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Warning 18+

due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Park, Jaebum

Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?

~(Lili POV)~

I was working in the studio on a new track with Jessi when my phone started to be blown up. She finish one of her verses on the track, before I actually looked at my phone. I had miss calls and texts message from Gray, Jay and even Simon. I saved all the work we had done, after reading them all. "Yo! What's happening here?!"

Jessi question why I was saving everything and rushing around. "Some dirty dealing I gotta take care of, sorry Jessi." She just arched and eyebrow, before going into shock. I pulled out a gun we had hidden in the studio room. "Sapphire has been abducted, and I don't care if you want in or not... but that girl is family to me. I'm going to join them, and save her."

She sighed heavily, before getting up and pulling her own piece from her purse. "Then lets get down to business." Together we both headed from H1ghr Music to Simon's manor. One of Simon's security guys took us to the gun room. I looked around the room to see that Jay wasn't with them, nor was Simon or Gray themselves. A hand rested on my shoulder, getting my attention.

"They were in a car accident. That's how they abducted Sapphire. The boys are okay though, Dok2 and his crew were able to save them."

I looked up to see it was Duckie that was helping me know why my man wasn't here with those two. "That old ass fart not only has my sista, but hurt my boys. His head is mine." I went over to the guns when one of Simon's men came into the room.

I just cock a gun I had in my hand as I could feel my rage boiling. "How are you staying so damn calm right now, Liyah?" Jessi asked me, as I looked around for another gun to put on my person. "I'm not... I'm channeling it into picking the best guns to pop heads open." Jay came into the room, and ran straight to me.

He grabbed me by my shoulder and crushed his lips against my own. Jay then pulled away to kiss the top of my head. "I want my bad ass wifey to make heads roll with me." I smirked at him, and glad to see he only had a few scraps and cuts. I handed him his favorite piece, earning a smile from him.

"You don't gotta tell me twice."

I could see the rage and fire I was carrying inside of Jay's eyes. He turn around and started ordering that we make a pile of the guns we wanted. We all did that as Duckie and Jay both went to another room to get more guns. "Yo! You two chill the fuck out!" You could hear Simon cursing at Jay and Duckie from the hallway.

"I refuse to wait for your men to save her. That family he took from us, with our future niece/nephew."

Jay reply to Simon's cursing, before coming to pick out his own gun. I went into the room they were piling up guns, and saw Gray looking threw them. "That psycho got NaRi?! Seriously?" I asked Gray, but my rage was coming through when I spoke.

I caught a gun Jay toss my way, as I admire his choice. Simon took the gun from me and whisper in Spanish 'Lets go in' into my ear. "Oh? We're going in? Fuck yes..." I ran to Jay and started packing. "Do you seriously thing strapping up and storming the place is going to save her? This is Mr. Kim we are talking about... She possibly already dead... or sold."

Gray threw a pillow from the couch at Jessi in anger. "Shut the fuck up! If you're not going to fucking help me get her back, get the fuck out!" Everyone looked at Gray stun by his words, and watched him go pick out his own guns. "Lili, you're good at strategizing. Please think of a plan how to save her. Simon's men are already trying to locate her."

I nodded my head and smirked at him, before going to talk to Simon. We talked about having them cover us when we got to the place that nasty man was holding her. "Just remember not to hit Y/N. She pregnant." Jay said to Jessi getting me and her to look at him, stone shock. "NaRi is .... oh my god... I'mma kill that man with my bare hands now."

I heard him say something earlier about a nephew/niece but didn't get it until now. My rage was starting to boil over, and to level it out I punch my own hand. "You're woman is bad ass. How come you forever trying her?" Jay laughed and smiled warmly at Gray. "Angry sex is fucking amazing."

Gray just shook is head as he went back to picking weapons of his choice out. I saw a samurai sword on the wall, and grabbed it. . "For NaRi, if she able to fight with us. She a master swordsman thanks to her Debutante lessons in Japan." Gray slapped his forehead, as I realized he didn't know. "What? She never told you?"

Simon came over to me and lean in closely. "When we got the call that they invaded Gray's place, we ran in to find her using a gun to protect herself." I smiled warmly as I looked over at him. "Oh my... she used a gun? Damn! She much of been in shock." Simon's phone went off and walked away to answer it.

Yet, he didn't leave the room. "They found her..." Simon said after coming back to the group. "I got the cars ready, lets go get our family back." Simon said to us as we join Dok2's crew with our and went to the location. I spoke over the car radio we had linked to all the cars, informing them of the plan.

