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Chapter 2 of this new story is up! Im hoping its gonna pick up soon, the first chapter was a bit slow but it seems its picking up its tempo!
Chapter 2 A week had past by the time I had the time to go to the bookstore to get the next book for book club. It had been a long week and Bo hadn't been useful on telling us where we knew Namjoon from, except I found out after thinking YouTube. A freaking Idol. Gosh of course I had to go and crush on him even more after watching music video after music video on the group bts.  I wouldn't give into the crush I had decided on, that would just be drama galore.  I hated drama, unless it was on a TV screen and on twice a week that is, I like those drama’s. The book store was a bit out of the way on the way home but totally worth it to go there. This was a store that had the cubby holes and I loved sitting in them and cozying up with a book for a half hour. The store was slow and the cubbies weren't all taken. Looking through the bookshelf I searched for the Harry Potter books. I found the right one and stood there for a minute trying to find where I left off in my audible book. When i found the right chapter i realized it looked as if I was already 2/3rds of the way done. “Excuse me” I heard someone say and moved over a bit  to let the person see the books. The guy had at least 4 other books in his hand and was reaching for another large book. I went about going towards the back wall and found a place to sit. I was only a chapter further into the book when I heard a sigh right in front of me. I looked up to see the same Harry potter book open. “Are you reading the same book?” I asked with a smile. I thought I knew who it was. “Really? Are you just starting to read it now” I asked her. There was a nod with the book making me laugh. “I bet you've been busy lately. I only see you when your done perfecting a dance than you have time” I chuckled seeing the stack of books next to a male pair of legs. “Bree?” I asked right before the book lowered to show Namjoons face. “Omgosh Im so sorry! I thought you were my friend Bree” my cheeks were heated with a blush. “Are you disappointed it's me?” He asked showing a curved smirk. “No, I'm good with you. I mean It's good to see you “ I shook my head getting flustered all of a sudden. It made him laugh. “Sorry I startled you, I saw you over by the books and thought I would say hi” Namjoon said. “Oh, Hi” I gave a little way. To him making him chuckle. “Hi” Namjoon waved back. I chuckled and put my book down. “sorry awkward moment. You startled me” I told him. “I really wasn't expecting it to be you” I told him. “I didn't think so. I actually got done with practice a little early and came to get a book” namjoon said “or 4” I chuckled looking at the stack of books on the floor next to him. He laughed which was the cutest thing. “When I shop for books I end up getting a lot. A bunch of titles just jump out at me” he stated. It looked like he had a little of everything. “Nice. A good selection you got there” I commented. I spent a little time going through the books he had, commenting on 2 of the books I already read and making suggestions for other books if he liked those. By the time I realized I was rambling on and on I finally stopped. An hour had gone by and he was still there, listening to me. “You love books “ Namjoon stated as if it was the most natural thing to come out of his mouth. I chuckled. “Im sorry I read a lot” I apologized “but it looks like you do too” I pointed towards the stack of books “yea, when I have free time I read, any country i go to I make sure to have a stack ready for the trip and a travel book to know what to see there” namjoon said. “You travel a lot” my words gotten slow as,my brain went “Duh” “Yea, I do.” He nodded “comes with the job” he added. “Job?” i hiccuped “you didn't say where you worked” my throat had a frog in it. “Yea, um Im sure you've heard of the group I'm in” he said. “bangtan boys” I hiccuped. My body was making all the signs of awkwardness. This was bad. “yea, guess you figured it out” namjoon looked worried and was rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh yea, sorry. I wont tell anyone, hmm well actually the people i would tell already know-” at his wide eyed look my eyes widened “they were at the book club”  I added really fast. He looked to relax. “Oh yea, I guess those 4 would already know. Bo knew me before “ he recounted. “Yea. Anyway I probably kept you long enough, its already after 9” I said seeing the time. I stood up. “Yea, I should get back” namjoon said. “hey do you think we can exchange numbers?” He asked as he stood up so damn fluently it was like he never actually sat all the way down. “hmm why?” i asked. “To talk to each other?” he said. “Why?” I asked again. “ because it was good talking to you just now” he said. I narrowed my eyes. “Why?” i asked once more. “I want to talk to you again” he said straight forward. “oh. . . well I'll see you at the next book club, we can talk then” I smiled at him and turned away. *****

Omgosh! She's just walking away from him like that! Go Girl! Sunny seems like shes gonna be an interesting girl, I really hope that she'll take off and does as she pleases instead of what I want to write for her, I always love when the character gets a mind of their own!
Okay Until Tomorrow! Have a good Night everyone!

She's smart. She knows getting involved will be trouble
Hmm...smart move....or not?
omg he so beautiful he my bias from BTS he such a cutie beautiful king 😊😍❤💚💜💛