so much.”


MC☆ has entered the chatroom

MC☆: ???

MC☆: Who changed my username back???

MC☆: Hello?

MC☆: Anybody here?

MC☆: I wanna try that ___ loses ___ blank in a crowd while you’re all not here lololol

MC☆: Let’s see if it’s real

MC☆: I…

MC☆: haven’t eaten yet BAM!

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom

Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom

ZEN has entered the chatroom

V has entered the chatroom


Jaehee Kang: MC, what are you talking about?

MC☆: I have a spell to summon you all. Nice.

MC☆: Anyways, I came here to make an announcement for the party

MC☆: But we’re gonna have to wait for the others. They should be here right now.

ZEN: Any clues?

MC☆: Nope. Don’t worry, I’ll tell soon enough.

Saeyoung has entered the chatroom

Saeyoung: Hey hey hey

Saeyoung: So many people here wow

Saeyoung: I’m gonna call Saeran

Saeran has entered the chatroom

Saeran: I’m here, no need.

Saeran: Oh who changed my username? I didn’t change it yet.

MC☆: Mine changed too

Saeyoung: Easy there boys and girls. It is I, the Defender of Justice, who changed it

Saeran: …

Saeran: Tell me again how you’ve put up with this guy for years?

ZEN: You simply listen

Jaehee Kang: And type some mindless ‘haha’s to keep him busy.

Jumin Han: Of course you could always leave the chatroom

Yoosung☆ has entered the chatroom

MC☆: Yay we’re all here!

Yoosung☆: Oh haha they were telling the truth, Saeyoung!

Saeyoung: Even you, my most trusted one in all of RFA?

Saeyoung: My sidekick, how could you?

Yoosung☆: Well I put up with him because…

Yoosung☆: I actually do not know why…

MC☆: So since we’re all here. I’d just like to say that Saeran will be joining us tomorrow at the party!

ZEN: Great! That’s really awesome.

V: Nice to see everybody getting along.

Jaehee Kang: We have prepared a place for him in the first place so if he decided to show up out of the blue, he could still join

MC☆: Now here’s the best part

MC☆: We’re gonna have so many games so goodluck to everybody!

MC☆: I’m gonna go wrap now. Bye everybody!

MC☆ has left the chatroom

Saeyoung: Great, MC left.

MC☆ has been removed from the chatroom

ZEN: Hey what gives?

Saeyoung: It’s time for the real announcement

Jumin Han: More announcements?

Saeran: I thought that was it.

Jaehee Kang: What are you talking about and why have we kicked out our party organizer from the chatroom?

Saeyoung: Yoosung, will you do the honors?


“Hello? Saeyoung?” MC started, her phone pressed to her ear, “Yeah, can you check if there’s something wrong with the messenger?”

“Sure. What’s wrong with yours?”

“I can’t access the chatroom,” MC spoke

“Oh! That! Well I actually kicked everybody out. I was fixing the messenger, you know, improving it.”

“Are you sure? Because I can clearly see Yoosung chatting with you guys,” MC pointed out

“Okay. I see. Saeran and him are actually talking to each other while I fix it. They’re testing out the new features.”

“Okay then. Sorry for bothering you,” MC said

“It’s fine. It’s nice to see you concerned about the messenger. I have to go go now, MC.”

“’Kay. Laterz,”


Saeyoung: Yoosung

Saeyoung: Get out of that room

Saeyoung: Avoid MC

Yoosung☆: ?

Saeyoung: I think she’s been reading the whole time

ZEN: So you mean the plan’s ruined?

Jaehee Kang: While it is not like her to do so,

Jaehee Kang: I still think that you should be more careful.

Jumin Han: MC just called me. She asked if I was kicked out of the messenger.

Saeyoung: And you said?

Jumin Han: I said I wasn’t on.

Saeran: I told you we should’ve created a new chatroom.

Saeyoung: Yeah yeah

Saeyoung: We should wrap this up

Yoosung☆: Thanks for the help you guys

Yoosung☆: Gah! I’m so nervous!

