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(Based off of zodiac signs)

Rainbow wings!!!
Sagittarius is WAY more stressed than anyone realizes and they’ll never let on just how tightly wound they can be.

They always tries to appear calmer than they actually is and is surprisingly good at it. They want people to think that they've got everything under control even if it kills them.

Even though they can get crazy with stress sometimes, Sagittarius is the type of person to always have the best stress busters available whenever they (or their friends) needs it; stress balls, coloring books, an entire playlist for those stressful days, they've got them all.

Fairy wings:

Pisces is a completely different person when they're alone. They love having a good time by themselves which usually includes blasting their favorite guilty-pleasure music, getting drunk, and doing embarrassing things for snapchat.

Getting drunk makes them a more uninhibited person in public (but they never get sloppy drunk). They honestly just loves having fun and will jump at the chance to party.

Even if it’s just you, them, Chinese takeout, and a bottle of wine, they’ll make it a night to remember.

Dragon wings

Aquarius is the type of person who 100% believes in conspiracy theories and aliens, and is always up for showing you her prized, blurry photos of UFOs and Bigfoot.

They will constantly tell you that the government is hiding things from us and will spend hours on government conspiracy websites proving their theories right.
You can often find Aquarius making up stories about their own suspicions and theories, and sharing them with strangers.

Anyone who doesn’t know them assume they're just joking, but trust me when I say they're completely serious. Give them time to warm up around you and they’ll definitely admit that they thinks the moon landing was faked.

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White Angel Wings:
Virgo is the embodiment of the saying “a lad/lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.” They're the innocent person who secretly has an entire room full of sex toys.

You can even catch them reading Kama Sutra for fun, but they only ever show you this side of themselves if you’re their BFF.

Virgo is the type of friend to always give you amazing (and effective) tips on how to please your man/girl, but also share dirty jokes with you that are actually funny.

They're also really into one night stands, which doesn’t really seem like them, but then again, anything about Virgo could surprise you.

Butterfly wings

Libra is totally oblivious about how pretty – okay, breathtaking – they are, no matter how many times their friends tell her. They always try their hardest to look good when they’re getting ready to go out, and even if they doesn’t try, they still looks amazing.

They doesn’t ever believe it when people compliment them (especially strangers) and it isn’t because they're trying to be modest; they really doesn’t see it.

Libra has that unexpected type of beauty that takes your breath away. In other words, they're a TOTAL bombshell and they doesn’t even know it.

Bone wings

Capricorn has the WORST memory ever; they couldn’t remember a thing even if you paid them.

No matter how hard they tries, they can barely remember what they ate for breakfast, let alone what they did last week.

Capricorn is especially terrible with names and dates, so forget about them remembering your birthday. They're the type of person to get lost in their own neighborhood, which is why the GPS function on their phone is their best friend.
Don’t get them wrong, they really try, but they just can’t remember a thing to save their life.

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