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Warning 18+

due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Park, Jaebum

Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?
Chp 11 | Chp 12

~(Lili POV)~

A lot has happen in the past couple of months. Jay and I moved in together finally, which allow me to make a deal with Nari. I had given her the place rent free. Yet it seems I had fail at keeping Gray away from Nari. They had ended up becoming a couple, so I ended up threatening him. He even agree that if he had ever harm her, he will tell me.

Which made the demon inside of me smile in bliss. I was entering the club with Jay to join the crew in celebrating in signing a new member for H1ghr Music and AOMG. Jay told me they weren't involved in the dirty dealing side of the business, so he requested I make sure WoogieGodChild and Woo Jae stay out of it as long as possible. I didn't mind doing this at all, because I was already used to being 'Mama bear' with Nari. I looked around the club and saw that the bartender was Nari too.

It made me smile that we could help her make bank tonight by celebrating. Nari was heading towards another table when I noticed her freezing in fear. I looked over at the person she was staring, as I remember the story she told me about before she came to live with me. The only person that could send her in that amount of fear, was the man that her parents arrange to marry her off towards.


Nari scream and drop everything she had in her hand. She ran so fast to the back employee area, that she look like a flash. Soon enough my phone was blowing up, as I grabbed Gray. He had saw what went down, and I knew he could help me. One of the other girls that worked here was walking out of the room, just in time to let Gray in first.

"Sapphire!" He called her by his pet name for her, as he ran to her side. I was about to walk in when the nasty man that scared her shoved me away, to walk into the room too. "I do not appreciate you touching what's mine." I saw that he got there attention, as Jay running over with security. "What's your's? I hope you're not talking about my wife."

I held up a hand to listen in on the convo and stop the security team and Jay from coming closer. I was a bit stun at how quick Gray was to protect Nari, and even lied about being married to her. "What did you just say young man?" The old man said in disgust. "You heard me, NaRi is my wife, and I don't appreciate you terrorizing her."

I walked into the room, and roughly push pass the nasty old fart, getting his attention. I made sure he saw my piece on my side, as I went over to Nari. "NaRi, you okay?" I lightly petted her head, when the old man gave a creepy laugh. "Nice lie young man, but if you were married, why is her hand bare. Gray stood up as I replace him in holding Nari close.

"My wife doesn't want anyone at her job to know due to the fact that I am a celebrity. When did it become a crime to allow one's wife to work, and keep a marriage a secret from her co-workers. Now if you don't mind, I'll be taking her home, away from your terrorizing ass."

Gray came back over to us, and I moved away so he could pick her up in bridal style. She clung onto him as if it would save her life. I follow them both towards the car, as Jay soon enough join behind me. We went to the car together as a group. I was going to remember that man's face. I needed to, so when I told Simon why protecting her was going to be hard, I could explain in detail what he looked like.

"He not going to leave her alone. He knows where she works now... Once he finds out you lied. He'll come for her again."

I finally spoke up when we all got to the car finally. I open the passenger door for Gray and Nari to get inside. Gray dared to glare at me in annoyance, which impress me at how his balls finally drop. The crew actually fear me a bit, so my words must of hit a nerve for him to give me that look. His expression soften though when he turn to look at Nari.

"Sapphire, is he the reason why you are in hiding?"

She had look up at me as I nodded my head for her to let him in on what going on. Nari then turn to look at Gray, whilst holding his hands as if his leaving would be death. "My real name is Ok, NaRi. My parents are actually very rich, but they are in danger of becoming dirt ass poor. So to save their-selves, and keep the life style they have, they try to sell me off to that man. With Lili's help, I legally changed my name to y/n, and went into hiding."

Gray looked over at me, as appear beside me and rubbed the back of his neck. "I see Nari past came to haunt her." I punched Jay in the arm for his comment, as he wince in pain. Nari giggled at me and Jay's behavior, which made me a bit happy to see her laugh. I know her fear was still there but it was good she founds safety with us.

"Give Lili your apartment Key's, Her and Jay are going to get all of your stuff. You're coming to stay with me for a while."

I raised an eyebrow are Gray barking orders, though I couldn't argue. He did tell that asshole that She was his wife, and she wasn't safe staying at the apartment let along apart from Gray now. I took the keys Nari had from her, with Gray's help. "There is no way I am losing my sapphire to that man. I know him well, he buys woman like they are toys, and when he gets board of them, he sells them off to human traffickers."