Saeran: That’s normal.

Saeyoung: The plan clear to everybody?

Jumin Han: I have a question.

Saeyoung: Shoot

Jumin Han: I will bring Elizabeth the 3rd.

Jaehee Kang: Mr Han, that’s not a question.




Jumin Han: Elizabeth is invited.

Yoosung☆: Sure she is

Yoosung☆: MC loves Elly

Yoosung☆: Sorry, Zen

ZEN: Well… it’s for MC so…

ZEN: Fine. I’m fine with it.

Saeran: Why do these two always argue? Can’t there be a day where you’re not going to kill each other?

Jaehee Kang: I wish that was possible

Yoosung☆: Wish me luck, you guys and I’ll see you all tomorrow ^^


“I’m so excited!” MC grinned wide as she put all the gifts in a big bag, “Yoosung, don’t forget your sweater.”

“Yeah, on it,” Yoosung responded as he made his way to their room to wear his sweater

He fixed it in front of his mirror and went back to the living room.

“We’re good to go,” Yoosung announced, carrying the bag of gifts

He brought it outside and both entered the car that was parked in front of the apartment.

“Hey! Matching sweaters!” Saeyoung spoke as he opened the trunk of his car

MC smiled at him, remembering the moment she and Yoosung saw the sweaters they were wearing. It was a green and white patterned sweater with the words “Player 1” on Yoosung’s and “Player 2” on MC’s.

“I cannot believe that you forced your brother to wear matching sweaters with you,” MC stated, seeing what Saeran was wearing

The sweater they wore was a gold and red patterned one with “Here comes trouble” written across Saeyoung’s chest and “More trouble” on Saeran’s.

“Good, someone who understands that I’ve been forced,” Saeran spoke

“I honestly thought that he’d take this advantage to wear a cat pun sweater or something,” MC responded

“He was. I had to stop him because it was embarrassing,” Saeran replied

“Okay but you totally loved your sweater when I showed it to you,” Saeyoung pointed out, “Let’s go?”

He closed the trunk and everybody went in the car. He drove as quickly, and cautiously, as he could to the penthouse where he would be meeting his beloved Elly.

“Merry Christmas everybody!” Saeyoung yelled as soon as he entered the room, gifts in hand

The four placed the gifts under the massive tree and settled themselves on the couch.

Jaehee handed them a piece of paper each and a pen, “It’s time to guess how many ornaments there are on the tree.”

“Ooh, guessing games!” Saeyoung grinned and took a look at the tree

“Hm? How many did you guess, MC?” Yoosung asked

MC squinted her eyes a bit, “I’m gonna say, with a tree as big as that, it’s about five hundred?”

“Not far from mine then,” Yoosung responded then wrote his guess on the paper, “I think it’s five hundred and fifty.”

“Hey Jaehee, what happens when we get it right?” Saeyoung asked

“Well there’s a prize,” she responded

“A prize? Just for guessing how many ornaments there are?” Saeran raised a brow

“Well, it has been tradition in C&R but so far, no one has guessed it correctly, only approximately,” Jaehee explained

The twins looked up at the tree for quite some time and then finally wrote down their answers, giving it to Jaehee.

“What was yours?” Saeyoung asked

“Six hundred and fifty three,” Saeran answered

“Sorry, brother, but there’s only six hundred and fifty two,” Saeyoung replied

“We’ll see then.” Saeran smiled a bit, “Who are we still waiting for?”

“Mr Han and V has yet to arrive,” Jaehee responded, “And Zen’s in the restroom.”

Saeyoung stood up and ran to the tree, looking at the gifts underneath. He sat down and looked at them one by one, trying to find his name.

“Saeran, look! You have so mnay gifts!” Saeyoung called

His brother stood and sat beside him, looking at the presents, eyes filled with wonder. They arranged the gifts according to who was receiving it, stacking them carefully and a bit silently.