"Remember NaRi is to not be harm, she is only two months pregnant. One severe injury and she will lose the baby, putting her at more risk of being harm."

When we arrived at the location, it appear that he was holding her in a warehouse. Once we got to the warehouse she was located in, we storm the building. We divided up into two groups. One group free the enslaved people, as the other group I was in took out the hired men. This man really was one sick bastard from what we were all seeing.

"I swear if I find her in that playroom area, I will overkill that sicko." Gray said after we found one of the 'play rooms' this man had here with the enslaved woman. We all heard a scream and ran towards where it was coming from. Gray and I were the first ones to arrive. "That was NaRi, I know her scream anywhere."

I said as I covered him, before entering the room. We found Nari tied to a chair, her head hanging with her hair covering her face. She was in torn up underwear only, cover in cuts, which resulted in my eyes going down to the floor. There was a pool of blood on the floor, which trigger Gray to snap. He shot each one of the guys that were standing around her in the head.

"Someone find that mother fucker and keep him alive! I earn the fucking right to kill him!" I ran to Nari's side before cutting her free. "She still alive, but bearly." Gray turn to Loco, and got a jacket to put over her. While I got Nari to lay on her back.

"She not leaving here a live."

The nasty old fart greeted us with men behind her. "You're best just leaving her on the ground, before I have them take you out." The pig said before Simon came over and put a gun to his head. "You seriously wanna start a war with me? You're fucking with my family. You know I don't take kindly to anyone fucking with them." The nasty old man just laughed as he gave us a dirty grin.

"I'm not afraid of you. Your have no power when you're on China's territory."

I just looked at them confused as I realized that we might be trust passing on real enemy territory. Simon shot two of the men that were standing to protect the pig. The old fart growled as he stared at Simon. "I'm allies with China Mafia. Even they won't blame me for taking you out, cause family means everything to them too."

The old man snicker, whilst looking back at Nari. "Simon saved that dick for me." Gray walked up to stand beside the pig. "NaRi is my wife, and was happily pregnant. You just could let one go..." Nasty glared at Gray as his men step forward. Simon came over to me and picked up Nari.

"Gray... Take him out."

Simon gave Gray the order, and he didn't hesitate at all. Yet, Mr.Kim's men did, basically allowing Gray to take the kill shot. They all looked at Gray in shock, due to his overkill. He then looked at the men that were suppose to protect that pig. "Move out of our way, or I'll have my sista Lili take care of the rest of you."

I pulled out my machine gun I had strap to my back. I couldn't help but grin, mainly because Gray called me his sista. A true sigh he accepted me as family in his eyes. They had all moved out of the way, allowing us to leave before the cops had arrived. We all raced to the hospital to get help for Nari.

It wasn't until we were in the waiting room of the ER, that I realized that we could still lose Nari. I tears started to roll down my cheek when Jay pulled me into his embrace. The guys all carried a pistol on them, as I strip down completely. It was against my comfort to carry in a hospital. When she got her own room and was clear to be in a safe zone. Gray and I went to her room.

I had Jay bring in the samurai sword, so I could leave it beside her bed. "Lili unnie..." I turn to look at her, while still holding the sword. Gray had gone somewhere so it was just me in the room with her. "Nari! You're awake!" I basically stumbled over towards her and hit the button that called the doctor.

I just kept pressing it in fear that Nari might fall back to sleep. A nurse came running into the room, finally. "She's awake!" I said before letting go of the button, and holding Nari's hand. "I'll go get the doctor for her." The nurse said before leaving, while I took out my phone to text the crew. I held her hand to my cheek before taking a picture of proof.

"We get it, I'm alive.."

Nari commented as she smiled at me. I return the smile as the doctor came into the room. "Have you contacted her guardian?" A second doctor entering asked the first one. They both knew full well that I couldn't claim being her guardian, since it was Gray, due to their marriage.

"We have, he granted Miss Lili here to represent him, until he arrives." I felt all warm and fuzzy inside hearing that Gray still saw me as her family too. I did know her first after all too. The 2nd doctor just nodded his head as he looked over her chart.

"Well it seems your wounds are healing up nicely, but it seems they succeed in their main objective."

I looked at Nari with sadden eyes, after we had both looked at the doctor a bit stun by his words. She was squeezing my hand, as I realized this was her first time hearing the risk of losing her unborn baby. "We had to terminate your pregnancy completely. It was either that, or we let you leave this earth on the table. But the plus side is, you are still able to have children... in six months."

