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Warning 18+

due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Park, Jaebum
Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?

~(Lili POV)~

I woke up to sunrise warming me up through the white bed sheet. Jay's body head aided in warming me up as well. I snuggled into him, earning a soft chuckle from him. His hand rubbed my lower back, before grabbing a hand full of my ass. I looked up to see he was biting his lower lip. "You want to play don't you?"

He just smirked at me, before kissing my lips softly. "Later, I need this sexy ass to hit the shower so I can take you on a date." I raised and eyebrow curious as to what he was planning. I got out of bed and took the sheet with me. "Yah, you need to take me with you, you sheet theft."

I just giggled as I try to run away with the sheet. "Nope all mine, so is that shower." He chased after me, and glomp on me once I ran into the bathroom. Jay made sure neither one of us fell, but pulled the sheet away from me. "Ah, its fucking cold you know." He started kissing at the base of my neck, making a moan slip from my lips.

"Then turn on the shower, let the steam warm us up before jumping it." He whisper into my ear, sending chills down my spine. Jay then started the shower, before taking the sheet away completely. I whimper before going into the shower. I started washing my hair first, so that It would be clean by the time my Bummie join me.

"Aw... why you got to take the fun away from me. I was planning to take you to the spa to get your hair done." Jay whine while joining me in the shower.

"I rather go to a shooting range to practice my aim."

Jay just smirked, as he help me wash my back. "I know my baby so well. Because I have already reserve some time there too." I turn around to throw my arms around his neck. "Damn, we're really going for my heart today. What I do to get such amazing treatment?"

He just smiled and kissed my lips softly. After washing up together, we got ready for the day. I left my hair down and in curls, especially since I knew it how Jay liked my hair. He loved my natural hair the most out of all my styles. I did though put it up in a pony tail one we got the the shooting range. "Hold up a moment..."

I looked over at Jay stopping me once we were both out of the car. "We have an instructor today... they said they would meet us here at the car." Jay spoke with a smirk along his lips. I glared over at him, before he pointed towards the person. I turn around to see it was my mother. She was walking over to us in marine field attire.

"Hello Mr. Park, I'm glad you choose our base for your shooting range practice."

She turn to wink at me, as I felt tears rolling down my face. "Hello baby girl..." I looked around and saw that we really were on a military base. Not any military base ,but the marine's. I turn looked at Jay before looking back at my mother.


She had the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life, as she held out her arms. I just ran straight into them and held my mother firmly. She held me the same way and petted my head. "I've miss you too baby." She held me out to arm's length, with both hands still on my shoulders. "Now, show me how good you are at target practice."

I just hum and nodded my head, as Jay came over whistling a tone. "Always nice to see you too Jay." My mother said teasingly, resulting in Jay smiling at her. "I've been wondering about something. Has your daughter told you that we are dating?"

I noticed the sly expression he was giving, as he looked at me but not my mother. "She said she was dating someone just didn't confirm it was you. Though I did suspect it was you, since she's been in love with you for so long. Even I knew you two were meant to be." I looked at my mother surprise by her words, as she just gave me a warm smile.

She petted my head lightly as she looked at us both. "I'm truly happy you two have met... But Jay, no getting my daughter in trouble now. I made sure she could beat you up if you fuck up." Jay's face went plan, as I couldn't help but giggle. "Momma, stop scaring my boyfriend. He might end up being your son-in-law."

I saw a spark in Jay's eyes, when I winked at him. "Shall we go to the shooting range now?" Jay asked as my mother nodded before leading the way. I glared between the two of them, as we were escorted onto base. I smirked when we picked out our guns and were set against other marines in target practice.

As always, thanks to my personal training from my mother, I beat the marine I was pair with for the challenge. He wouldn't stop bitching too, because I wasn't a marine, but just a daughter of his superior officer. Jay though lost, and with no surprise, since it was my own mother he was paired off against. "Now I know where you get your skills from." Jay whisper to me, after losing to my mother once again.

I couldn't help but chuckle before kissing his cheek. Jay just turn to smile warmly at me. "She really is your daughter sergeant." The marine I pair off with complimented me, as he patted my back. "Sergeant? Mama, I thought you were an officer."

