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Omgosh today is a very exciting day! Its Tae's Birthday in South Korea and my Birthday in the states! lol Yey! I get to share in celebrating!
I have to share this, Im happy I waited to do the card until late cause I can share this tale!

So me and my mom took an uber out to dinner, (I dont really listen to the radio that much cuz I prefer listening to kpop) well the driver was playing the radio and guess what turned on?! Mic Drop Remix! I was so damn ecstatic about it but I had already freaked my driver out once by talking really loud so I didnt want to startle him again so instead I recorded it on snapchat and had been lip singing to it. My mom thought I was nuts until I explained it to her and the big deal about hearing kpop on the radio.
Anyway thats my exciting tale about hearing bts on Tae's Birthday and mine hehehe.
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That's awesome! That doesn't happen very often, so you lucky! Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉
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@mszmarclyne93 Thank you hun!