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Hello the following 6 movies are movies I've seen that I'm recommending to you!

The Silenced:

Length: 1 Hour and 39 Minutes
Released: June 18th, 2015
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Friendship, School
Main Cast: Park Bo Young, Park So Dam, Uhm Ji Won
"Back in 1938, when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule, Joo-Ran is transferred to an all-girl's boarding school in Keijyo (old name of Seoul). The principal there exhibits exemplary behavior to all of the students, but she ends up showing her darker side to Joo-Ran, who gets close to knowing the school's biggest secret. The girl learns of another student with the same name and she tries to figure out the hiddenstories that happened at the girl students' dormitory."
My Opinion: It's more of a mystery than horror. The movie sort of loses it's horror aspect a little over half way through. I think it should be noted that the cast was wonderful and most if not all of them spoke both Japanese and Korean in the film.
Where Can You Watch?: Netflix

The Magician:

Length: 2 Hours and 2 Minutes
Released: December 30th, 2015
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Main Cast: Yoo Seung Ho, Go Ah Ra
"A Princess in the Joseon Dynasty travels to the Qing Dynasty to marry. On the way to there, she meets a young magician and falls in love with him."
My Opinion: If you like Disney movies I think you'd like this one! This is quite possibly (in my opinion) the only thing I've seen Go Ah Ra in that I haven't complained too much about her acting.
Where Can You Watch?: Drama3s

Secretly, Greatly:

Length: 2 Hours and 4 Minutes
Released: June 5th, 2013
Genre: Action, Tragedy, Drama, Spy
Main Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, Lee Hyun Woo
"A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth, ostensibly towards the lofty goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously dispatched to South Korea, where each disguises himself as a fool, an aspiring singer, and a high school student. Passing boring time without receiving any orders from the North, they gradually get used to life as ordinary neighbors in a small townuntil one day, their mundane lives are turned upside down when a "secret and great" mission is suddenly assigned to them."
My Opinion: It starts off kind of slow but once it picks up it doesn't let you down. It's funny at first but quickly the tragedy part kicks in.
Where Can You Watch?: DramaFever

Alice: Boy From Wonderland:

Length: 1 Hour and 55 Minutes
Released: December 10th, 2015
Genre: Horror, Romance, Drama, Melodrama, Supernatural
Main Cast: Hong Jong Hyun, Jung So Min, Jung Yeon Joo
""Boy From Wonderland" depicts nightmare sufferer Hye-Joong whose dreams have become so severe that they actually happen in reality and finally endanger her life. To find the source of her terrors she travels to "Wonderland", a private resort she visited with her family 24 years prior. There is a mysterious and enchanting man, Hwan waiting for her. Within 15 days, she should find what she lost to stop her nightmares. If she can’t everybody will die."
My Opinion: One of the most confusing movies ever. I think mystery should be added to the genre list. Honestly if you watch this you'll be confused through the majority of the movie. Even by the end I didn't know what was going on. But I read someone's recap of it, after that it clicked and made sense. So you may need to watch this one twice to know what's going on.
Where Can You Watch?: Viki

Fabricated City:

Length: 2 Hours and 6 Minutes
Released: February 9th, 2017
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
Main Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Shim Eun Kyung
"In real life, Kwon Yoo is just an unemployed man who lives day by day by eating cup noodles in real life, but in the virtual game world he is the best leader. Kwon Yoo is then framed for a murder. With the help of hacker Yeo Wool, he tries to uncover the truth behind the murder case."
My Opinion: It was really good. I watched it with very rough subtitles so it was a little hard for me to get fully into it but even with those rough subs it was actually pretty good!
Where Can I Watch?: Drama3s

I also want to share this Chinese movie with you! It's based off of a Korean one. So I'll leave a Link to both!

The Witness:

Length: 1 Hour and 52 Minutes
Released: October 30th, 2015
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Investigation
Main Cast: Yang Mi, Lu Han
"Lu Xiao Xing is a rookie cop when one night, she abandons her post to find her brother, an aspiring singer, and bring him back home after his constant rebellion. As they fight in the car, Xiao Xing loses control of the vehicle and crashes into a truck. As a result of the accident, her brother dies and she is left blind. Three years later, Xiao Xing is living life as ablind woman. Amidst a string of female disappearances in the city, she tries unsuccessfully to persuade her former police academy senior to allow her another chance at being an officer. Upset and unable to come to terms with the rejection and her brother's death three years ago, Xiao Xing faces a weird experience when she calls for taxi."
My Opinion: It was a beautiful movie! I mainly watched it because Lu Han was in it but my lord was it good!
Where Can You Watch?: DramaFever

Here's the original Korean version:


Length: 1 Hour and 51 Minutes
Released: August 11th, 2011
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Investigation:
Main Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Jo Hee Bong, Yoo Seung Ho
"A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be the same person. Detectives look for a witness. A witness, Min Soo Ah appears, but Min Soo Ah is also blind. She used to be a promising student at the police academy. With her acute senses, Min Soo Ah is able to reveal important clues on the hit and run case.Another witness, Kwon Ki Sub then appears. Ki Sub, who witnessed the case with his own eyes, gives contradictory statements to Min Soo Ah. The investigation then goes through many twists and turns, while Min Soo Ah finds herself up against the killer."
My Opinion: I haven't watched this version yet, but I probably will because I love Yoo Seung Ho.
Where Can You Watch?: I'm not sure, if I find a good place I'll be sure to update this card!

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I loved reading this!!! Secretly, Greatly was really good! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to laugh and cry!
I’m glad you enjoyed it!
secretly greatly looks great! ill check it out👌🏻
It is!!!!
Secretly, Greatly is wonderful The new movie EXO Kyungsoo is in, Along with the Gods is amazing.
I’ve been meaning to watch that. But I’m watching 2 K-Dramas, one Japanese one, and two anime at the moment so I’m trying to finish those before I get into anything else.