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Jin: (Besides the Sugar gliders)
A bush baby
Nothing can be more aww inspiring than gazing in those deep brown eyes. This tree dwelling marsupial from Africa is very agile and made for the tree branches. The last thing these small animals will expect is a small tight cage to be in.
Bush Baby’s require wide open branched type areas to live in their own with the least stress. Though most house owners are not able to provide the environment. It’s advised this animal stays in the zoo, where it can’t be endangered.

Flower bears
Hailing from the rain forests of central South America, the kinkajou comes from the raccoon family. So expect them to be the annoying types and give you a headache if not acquainted with. Considered to be very exotic and bred for private use, the kinkajou tent to be rather friendly.
Even though they are solitary, they are vocal animals. So expect the house to be running a bit high on volume. People consider them to be very social and specially their interaction with their owners. Kinkajou love having fresh fruits, figs, and flower nectar.

Chestnut-Spotted Genet
Genets are very cautious of their surroundings, hailing from the African continent, the animal seems to be a prey and somewhat has a troubled attitude towards humans. Especially if not handled from a young age.  At the end, the animal is a domestic wild animal and will not be found cuddling and entirely engaging. Genet are very independent in nature.

Silver Fox
Although the original fox is from Siberia, the silver fox also follows the same blood line. Originating from Russia, the silver foxes are a version of the domesticated fox.
Although all breading is carried out there in Russia. A US company works alongside for the American customers, as the only legalized importer of silver foxes, they are quite expensive to buy.

Our next animal is like something out of a bad alien thought. Proving to be very weird pets, the Axolotl is a type of a salamander that originates from Mexico. The Axolotl is able to regenerate any part of its body in due time, ideal if you have any other feisty creatures the holding aquarium.
They grow to be quite large and most often require specialized care and equipment for its enclosure, otherwise it’s an okay pet for people with a taste in unique pets.

Fennec Fox
Unlike other foxes, the Fennec is a very small fox species, but sits very comfortably in between a big cat and a small dog. The exotic animal can be enjoyed by the entire family and expect itself to show the same alertness and excitement as of a cat and the same fun and playfulness as that of a very active dog.
They are full of energy creatures that are going to tire you out. So expect to share some time and muscle power with your pet.

Aww! Look at the face, isn’t that just the cutest. The Chinchilla’s make a really good house pet for the average small family. The name though, sounds more like a Mexican drink off the bar. Keeping that Mexican energy note, these rodents are perky little energy balls making good pets for for teens and above.
Being light weight and very fragile, the Chinchilla’s zip like flash if left loose in the house. They are however very sensitive to, too tight of grips and can bite if provoked. The good part of these best pets, is their thick layer of fur and hardly any sound. Proving to be some excellent low maintenance pets.

All animals are legal to own everywhere in the world and are completely safe to be around unless trained improperly.