“I’m glad we could make their first Christmas happen,” MC spoke, watching the two

“I’m glad Saeran joined. I was a bit skeptical about it but I guess Saeyoung’s just persuasive,” Jaehee replied

After a few more minutes, everyone had arrived and were sitting at the couches. Jumin stood in front all of them, Elly, in an adorable pink sweater, in his arm.

“It’s an honor to see all of you here. The old RFA members clearly weren’t expecting a Christmas party right now since two of our new members weren’t here then,” Jumin started, “But I’m happy that we got to know MC and Saeran although the start was pretty rocky for both. Thank you, to the two of you, for giving us the opportunity to have the RFA party again and this Christmas party.”

Saeyoung stood from his seat, “Nice! So let the games begin!”

MC raised a brow, “Games? We didn’t plan any-.”

“Our first game is the newspaper dance,” Jaehee announced, “Get your pairs.”

Yoosung grabbed MC’s hand and Saeyoung had a hand attached to his twin’s wrist. V walked around for a bit before grabbing a wrist.

“V, that’s not me,” Jumin stated

“I know but Jaehee and I will be playing the music and checking,” V responded, “You can do well with Zen.”

Zen sighed exasperatedly, “Seriously?”

“Hey,” Saeran called, “It’s my first Christmas. Be festive.”

The music started playing and everybody were dancing around their newspapers, well, everybody except for Jumin and Zen. The music stopped and everybody jumped inside of their newspapers. The game went on without elimination until the second time they folded.

“MC, I’m gonna have to carry you,” Yoosung said as they danced around

“Piggy back or?”

“Bridal style. It’ll be easier,” he responded and MC nodded

“So bro, who’s carrying who?” Saeyoung asked, “Is it okay if I carry you?”

Saeran nodded, “I won’t be able to carry you anyways. And besides, something tells me that we’re not the one who’s gonna lose on this round.”

The twins looked at the arguing Zen and Jumin.

“I’m not going to get lifted by you,” Zen argued

“Fine then, lift me,” Jumin ordered, “I don’t want my clothes wrinkled.”

The music stopped and MC was carried bridal style, Saeran was on his brother’s back…

And Jumin was hanging onto Zen desperately for life while the white headed man balanced with the tips of his toes.

Saeyoung tried to stiffle his laughter but failed. He wobbled slightly and put his feet down, gently bringing his brother down to the ground before laughing out loud, curling up on the floor.

“One down!” V announced with a small smile before continuing the music and the players folding their newspaper

“Wow, you two honestly could’ve won,” Yoosung told Saeyoung

“Oh yeah?” Saeyoung raised a brow

“Yeah if only you didn’t laugh like a child.” Yoosung smirked

“Hah!” Saeyoung ran to the tree and picked a gift up, “This reads: To Yoosung from Saeyoung. Oh well.” He threw the gift to the fireplace

Everybody stopped what they were doing to stared at the flaming gift box. Yoosung ran to the fireplace and kneeled down, watching as his gift was turned into ashes.

“I guess Santa gave ashes to naughty kids this year,” Saeyoung supplied

“I wasn’t naughty!” Yoosung exclaimed, “I was extra nice this year!”

“I dunno, I was pretty convinced that you’re not kind to me earlier,” Saeyoung replied, walking casually towards the couch next to his brother

“What are you up to?” Saeran deadpanned

“He’s actually the one I chose for the secret santa,” Saeyoung whispered, “I’m just messing with him a bit. Ever since he met MC, he isn’t as gullible.”

Saeran shrugged, neither liking nor hating his brother’s pranks.

With Yoosung leaving MC, Jumin and Zen had the automatic win. The Christmassy mood was still up despite Saeyoung burning one of the gifts he had for Yoosung. The next game for two groups to wrap up a specific member in their team.

“It’s definitely you who’s gonna be wrapped up,” MC said to Zen as Jaehee worked the strips of wrapping paper around his ankles

“That’s completely unfair!” Zen grumbled, “And besides, who’s gonna unwrap me?”

