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A Mystic Messenger fanfic by hxshidan; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop her some kudos if you like it!

Sorry I disappeared a little there! Had a lot going on for a couple weeks!

Chapter Summary:
It's a wonderful day in your lives... But something unexpected comes up.

Gunshot Wound

by hxshidan

Chapter 13: Green Eyes

What you woke up to was quite the sight to behold, and you couldn’t help but pull out your phone to take a few photos. It seemed to be reminiscent of a cuteness overload, and you just couldn’t wait to show everybody else what happening. You wanted to get on the messenger as fast as you could.

Slowly, you pulled yourself up, just so that you could type on the messenger properly, but a pain shot up your side. Slowly, you pulled up your shirt, and closed your eyes. The scar from the injury Saeran had given to you had been put under a lot of strain recently, so it was no doubt that it was hurting.

Once the pain had subsided somewhat, you took another photo before loading up the messenger.

-You have entered the chatroom-

Yoosung★: I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to hear news!!!!!

Saeyoung: I KNOW!!!!

Saeran: !!!

Saeran: She’s here!

You: Hey guys >o<

Yoosung★: OMG HI!!!

Saeyoung: SO?!

Saeyoung: WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!

You: I think this image says enough~

With a grin on your face, you posted the image you had took a few moments before, and then waited to see the reactions of the three in the messenger.

Saeran: … Cute.

Yoosung★: omg V looks so happy!!!

Saeyoung: Ah… They all grow up so fast…

You: Haha~

A satisfied sigh escaped your lips, before turning to look at V once more. He was sleeping in a seat beside the bed, a faint smile on his face, and in his arms… Was your daughter. She looked almost a spitting image of him in all honesty, even down to the little tufts of turquoise hair. The only thing she had obtained from you was her eyes.

Saeyoung: So, in the words of that professor named after a tree… Is it a boy, or a girl?

Yoosung★: Saeyoung;;

You: lol, a girl.

Saeran: She looks cute… What’s her name?

You: Oh! Hehe, I’m going to keep that mine and Jihyun’s little secret until you all come to visit our apartment this evening~

Yoosung★: That’s so mean;;;;;

You: Jihyun’s waking up now~ I’m going to see if he’ll let me hold our daughter~

From the corner of your eye, you noticed that V was starting to shift around a bit in his seat, and his eyes had began to open slightly. He seemed to be somewhat disoriented, and unsure of what, or rather who he was holding onto. You bit your lip, knowing that he would have lost a lot of sleep worrying over you and your daughter. “… Is it morning?...” His quiet mumble made his confusion seem a bit worse, before his eyes grew wide. “Nari...”

Nari… That was right, that was your daughter’s name… V had named her that, because it meant ‘lily’. One of the first photos he had taken as a child was a lily, and surprisingly enough, whenever he decided to get you some flowers, there would always happen to be one lily. It meant a lot to him, so it did to you too.

“Hey there, sleepy head,” you hummed quietly as you logged out of the messenger. “Can I hold onto her?… I’ve seen her, but I’ve not been allowed to hold her yet...” Your arms were outstretched, and you were acting somewhat like a child with the way in which you trying to reach for the girl. V seemed to raise an eyebrow at how you were acting, before grinning and carefully standing up and passing Nari over to you.

The moment where you felt the baby in your arms… A choked sob escaped your mouth. This fragile, delicate, tiny human in your arms… Was your daughter. Your daughter with one of the best people you had met in your entire life. And you were a parent now.

You were crying moments later as you pulled Nari closer to your body, ignorant of the pain in your side with each sob which escaped you. After a short few minutes, you felt V sit beside you on the somewhat uncomfortable hospital bed, and put his arms around you both. This was your family… Your wonderful, wonderful family.

It was quite annoying when a doctor walked into the room moments later though, because it ruined the moment which you were caught in the middle of.

“Excuse me… You have two men wishing to visit you, called Jumin Han and Hyun Ryu. Are they allowed in, or would you wish for them to be sent away?”

You shrugged your shoulders as you sat Nari on your lap, and grinned as she began looking around curiously. You never noticed V nod to the doctor, or the doctor leaving the room. A small laugh escaped you when you noticed V move his finger over your daughter, and she reached out for it. As soon as he moved his finger away, there was tears. V himself laughed, before moving his finger back and watching as Nari took hold of it.

As the two of you were interacting with Nari, the door ended up opening and it made you glance up for a moment. There was a bit of hushed whispering just outside the door, and you rolled your eyes. “Jumin and Zen~ I can hear you two out there… Don’t you want to see Nari?”

