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Okay Im taking to asking advice!
Im in a rut with Kdrama's but Im coming to my senses and wanting to start a drama up!
Except I have no clue what to watch lol.
I got all excited seeing titles and summaries!

I saw these titles, if any one has seen them what did you think about it? Or anyone wants to recommend anything else? Or suggest one.
I’m probably late but I recommend Habaek the water god one since I started watching that one and it was very funny, there were some parts that’s I didn’t really like but overall it’s a great drama that I can recommend. Can I recommend dramas not from this list? If so I recommend 1. Suspicious partner (action and mystery) 2. Because it’s my first life (this is fluffy and cute) 3. Goblin (it’s just overall great) And much more lol sorry for all the rant kdramas are my speciality so if you ever need help I’m here :)
lovely love lie is cutesy but overall a a solid 4 /5, Bride of the water god is define they a must see very good and will give you laughs bit will ale you cry... probably me favorite of 2017 and falling in love with s[n hung another must see but all are very good
update: I started watching 2 dramas "Lovely love lie" whixh got me hooked after 1 episode and I watched the first episode of "Falling in love with soon jung" Another one that I can't wait to get more into. i forgot the feeling and giddiness lol the rollercoaster of emotions that go along with kdrama's thanks everyone!!!
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@JaxomB oh no! I die a little when i get second syndrom guy. lol. oh well feels are real
I found a new 2 series drama on Drama Fever called 'Somehow 18' with Choi Minho as lead. It's really good. And with Minho as a doctor, I think I will be sick and need lots of care.
If I remember correctly, Ghost is about computer viruses and cyber crimes...
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