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I am so happy that you born Kim Taehyung❤ Without you we wouldn't have a Stunning Visual. We wouldn't have an Amazing Dancer❤ We wouldn't have a Goofy Brother❤ We wouldn't have a Unique Actor❤ We wouldnt have Amazing Vocals❤ But Most Of All Without You Taehyung. We Wouldn't Have The Amazing BTS That We Have Today❤ Thank you for being born. For being the amazing humble farm boy who loves his family dearly. For Going with your friend to audition at BigHit and deciding to aution as well. Thank you for putting up with all of the struggles it took for you to debut. For Working hard and practicing as much as you can. And for always doing your best! But most of all Thank you Taehyung for being you and for always loving ARMY the way that we love you❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!❤

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