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Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Kim Jongun (Yesung) of Super Junior. This my entry for the above contest.
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Mistletoe (a Kim Jongun oneshot) It was a Friday afternoon as you just got done with watching season one of Stranger Things. You had been up all morning watching the show and you suddenly felt drowsy, so you took a nap and slept for quite some time. The only thing that woke you up was the sound of the doorbell. You get up startled as you look through the peephole. It was your boyfriend, Yesung. You open the door for him as he has a gift bag in his hand. “Yesung, you’re so sweet!” You tell him. “Look inside!” He insisted. You pull out the tissue paper and all you see is a red envelope. You find a knife as you cut open the envelope and you shake everything out. There was a gift card, and an invitation to a house party. “Oh, what is this?!” You ask as you look at the gift card. “I love this place! How did you know?!” You ask him. “How could I not know! We go there all the time!” He said. “You know me so well!” You say to him. You then look at the invitation. You open it up and you see a sweet note. You blush while reading it. “I can’t wait!” You say to him. “I’ll see you there!” He said. He then kissed you softly on the lips and pulled away. “Bye oppa!” You tell him. He waves at you as he walks out the door. You then go back to watching Stranger Things as you begin season 2. As soon as you finished watching, it was getting dark outside, so you powered down your television and you found proper clothes to wear to Yesung’s house warming party. Once you get there, you rang their doorbell. Yesung was drinking and talking to his roommates when he heard the doorbell. He went to the door and opened it for you. “Wow! R/N, you look great!” Yesung said. “Thank you!” You said. “Come in, please!” He said as he held the door more open. You walk into the dorm as you see six other guys sitting by the small tree and television. “R/N, allow me to have you meet my roommates.” He said as he pointed to each of the roommates from left to right. “This is Jungsu, Heechul, Shindong, Siwon, Hyukjae, and Donghae.” “Very nice to meet you all” you said politely. Yesung sat in a big chair by Shindong as he motioned you to sit in his lap. “How about a drinking game?!” Leeteuk suggested. “Oh yes!!!!” Heechul exclaimed. “I’m down for it” Siwon said casually. “The game that we will be playing is Christmas Carol Pictionary!” Leeteuk announced. Everyone was excited. Siwon grabbed the drinks and the note pads with markers. “Alright! Let’s get this game started!” Heechul said. “We have 10 songs ready. Whoever guesses the most songs wins the game! If there are more than one person that has the most songs, there will be a deuce.” Leeteuk said. “First up is R/N!” Leeteuk announced. You got up, grabbed the notepad and marker as you pulled out the first Christmas carol. You began to draw a Christmas tree, then rocks. “Did the dog poop around the tree?!” Heechul blurted out. Everyone just broke into laughter as they took a shot of soju. “Rocking around the Christmas tree!” Leeteuk guessed. “Correct!” You said. You gave the notepad and marker to Leeteuk as he took out a Christmas carol. He first drew a stick figure, then a drum. “Percussion!” Donghae said. Everyone took a shot. “Really Donghae, really?!” Eunhyuk said. “Little drummer boy!” Heechul said. “Correct!” Leeteuk said. Heechul got up and danced. Everyone was laughing. “Next is, Heechul!” Leeteuk said as Heechul pulled out a Christmas carol as he was given the notepad and marker. He first drew leaves, then berries. “Santa’s balls!” Shindong said. Everyone laughed and took a shot. “NO!” Heechul yelled at him. He then drew a fireplace. “Mistletoe!” Yesung said. “Correct!” Heechul said. The notepad and marker go to Yesung as he pulled out another Christmas Carol. He just drew three circles one on top of the other three inside the middle circle, a carrot, a hat, and two lines. “Frosty the Snowman!” Siwon said. “Correct.” Yesung said. notepad and marker go to Siwon as he starts drawing lines and loops all over the pad. “A mess!” Yesung said. Everyone took a shot. Siwon continued to draw when finally something clicked in someone’s mind. “Sleigh ride!” Eunhyuk said. “Correct!” Siwon said. The notepad and marker go to Eunhyuk. He pulled out another carol. He drew lines and lines and more lines. “A messy room.” Heechul said. “Nope!” Eunhyuk said. Everyone took a shot. “Lumber” Shindong said. “Nope!” Eunhyuk said. Everyone took a shot. He then drew two stick figures in a scenario. “Deck the halls!” Donghae said. “Correct!” Eunhyuk said. “How can that possibly be decking the halls?” Leeteuk asked. “Well, I drew hallways, and then I drew one person telling the other person to deck the halls!” Eunhyuk explained. Everyone was shaking their heads. “Alright, my turn!” Donghae said. He grabbed the notepad and marker as he pulled out another Carol. He began to draw a calendar with Xs on each day. “12 days of Christmas!” You said. “Correct!” Donghae said. He got up and gave you the note pad and marker as you pulled out another carol. You first drew a street, and then some snow. “Santa Claus is coming to town!” Shindong said. “No.” You said. Everyone