Yoosung was quite surprised when he met up with Jaehee, Saeyoung and Saeran (Vanderwood was also meant to be there too, but had decided to slip away somewhere early that morning) to go to where you and V lived, because they had actually decided to walk there. It wasn’t often that Saeyoung opted to go somewhere without one of his ‘babies’, short distance or not.

Saeran was also quite surprised at that change in his twin, but something else was on his mind at the same time. “So, we’re going to... throw a little party for the two of them when they get back?... Are you sure that Jumin and Zen have everything we need?...” He seemed paranoid, likely because of the other change in the RFA, which was Jumin and Zen seeming to have some sort of truce between them. “I just hope that the two of them can delay them until-!” Saeran froze when the sound of all four of them receiving a text came through.

‘Me and Jumin are with them now! lololol the kid looks a double of V! She’s so adorable! Her name’s Nari by the way. They said to keep it a secret from you all though so shhhhhh~’

Saeyoung punched the air with a grin on his face, before jumping forward a bit. “I’m so ready for this party now!” He turned to face the others though, before noticing somebody in the background, watching them closely.

“Agreed… But knowing that V is a father now… It’s strange, isn’t it?” Jaehee muttered, before noticing Saeyoung’s face. She turned around too, and her eyes grew wide. Yoosung and Saeran were quick to do the same.

“V… father… what?...” The green eyes staring at them were almost blank, and yet they looked as though they were pained greatly by hearing what Jaehee had said. “But...”

“Just… let me try and find the keys...” V mumbled reaching into his pocket as the two of you finally got back to your apartment with the ‘help’ of Jumin and Zen. Nari was sleeping in your arms... thankfully. Jumin had insisted on bringing you back home in his limo… But he had failed to mention that Elizabeth was also in the car. And with Zen also being with you… There was allergies to one side of you, a hissing cat to the other, and a crying baby because of that. It was a relief that Jumin had told his driver to return Elizabeth to his penthouse.

The sound of Zen’s phone ringing moments later surprised everyone, and V ended up dropping the apartment keys onto the floor. It was surprising that your daughter wasn't woke up by that though. “Hmm… Yoosung. Just give me a second, okay?” He answered the call, and everyone had their eyes fixed on the musical actor as he spoke. “Hey, Yoo-… What? You mean that you haven’t even been able to prepare yet?!” He gave Jumin a worried look, before continuing to speak. “Right, so let me get this straight… You were on your way, Rika now with you, and Saeran has ran off-? Yoosung, are you still there? Hey, Yoosung!” Zen growled as he put his phone into his pocket then.

“Rika… I had forgotten that she returned a few months ago. But Zen, please explain, what has happened?” Jumin stared directly at Zen, before quickly standing between you and the apartment door.

Zen did the best to remain hushed so that you and V couldn’t hear, but you both still listened in. “From what I heard from Yoosung… He, Jaehee, Saeyoung, and Saeran were all on their way here, but when they were talking about how they still found the idea that people in the RFA were parents surprising, somebody came up behind them… and it was Rika. She wanted to find out who V had a child with, before getting frustrated that he had managed to get over his relationship with her and that he had moved on to somebody else. Saeran apparently kept yelling at her to leave because he didn’t want to see her again, before he eventually ran off… Rika was apparently wanting to come here though to get answers to her questions, so whilst Yoosung was calling me, he was trying to get her to return back to her home. Saeyoung and Jaehee are trying to find Saeran as we speak.”

“...” V slowly looked between Zen and Jumin, before gently pushing his childhood friend away from the door. “Come on… We’re all tired, we should get something to eat and go to bed...” He unlocked the door, took hold of your arm, and pulled you inside, before locking Jumin and Zen outside. Moments later, he was holding onto you tightly, careful not to crush your daughter, and trying to do his best not to end up crying. “Life hates me, doesn’t it?… Finally, my life goes so right for once… But that seems to have ended now, hasn’t it?...”

“Jihyun… No. Don’t say that… Don’t…” You bit your lip, before sighing. “I’m going to put Nari down to rest… and then we can cuddle together in bed for a while, can’t we? Let out all of your tears, I may be tired because of everything which has happened today, but I’ll be awake and here for you no matter what...”

Again, credit where credit is due! If you are enjoying it so far,  be sure to drop some kudos HERE and let hxshidan know!

I'm gonna try sharing MysMe fics regularly, so let me know if you have any requests to hunt down!

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