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I just saw an article about how some netizens are mad that Yeri was "sulking" at the recent award show Red Velvet appeared at.

Yeri was very very close to Jonghyun and people sympathized with her when she was sobbing at his funeral. But apparently now that she's on a red carpet and she's in a public space, this teenager needs to suck it up and "be professional."

I thought one commenter had it right - they said "You guys are a bunch of jokers. Are you kidding me. If she was smiling you guys would’ve said she was fake because she was crying at the funeral. It’s really hard to be a celebrity."

Everyone deals with grief differently.

For some people, putting on a happy face can help them, for others they simply need to be very very sad for a while, maybe for a very long time. Sure they should be professional, but they should also be human.

Don't feel that you need to put on a show (whether that means acting happier or sadder than you are) for anyone. These are your emotions that no one else can feel. Grieve however you need and I hope that you're all alright. I love you!
I saw one person going on about how we all needed to be sensitive and supportive of idols and then turned around later and bashed GOT7's performance last night. They even went so far as to say Jackson should just leave already. Hypocritical much? Not giving her Twitter handle as I will not give her more notoriety. Also not reaponding to her as people like that and the netizens complaining in this case deserve zero coverage and no response. We need to just be supportive of everyone. Period. End of story. As the saying goes: If you can't say something nice; don't say anything at all.
You would think after losing Jonghyun to the pressures his life had on him and the ending result netizens would be more aware and sensitive to how they react to their idols. It's like "let's bring awareness to mental health in our idols" and then two seconds later they do something potentially damaging to their mental health by bashing them over the littlest of things. it's crazy and things like this frustrate me.
@TaraJenner agree 100% Seriously