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New Story!
Yey in time for a new year, a new story! Ive been recently off on writing but when i found this gem started and not finished in my docs I couldnt help but want to start it up and put it on display!
So its a Namjoon romance story!

Honestly like most of you, I love to read so the theme is right up my alley lol.
Okay So lets start, not going to spoil the way the two meet.
It was Thursday night, book club which I had been looking forward to all month. A bunch of my friends were getting together to discuss the book and I outdid myself with a whole food themed after the book. The group was a decent sized group and tonight it was my turn to host.

By seven o’clock people were starting to arrive.

“Ello!” Hye-su called out entering my place. “Sunny you here?” She called out again when i didn't answer

“I’m in the kitchen setting up” I called out and a moment later she entered, “ I have Bo with me” She said commenting on the male that accompanied her.

“Hey Sunny, um do  you mind if I brought a friend? He read the book and everything.” Bo asked.

“Uhm sure, I don’t mind a new face. Is he here or is he your invisible friend?” I asked looking around which made him laugh.

“He kind of waited in the hall just in case you said no” Bo chuckled.

I Shook my head at him.

“why did you bring him anyway?” i asked.

“He’s a nerd, he reads a lot and doesn't get to go out a lot. I thought he would get along with our group” he shrugged

“Good enough, get him than” I shooed him away.

“I brought apple cheesecake” Another familiar voice called out.

“Hi Bree!” I said cheerfully seeing her in the doorway.

“Do you know there is a man waiting outside your door?” she asked.

“I do now. What’s he look like?” I asked taking the dish from her and setting it on the table. I had a bunch of treats on the table and a pitcher full of beige liquid.

“Well he’s got short hair, square masculine jawline, handsome, and-”

“He’s right behind you with a book in his hands” I smiled looking over her shoulder. Bo had brought in his friend who in honesty was extremely good looking.

“Hi nice to meet you” I said pleasantly.

“Uh yea Namjoon this is Sun-hee but we just call her Sunny, Curly hair here is Bree and my girlfriend Hye-su, oh and behind you is Min-hee and Yumi” Bo introduced.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me barging in on book club” Namjoon said sounding sheepish.

“No problem, always open to new people here. And tonight I think we’re missing four people who aren’t going to make it” I said.

“Wow Sunny you really went with the theme of the book” Bree said looking at the table.

“I have chocolate in the shape of frogs, they don’t move and are hard chocolate, Golden snitch cake pops, pumpkin pasties, regular letter shaped pastries filled with creme and Butter beer” I explained pointing to the treats on the table.

“And Apple cheesecake” Bree added making me chuckle.

“Is there any food other than sweets?” Bo asked.

“Or something other than butterbeer?” Hye-su asked. “Not that I’m not going to try it” she added. I rolled my eyes.
“Yes, theres wine and regular beer in the fridge and a pizza is in the oven” I told them.

“What is on the pizza?” Bree asked sounding skeptical.

“It’s plain cheese” I told her as she went to look in the oven.

“Okay I believe you now” Bree nodded shutting the oven door.

“Cause you looked” I laughed.

The group of us got settled, getting drinks, everyone had a cup of butter beer to try and a regular drink. When we were all settled on the couches there was several copies of the book on the table.

“So we read Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban this month” I started out. “Did you read it Namjoon?” I asked looking over at him.

“Yes I did.  The book is different than the movie” Namjoon commented.  I was sitting next to him and wanted him to feel included since at these things everyone just spoke over each other and it made it hard to integrate into the conversation.

“The movie cut out a lot of things, its shocking they kept all the right clues and left out some that weren't as important” I nodded.

“Omgosh did you hear about the amount of music comebacks for this month. I'm going to be drowning in music this month” Bree exclaimed taking my attention.

“Its fall of course its come back season” Hye-min laughed.

“Does that mean your going to be doing covers of new songs?” Bree asked

“Of course I am” Hye-min exclaimed and started talking about different groups.

“Sorry, they go off topic every time. But once were done eating they start talking about the book again” Bo explained to Namjoon.

“It’s no problem. I’ve never been to a book club before so I’m new to this” Namjoon said shifting in his seat.

