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The year is coming to a close! There has been so many new groups and so many comebacks,  I was finding it overwhelming to look back at them all! lol

Anyway for the end of the year, you have a couple days to think on it, but I have a question for you all. . . . .

What are your Top 3 Favorite comebacks Or Debuts from 2017?

I know its hard to limit it to just one, still hard to pick the top 3 lol.
Think about it, look back over the year and post a card on your top 3 of the year!
Some of the debut groups and comebacks through the year!

Here Are My Top 3!

# 3 Is Shall we dance by Block B
I wasnt a big fan of Block B before and still only like a few songs but I cannot deny this song and its hype from its lyrics to its choreo was amazing !

#2 Wake me up by B.A.P
My UB group! gosh they had 3 comebacks this year but at the begining of the year I loved this comeback the most! then Honeymoon which gave me a heart attack thinking they were ending, than they came out recently with Hands Up and made me happy again!

# 1 Mic Drop by BTS
So many good comebacks from bts this year but Mic drop beat them all! And the stage at Jimmy Kimmel shows how far our boys have come! seriously! this is a legendary song for several reasons!!!
Its funny I just found out and checked to see that with tjis song at MAMA Suga made a huge statement with it, by purposefully skipping a line and staring st the camera instead with a smirk just to make the point that they dont lip sing! Man does Suga have big balls to go through with that on a huge stage.

Im still falling down the Kpop hole! There is no bottom! lol

Fam tag! For everything!

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