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Yet again Thank you @KpopandKimchi for the idea to share. A Link to her card right HERE

1. Bread

For the last 6 years I've been living healtier, changing my diet wasn't just a new years resolution but a new lifestyle that I'm proud to have done. The lifestyle consisted of giving up, Soda, eating after 8pm(actually acquire 2 years ago), and white bread.
You never know what you've got until its gone.
It was a struggle at first to cut white bread out of my diet especially when certain venues don't have an alternative yet. I managed to survive the first 3 years and saw plenty of wonderful results. Then I got into Kpop and KDramas and Variey shows and they seemed to glorify bread 빵. I didn't get the hype I just found them weird. The last year or so I guess the subliminal messages started working and I remembered how sweet and soft the "delicacy". smh I've indulged quite a lot in the last few months but I think I'm over it again.

2. Online Shopping

I live in New Orleans. (that's all I feel I need to say lol)

3. K-Pop Bop Everywhere

If you read my more serious, previous version of this card you know and understand that Kpop is now my life source (lol kidding God is the reason I live, but you get what I'm say).
I can't go a day without a little K-Pop. On my commute to and from work I listen to it. I even blast it in the grocery store (never did that with music before kpop).

Rain Oppa told me that you should cut off your eating 4 hours before bed, I altered it to be 2 hours before bed and the results were wonderful; weight loss, healthy skin, and better sleep. These last few month I've been going against my own plan so maybe 3 hours before bed should become my routine now.
He also said your last meal should be small I'm working on it.


In conclusion, I am not ashamed of the person I am because of K-Pop, however I do want to stop eating white bread again.✌

i dont know why 'bread' made me giggle so much hahaha it just totally wasnt what i was expecting i guess hahahahaha but i totally agree! i changed a lot of my eating and health habits because of kpop
lol you don't know until you live without it they put it in your face again. lol @kpopandkimchi
that's amazing how K-Pop really is apart of our lives and could benefit us so beautifully. yeah bring on the low carb diet, take away the obsession with bread. though 1 egg bread couldn't hurt. lol I'm so bad at chopsticks and silver ones sound so advanced. ^.^
Haha yes, it really is amazing! I think I'll try the egg bread after all :) the silver chopsticks are pretty neat plus I only paid like 6 bucks for a big pack so I didn't feel too bad about spending money on them haha
It's sort of funny but kpop actually helped me come out of the closet 😂 because of the fluid nature of K fashion and idols like amber I could more easily embrace that part of my personality and gender identity. other things are eating tons of low carb korean dishes, having to absolutely buy silver chopsticks lol, and rigging my old ass car to play kpop through my phone jack. btw I want to try egg bread so much but I don't want to break my low carb diet!! it looks so good though!!
*sets alarm to watch eating* this is a habit that might be hard to break but Imma do it
화이팅!💪 fighting!