“Weee, newbie” Bree commented. She had stopped her conversation to comment on ours. “ No worries we do talk about the book a lot, especially Harry Potter” she went on.

“We’ve been doing the series, every month Bree is getting more and more into the characters” hye-min commented.

“Have you read any of the previous books?” I asked him.

“Yea, I read the first 2 but I haven’t really had a lot of time to just sit and read” Namjoon said.

“Oh Audible is a great way to finish a book when your short on time and multi tasking” I recommended.

“I listen to it when I’m working out” Bree chipped in.

“Me and Bo listened to books in the car when we drive” Hye-su said.

“I listen when I’m doing warm up for dances” hye-min said than shrugged. “I also read at night so I do both” she added.

“Nah, I’m the same way, I work out, I warm up listening to the book than at night I read it” I chipped in.

“Who here is refusing to see the movies?” Bo asked changing the question. . Everyone in the room looked at him.

“Uh no one” Hye-su shoved at him.

“I’ve already seen all the movies” Namjoon said clearing his throat. “This butterbeer is really good” he looked over at me switching subjects.

“Thanks I was hoping third time was right” I laughed. “And I’ve seen them all to” I added “the last 2 movies I keep reaching like my TV tells me yes you need this in your life today”  I laughed at myself.

“Sunny!” Bree exclaimed.

“Oh hush, you saw the last 2 with me in theaters” I threw a pillow at her. “Don't say I didn't see it before you did” I chuckled.  

“so your a big Harry potter fan?” Namjoon asked me making me laugh.

“Are you?” I shot back at him.

“I'm a fan of books” he smiled making me clap excitedly.

“me too. When it'd a series I become a fanatic while I'm reading it”  I said.

Namjoon and I ended up talking for a while about books we've read before until Bree got back onto the book and we spent the next half hour discussing Harry Potter.

Towards the end Bo questioned which book next. The next book of Harry Potter was agreed on!

“If anyone wants to stay and watch the prisoner of Azkaban with me is welcome” I told the group

“I'm down” Bree said raising her hand in the air.

“Me too” Min hee said as well.

“yey! Minna and Bree anyone else? “ I looked agreed round my eyes lingering and Namjoon.  

“our fur baby kind of wants us home to take her out. I'm sorry we can't stay sunny” Hye min said apologetically

“It's alright, what about you Yumi? “ I asked her.

“I can't stay Sorry Sunny” see shook her head.

“What about you Namjoon?” I asked him.

“Sorry I really wish I could” he looked at his watch “But I need to get back to the studio” He said

“Studio? Music or dance?” Bree asked interested

“Um Dance practice” Namjoon said. “I was taking a long break to relax, Bo said this is a fun thing to do once a month,” he looked over at me “It really was fun, you go all out with the theme” He said to me.

“thanks I try” I shrugged.

“you should see her when she goes all out on her baking” Bree the a handful of popcorn at me.

“It's my bread and butter! I laughed

“Is it?” Namjoon questioned.

“Yea, Sunny here works at a local bakery. She makes fantastic pastries” Hye min came out of the kitchen, a plate full of Pasties.

“I'm taking these “ Hye min said “I left a few of the pumpkin behind” she said as she stuffed a pastie in Namjoon mouth. He lifted his hand to take out of his mouth a day was chewing a bite.

“They are good” he nodded.

“Come on buddy, I'll drop you off at your studio before I head home” Bo said clamping a hand on Namjoon shoulder

“See you next month?” I questioned.

“Hope so” Namjoon nodded just before the 4 leaving people left

“Ooh I think someone has a crush!” Bree giggled.

“I think someone is infatuated “ Minny giggled

“And I think I recognize him from somewhere, I just forget where” I puzzled over it.

“I thought that too, think he does YouTube dance covers?” Bree questioned as I started loading the DVD.  

“maybe. Maybe we should ask Bo later. For now, Harry potter!” I exclaimed as I started the movie up.
Harry Potter amd Namjoon! lol I had been on a roll with Harry Potter and during that time I was invited to my friends book club so story idea steamed from i. Seriously though this story makes me long for coffee break but new year new story and I promise I'll finish up around. . . . maybe 40 chapters . . . maybe lol.
So you know this story will last a while

(If You would like be added or taken off the list just let me know in the comments!)
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