“Definitely no one,” Saeran responded, handing Jaehee some tape

“Are you having fun, Saeran?” MC asked

Saeran looked at the girl, “I don’t quite get you. I gave you so much troubles and you’re still kind to me. I understand why Saeyoung describes you as ‘a bit strange’.”

“Well you’re Saeyoung’s brother and he and Yoosung are best friends so, in a really long way, you’re also my best friend,” MC explained, “Zen, stop moving so much you’re gonna rip the paper!”

“So you’re basically best friends with everybody?” Saeran asked, wrapping Zen’s arm with green paper

“Well, we’re more like family here,” Jaehee pointed out, “Except for a few but I treat this as a real family.”

“Huh,” Saeran started, “So you wrap your family members?”

“No, silly, it’s just a game. Family members play games,” MC replied

“I happen to like this family,” Saeran mumbled

“I’m glad you think so,”


“Stop moving, Jumin!” Yoosung instructed

“I don’t feel comfortable,” Jumin squirmed as his lower half was getting wrapped

“The moment this paper rips, I’m throwing your gift to the fireplace,” Saeyoung threatened

“And so? I can always buy it,” Jumin responded

“His arms are wrapped,” V happily announced

“Nice.” Saeyoung grinned before making his way to the white cat sitting on the couch

“No! Saeyoung! Stop right there! Don’t go near El-. Mhph!” Yoosung had placed a piece of paper over Jumin’s mouth

“Sorry, Saeyoung’s orders.” Yoosubg smiled innocently at the heir before helping V wrap the rest of him


“I think we can say that we won.” MC grinned proudly at the neatly wrapped Zen, with tape over his mouth, courtesy of Saeran

They looked over at the other team and saw Yoosung and V desperately trying to not let a badly wrapped Jumin move towards Saeyoung who was being scratched by Elizabeth.

“We definitely did,” Jaehee responded with a small smile

“When are we eating?” Saeran asked

“Saeran, that’s kinda rude! We don’t just ask when we’re eating,” Saeyoung responded, “And besides, no matter how many Honey Buddha Chips we brought, we should wait for the proper eating time.”

“You brought chips?” Yoosung asked gleefully, “MC I’m finally going to get you to taste them!”

“It’s been months and you haven’t given her one since?” Saeyoung raised a brow

“Wait, but we have to open the gifts first,” V stated then walked over to his raven haired friend before whispering, “Something might die in my gifts.”

V removed the wrapper across Jumin’s mouth before announcing that it was time to exchange gifts. They all sat around the tree and Jumin sat next to the tree, ready to pass the gifts.

“V, start with the name you chose,” Jumin spoke

V scooted over to the gifts and picked the one addressed to Elly~.

“Jumin, I know how much you love Elly and here’s my gift.” He handed it over to his friend

Jumin read the tag on it and scrunched up his brows, “Who named themselves Elly? I’m not that person.”

“Wait what?” V raised a brow, “So who’s Elly?”

“That would be me!” Saeyoung raised his hand

V smiled softly then gently placed the first box in front of him, the bigger second box following.

“Next would be mine, right?” Saeyoung asked and V nodded, “So I chose the only person who’d name themselves LOLOL.” Saeyoung grabbed the largest box under the tree and pushed it towards Yoosung, “Merry Christmas, bud.”

“That’s really flattering but I’m not LOLOL.” Yoosung shook his head no

“I’m sorry what?” Saeyoung paled, “Oh you’re… not LOLOL.”

“It’s me,” MC spoke with a soft giggle

“Uh oh,” Saeyoung had no choice but to give the gift to the woman

“Okay before I give my gift, is there anything we’d have to know? Apparently we’ve been guessing wrong,” MC started, “I’m LOLOL and Saeyoung’s Elly~, Yoosung you’re?”

“Mrs..” the blond blushed lightly






“I’m the one with a star drawn on it.”

“And V?”


“So who got it wrong?” MC asked and everyone but Yoosung and Saeran raised their hands, “Wow this is awkward. Anyways, I thought picked Jaehee but I actually got Jumin so,” she stood up, grabbed the rectangular box and gave it to the heir, “Merry Christmas, Jumin.”

