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I never noticed this before, but apparently its a well known "happy new year" present in Korean entertainment.

I'm going to assume that Dispatch gives the managers of the celebs they expose a warning, and I'm sure theres plenty of shady stuff going on like blackmailing couples into giving them any other gossip in order to save them from getting exposed but we'll never really know. All we do know, it its been going on for at least 4 years straight...

2013 - Rain and Kim Tae Hee

2014 - SNSD Yoonha and Lee Seunggi

2015 - Lee Jung Jae and Lim Se Ryeong

2016 - Junsu and Hani

2017 - Due to the ongoing scandal and impeachment of the president, Dispatch cancelled their announcement, but rumors were that they were going to expose Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo...

For 2018 it will be interesting if they respect the somber time in the enertainment industry right now or if they will expose a couple this coming Monday :/

@VixenViVi I've actually really been looking forward to this lol.
I've noticed that they reveal a couple sometime at the beginning of the year, but I never realized that it happened on January 1st every year. I wonder who it'll be this time.
I was literally just thinking about this lol. I feel like they will announce it but that's just my guess.
I didn't even know that but wow
The 1st new couple for 2018 is Lee Joon and Jung So Min. 2nd couple is G-Dragon and Jooyeon.
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