took a shot. “Jingle bells” Leeteuk said. “No.” You said. Everyone took a shot. You then drew stick figures sliding down a hill. “Sleigh ride!” Donghae said. “Correct!” You said. You passed the notepad and marker to Donghae as he pulled out the next Carol. He drew a stick figure on a cane and then a strange creature behind the stick figure. “Grandma got run over by a reindeer!” Eunhyuk said. “Correct!” Donghae said as he handed over the notepad and marker to Eunhyuk. He pulled out the last Carol. He tilted his head at this next Carol as he wasn’t sure how he was going to draw it out. So he drew a fireplace, and then stick figures around the fireplace. “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!” Donghae said. “Correct!” Eunhyuk said. “Our winner for Pictionary is Donghae!” Leeteuk announced. Everyone went wild as they rallied around Donghae. Leeteuk took the drinks and put them away as he left out the soju for you and the guys. “So, what next?” Siwon asked. “How about a movie?” Donghae asked. “Movie it is!” Leeteuk said. “What are you watching?” Yesung asked. “Donghae wants to watch the Home Alone movies.” Eunhyuk said. Donghae covered his blushing face. “R/N and I are going to stay for a little longer for the movies but we might go home before they end.” Yesung said. The guys looked at each other in suspicion thinking they know what might happen later. “Yah! Stay out of our private lives!” You yelled. “I will hit you on the head with a toy hammer if you keep asking about it! It’s none of your business anyways!” Yesung pointed out. “Okay, Okay, lets start the movie already!” Leeteuk said. He put the DVD in the player as he pressed play. The guys sat in their chairs as they watched the movie. You rested your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder as he rested his head on yours. He pet your hair as you both watched the movie. As the movie continued to play, he yawned and placed his arm around your shoulders as you pulled him close with your hand on his side. Once the first movie was over, he kissed your cheek. “Do you want to stay or go?” He asked you. “Let’s stay.” You said. You were very comfortable sitting on the couch that you were about to fall asleep. After the second movie, you were asleep as Yesung carried you to his room and placed you on his bed. He laid down next to you as he watched you sleep. He parted your hair behind your ear as you flickered your eyes open as he kissed your lips softly. He then laid back down next to you as he continued to part your hair behind your ear, but you shifted away from him as he put your shoulder down and pulled you closer to a fast paced kiss. You both were making out as you were pulling the bedsheets over yourselves as clothes came flying off the bed. Before you knew it, he was rubbing himself on you creating friction between skin. He rubbed his hardens rock in between your tiny buns as you leaked yourself out on his bedsheets. Once you were dry, he shoved his rock inside your hole as you held his back as he grinded on top of you. Your walls squeezed him until he came as you came all over him as he was hitting your sweet spot several times a second like a laundry machine. It wasn’t long before he pulled out of you and fell to your side. You both caught your breath as you were both sweaty. “Lets go to your place, shall we?” Yesung asked. “We shall.” You said. You both looked for your clothes as you slowly got dressed and snuck out of the dorm and went to your place. Once you got to your apartment, you unlock your door and go in. Yesung followed you in. You locked your door. He saw the mistletoe above your bedroom door. “Did you put that there?” He asked. “Yeah, why?” You ask him. He pulled you to the door as he kissed you softly. He opened the door. “Shall we?” He asked. “We shall.” You said. He pulled you into your bedroom as he pinned you against the door and kissed you passionately. His eyes were full of lust. You were also filled with lust as you pulled him close to you as he gripped your thigh and you locked your leg on his waist and you jumped into his arms and locked your other leg on his waist as he held you by the thighs and took you to your bed as he laid you down and climbed on top of you. He kissed you again as his fingers crawled up your shirt as you pulled it off. He then unhooked your bra as it fell off your body. You slid your hands under his shirt rubbing his back until he pulled it over his head and off the bed. He pulled the covers over the two of you as he undid his pants and you undid yours as they were thrown off the bed. He rubbed his rock in between your inner buns as you reached under your pillow for rubber protection as you pressed it on his chest. He took it from you as he slipped it on smoothly. He felt you leak as he slammed into your walls and hit your sweet spot many times until you both came for each other and passed out on the bed with heavy breaths. “Do you typically have those under your pillow?” Yesung asked. “Yep.” You said. “It was bound to happen eventually.” You added. You shifted yourself into your bed as you fell asleep. He watched you sleep until he also fell asleep. You two slept there all night.
I hope
enjoyed reading! If you want more oneshots from me, please
an idol and I will write one for you!
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