My jaw drop open when I looked at Gray. He knew who the asshole was, and when I looked up at Jay, I could see that he knew as well. "Stay by me, Y/N, and that man will never touch you. I swear." Jay took the keys to the apartment from both of us, before pulling me to stand beside him. "Jay... you don't mind right?"

Jay just shook his head before saying bye to Gray. I waved to Nari, as she just gave me a smile of thanks. "Thank you Gray." I said before he got into the car and drove off with Nari. I then punch Jay in the arm again. "Is that why you never told me what you found on the background check on her?" I had asked Jay to do a background check to see how much danger I was getting myself into.

He just groan before walking to his arm. "Stop punching me please, I didn't tell you to protect you. No way was I letting you protect her alone. I did tell Simon though, so he will help us better protect her." I kissed Jay's cheek, and rubbed his arm lightly.

"Sorry for punching you so much."

He just smile and held me closely in his arms. "Lets just go get the stuff." I nodded my head before we kissed each other on the lips. We both then got in the car and headed out to my old apartment to get Nari's stuff. After having help move all of Nari's stuff to Gray's house, I felt a sense of comfort in knowing she was in safe hands.

While Gray was busy getting married to Nari the next day, and legally changing her name. Simon and I were talking about how to protect Nari as best as we could. I wanted to put men outside the door of Gray's apartment, give her gun lessons, and a bodyguard. Simon though listen more to Gray because he didn't want any of the stuff I suggested a bodyguard.

We had them at the reception party though. We introduce Sapphire to Dawn and they hit it off well. Though Sapphire seem to be spacing out a bit. The poor girl must of gone into shock from all that was happening at once. I was happy though she choose to stay by me. Allowing me to help her out when she needed it, if Gray didn't step in.

"Why don't you wanna stand by your newly wedded husband?"

I had asked curiously, especially to see if it really was she felt more safer with me. She looked over at be before looking around. "I found out why you warn me... I am legally bond though, so I can't tell you what." I blinked at her as I it was some dirty secret that Gray was trying to protect from others finding out. "You mean the selling they do on the side? That's why I warn you... It gets dangerous sometimes, so much so that you could be used as leverage."

I meant the dirty dealing and dark secrets together when I spoke. She just blinked at me, but see to be disappointed. "Come, let me introduce you to Jessi, Dream and Hoody. Jessi can teach you self-defense." She nodded her head and was looking for someone, until Gray grabbed her hand.

Nari's eyes lit up when she saw it was her new husband. "My parents have arrive..." Gray said, with a gentle expression, before taking her to meet them. I just watched her from afar, as she talked to Gray's parents. "Don't you think its time that I meet her as well. Since I've been the secret fairy-godfather to her."

I looked to see Simon was standing beside me. "You know you could really see that sarcasm in that statement." I teased him, earning a smile from him. "Just get her to talk to me, please." Simon asked nicely before I walked over to get Nari. "May I barrow your wife, Seonghwa-ssi." I said as I linked arms with her.

"Someone has been patiently waiting to meet you, Sapphire." Gray arched an eyebrow as I led her away from them and towards Simon. "You two have to talk especially since you are now Gray's wife." Nari looked up at me confused by my words. She then looked over at Simon, whom had a warm expression.

"Annyeong, beautiful, so you are Gray's new wife."

Simon took hold of Nari's hand and kissed the back of it.. "I'm Jung, Kiseok but everyone here knows me as Simon Dominic... If someone addresses me as Dominic, do not talk to them, young lady." She simply nodded her head before pulling her hand free. "You will need to take self-defense classes, don't want anything bad to happen to you. And this is for you... hit one of the speed dial, it will contract me directly."

He then gave Nari a phone the moment Gray gave Nari a back hug. "Are you done charming my sapphire." It was actually cute how protective he was over her. You could easily see how much he loved her, giving me comfort. Nari was in good hands by being with Gray.

"You should bring her by AOMG sometime, this way we can brace her better." Simon had a serious expression now. "Ne ne, but let us have a honeymoon first... did you get the place I requested?" Simon smirked deviously, before handing over a set of keys to Gray. "Don't break anything... The place will be empty for you two for a week."

Jay came over and kissed my head as the others join him. "She'll be safe now Liyah." I hum in agreement with Jay before turning to look over at him. "He truly loves her too, I'm glad they found each other." Jay just smiled, before holding me in his arms. "Were next to get married you know."

I giggled and lightly nug Jay. This man really knew how to use a moment to his advantage.

I just hope that this peace...

stay forever...

To Be Continue....

A/N: I will be posting new chapters every Thursday... and yes this is a reboot to the original

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