Nari just looked down towards her belly, as tears rolled down her face. Her free hand just ran over her stomach. "Hey, he said you're okay to try again in a couple of mouths. That's good news to me." She nodded her head before trying to sit up.

"Take it easy, you still have some stitches. Take your time."

The first doctor spoke with concern for his patient. "I just want to move, I can't stand staying in bed for to long." The nurse help her stand up as she took the sword from me, to use as a cane. Lucky for the both of us, it looked like a cane too. "Lili walk with me please? Catch me up?"

I simply nodded my head, as I walked with hear to a hallway that connected the hospital building wings. As we did I explain to her how we rescue her, whilst she told me about the torture they put me through. "Whoa.... they... oh my... Nari." I couldn't help but hold her closely. To know they sexually harm someone I saw as little sister... it just killed me inside.

"I am so sorry Nari, I wish I could of done a better job protecting you."

Nari petting my head as she rested her head on my shoulder. "Lili its okay, you have protected me. If it wasn't for you or Seonghwa, I would be dead." We smiled at each other when we were, someone chuckled. We turn around to see Jay waiting for us at one of the hallway entrances. "I believe it, you two are sisters."

It made me happy to see that even Jay accepted us being family. We looked at each other and giggled. "Gray's waiting for you Nari." She just hum, as Jay and I escorted her back to her room. "Okay and why the hell are you here, again?" We all heard Simon bitching to someone as we got around the corner.

"For your head, you seriously too out someone under our protection. Usually you talk to us before you do something like that, with good damn reason too. This time you fail to do any of it. So for your betray, we want your head. Take care of him."

The suit with a strange accent order Simon's death in a public hospital. Everyone was going for their guns, when Nari's swordsmanship training took over. She wasn't one for blood shed unless it was that pig's. Simon was like our big brother that always protected us, so there was no way even I would allow them to harm him. Nari moved swiftly and in perfect timing to block their swords they had on them as well.

The enemy seem shook at Nari's acting, and her ability to push them back. Nari spoke in Mandarin Chinese so fluently, making me wish I knew more than English, Spanish, and Korean. The Chinese suits halted as they looked, with drop jaws. "What is your name?"

She stood up straight, as he held the sword to her side. "Before my marriage, Loong Nari, after marriage, Lee Sapphire." She spoke so proudly when she said her new legal name. The man that had bark at Simon walked over to be in front of Nari. "Are you adopted?" She looked over at us all as I try to think if she told me anything about being adopted.

"Yes, at birth though, my adopted parents were murder by that man they took out on your terf, and the same man try to kill me. Wouldn't had been long until he became a problem for you. So if you think about it, we spared you." This time is was my turn to have my jaw dropped. She never told me anything about this at all. It was like her own little secret.

Was she planning to take this to her grave or something? The man in front of her softly chuckled before petting her head. "Mrs. Lee, will you mind coming with me for a moment. You can bring your husband and Dominic with you." She turn around to look over at all of us, but mostly at Simon and Gray, who was standing beside him.

Simon nodded his head before looking over at us. "You all can go home, Gray and I got everything from here. I'll keep you updated Liyah." He whisper and spoke directly to me at the end. They ended up going into Nari's room, as I had Jay pulling me out of the building.

"Yah! I don't want to leave Nari."

I try to get free from him, as he stop pulling finally. Only once we were at his car, though. "Nari is safe, and in good hands. Hell, she's in a hospital. You need your rest too Liyah. I don't need my love getting sick the point that she joins her sister here." I pouted as I hung my head. I always hated it when Jay was right.

"Liyah lets go home, gets some rest, and I promise to take you out on a date that will be relaxing and fun."

I couldn't help but smile warmly at Jay. This man always made me weak for him. Even when were in the middle of warm. "So the angry sex is amazing?" I brought up what he said back at Simon's place, whilst getting in the car together. "Oh come on like you don't agree with me."

Jay winked at me before starting the car. I lean over and kissed his cheek. "But the passionate love making is so much better." He looked over at me from the corner of his eye, whilst arching an eyebrow. "Don't make you take you right now in this parking lot.' He smirked, but it faded as I rubbed my hand along his thigh.

"I dare you..."

He pounce on me, and crush his lips against mine. Luckily the car was still in park as he pulled me into the back seat. Man was my boyfriend a bad boy yet a good man at heart.

Sometimes... even I think he's my forever...

I just hope some day we could have our own happy ending....

To Be Continue....

One more chapter to go...

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