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Hello Inspirits! It's Melissa with an Infinite Comeback Announcement! The Bad Girl Squad is hosting an event for Infinite Comeback on January 8th.

We are so excited about their songs Tell Me and Begin Again. When you think about it, they are kind of beginning again.

They have a new style logo. Here is the meaning of it.

To celebrate Infinite Comeback, we are doing a countdown. The best part, its a contest too!

The contest is real easy. All you got to do is participate everyday in the Infinite Comeback Countdown. The one who participates every day will be our winner! You can't miss a day. It will start on December 30th.

For being our winner, your prize is Infinite new album Top Seed plus poster. There will be other prizes for others who participates.

Good Luck! Let's make this Countdown a fun one.