“Merry Christmas,” Jumin responded before going over to V to give him his gift, “I really thought that this was for Yoosung but I’m still sure you’d love it.”

“I’ll go next,” Yoosung volunteered and gave Zen his gift

Zen did the same and gave it to Jaehee who was shocked and finally, Jaehee gave Yoosung his gift. Jumin and V distributed the rest of the gifts underneath the tree, the gifts piling up at their laps.

In the end, it was Elizabeth who received the most gifts, courtesy of Jumin of course. Saeran looked at the neatly wrapped presents in front of him, still not believing that it was all happening.

“A-Are you sure that these are all mine?” Saeran asked, catching everybody’s attention

He read each name written on the tag and found that everybody had given him one, there was even one from the cat.

“Of course they’re all yours,” Zen responded, “You thought we’d forget you?”

“No it’s not that.” Saeran shook his head no, “I was just… curious. All I had for my birthdays as a child was an ice cream cone so this is all new.”

Everybody smiled sadly at that. It was very clear now that the RFA had its very own, not to mention new, child to take care of. They all grabbed one gift and unwrapped it.

Saeyoung gasped when he felt V’s gift move. And… was it making a noise? Did the guy buy him a robot? That would be cool. He opened it and saw the red metal cage and, he gasped deeply.

“A cat! I have a cat!” He exclaimed

“Great. Just what we needed. Another cat,” Zen deadpanned

“I presume you like it?” V asked, watching as Saeyoung nuzzle the kitten’s head to his cheek

“Yes I do,” Saeyoung replied

V swore that Saeyoung was crying hut who can tell, really? Definitely not him.

Jaehee gasped as she unwrapped Zen’s gift to her. It was the complete collection with the soundtracks, commentaries, free talks, and the newest, unreleased, DVDs and official posters of all of Zen’s plays. It sparkled so brightly, looking as beautiful as the man in the covers.

“They’re all autographed too,” Zen inputted, seeing Jaehee’s teary eyes, “I was really afraid that it was the trust fund jerk was the one who asked for it but now I’m just relieved.”

Zen opened his gift from Yoosung and saw the huge bag filled with so many face masks and three bottles of musk scented body lotion. He looked up at his blond friend who was obviously waiting for a response.

He smiled over at him and said, “I love it, don’t worry. I was looking for some good ones anyways.”

“MC said that they’re the best. She also tried some before and they had really good effects,” Yoosung replied

MC looked up and nodded, showing two thumbs up to him.

V was already taking ohotos with his new polariod camera, not scared of exhausting the dozens of boxes of film that Jumin bought. It was nice to have photos of the moment anyways.

Yoosung was already wearing the new, LOLOL themed, sweater that he got from Jaehee, which earned the woman an excited hug from him. He was on his third gift which another empty box from Saeyoung. Apparently, ‘naughty kids’ got a ton of boxes from their friends.

Jumin had already placed the pretty pink collar on Elizabeth who was enjoying it. It wasn’t the grandest collar he could give to his cat right now but the woman who had given it probably put a lot of thought into it so he appreciated it more than the diamond studded ones. He eyed MC, the giver of said gift, and saw her having a hard time with her gift.

She was still unwrapping the gift Saeyoung gave her and had removed it from the fifth box. She looked over to Saeyoung who was completely occupied with his new pet.

“Is there something in here?” MC asked for the third time

Saeran crawled over to her and helped her unwrap, “I’m sorry for my brother.”

“It’s fine,” MC replied, “I kind of knew it when he gave it to me. That’s regular Saeyoung for you.”

The two finally unwrapped it ubtil it was just a small box. MC opened it and saw a robot puppy.

“This is so adorable!” She squealed, showing it to Yoosung, “Look! We have a new puppy!”

The night went on with all of them opening the rest of the presents, figuring out how things work, spending more than hour eating and talking. MC couldn’t be happier.
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