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Hello! Here is my entry for the EXO Fanfic Contest.

Genre: Horror (I guess lol)
Word Count: 433

On a cold winter night, I decide to stay in the rehearsal room and practice the dance for our new song. I wanted to get it right before I went home. I am way behind on the choreography since I sprained my ankle. I lock the door so no one can come in. I look at myself in the mirror. Let’s do this. I play the song from my phone and start to practice the dance I learned this morning. I try to concentrate the moves but the more I do it, the more I see it is not perfect. I keep practicing and practicing. I keep making the same mistakes over and over again. One hour later and I get frustrated. I see myself doing the same mistakes. I can’t focus. I try do a turn that is part of the dance but I end up falling.

“I can’t do this!” I say to myself. I lay down and just close my eyes.  I try to calm down and relax. I have to do this. I can’t give up. Everyone is cheering for me. I have to do this. Don’t give up.

I open my eyes and sit up. “I can’t give up.” I get up and play the song again. I focus on the song and the dance. I don’t focus on anything else but the dance and the song. I feel the rhythm in my body and try to imagine performing on stage with the other members. The fans chanting our names and holding up posters. The bright light pink and blue lights shining on us. We sing the song we worked so hard on. I dance to the song. I can do this. I focus on the movements and dance to the rhythm. I could feel all the emotions from being on stage. The rush I get from being on stage and doing something I love to do. I do the turn and land on my knees. The song is over. I did it. I let out a sigh. I get up and then hear someone clapping. I turn and there is no one there. There is no one here but me. Spooked, I get my phone and look at the time. It's 1am. I should go home now. I pick up my bag and notice a piece of paper fall out of my bag. I pick it up and open it. Written childlike and in crayon, it says Good Job! I get my things and get out of the room. I never practiced alone in that room again.

Hope you like it!!
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thank you for participating!!!!! I loved this!
You're welcome and I'm glad you liked it!😊😊