She just smiled at at him, before showing me a picture of her in uniform. She then pointed out the patch on her uniform. "I'm a Master Sergeant, the one you went off against was actually a Staff Sergeant. One of the few I've train myself. I actually piss them off when I tell them you shoot better then they ever could. We really could use good markers-man like you my dear."

Mama kissed my head lightly, making me feel very glad I could make her so very proud. Though keeping Jay's dirty dealing I was involved in would strip it all away. I looked over at Jay a bit sad at the idea, that I could actually disappoint my mother. Yet, I loved him too much to turn my back on him even at this point. I had gone down the rabbit hole, and there was never going to be a way back out.

Jay noticed I was thinking too much, and took my hand in his own. "Are you ready for the next surprise I have for you today?" I blinked at him a bit confused by his words. I then noticed momma and Jay were looking at each other again. "What are you two up to?"

They just looked at each other, before Jay picked me up bridal style. "Lets just go, your mother is going to see if she can join us later. Its a surprise for a reason." I pouted at him before waving at my mother. "See you later baby girl." She said as she waved back.

Jay ended up taking me to the car, still carrying me. We both ended up going for a drive until we got to a beach. Thanks to the weather being cold and all, the beach was like a ghost town. Jay kept the car running but in park. He turn to face me, which I did the same to show he had my attention. "I would say lets go for a walk, but its a bit too cold to actually do that at a beach."

He had me softly laughing at his words, and smiling. "We honestly do need to have this talk, and since I slyly put child lock on all the doors but mine, You can't escape me." I blinked at him a bit stun by the words, before actually trying to open the door.

"Yo, bummie what the fuck is this about?"

I was concern and a bit fearful as to why he was doing this. "I need to simply have a heart to heart with you Liyah. You know I love you, and that will not ever change. The lord brought us together for a reason." He forward and held my hands in his owns.

"I have been doing my best here to take it slowly. To show you that I am a fucking idiot... yeah I called myself stupid. That's because I made you wait for me to love you back for so damn long. I don't know what I would do if you weren't in my world. The idea of having you at risk in my dirty business scares me, and makes you my biggest weakness in this business. Though you're a fucking beast when you need to be."

Jay really was showing his hands, and it felt like he was folding in this poker game of love. He lean foreward and pop open his glove compartment. He took a small box out, getting my attention to follow it. "When I realized how blind to your feelings for me, I realized I already had feelings for you too. After you got involved in my dark side of life, I realized something else."

My eyes went down to the box as he open it, to reveal why it was kind of too pick to be a ring box. I couldn't hold back from laughing when it ended up being a ring pop. "You fucking dork I swear..." He held up his hand for me to wait a moment. When he pulled the ring pop out, he press it at my lips. I welcome the sweet candy, to only watch him pull the bottom of the box out.

I nearly drop the ring pop from my lips, when I realized it was the fake me out. The real deal was hiding on the base of the box. I felt my entire being become frozen, as I just follow the rings movements, when it pulled it out. I felt my tears running down my face, as I realized who's ring it belong to. "Reason why your mother and I kept setting that red flag in the back of your mind is the same reason why I have this ring."

Jay took hold of my left hand and play with my fingers with his own a bit. "I actually knew your mother was here for a week now. I had her keep it from you until I was able to meet with her personally. She humor my request and I was able to ask her for your hand in marriage..." I took the candy out of my mouth, before it fell and looked up at Jay.

"Liyah will you please spend the rest of our lives with me... Please... will you marry me?"

I wanted to say yes so damn bad, but it wouldn't come out. I felt my heart racing, before realizing I was having a panic attack. I turn to get the door open but forgot he locked it. Jay noticed I was trying to get out and struggling. I heard him sigh heavily before unlocking the door.

I ran out of the car the moment the door was unlock ran to only fall on all fours on the sand. It was cold and snow was starting to fall all around us. I press my hands to my face, covering my nose and mouth like it was a brown bag. I went threw hell and back for this man, I finally had him all to myself, and he even wanted me to be his wife. He even joke about it so many times it, and I found it endearing.

When I turn around, I saw Jay was sitting on the hood of the car, with a blanket beside him. He looked hurt and sad, but serious. The guilt ate at me, making me cry even more than before. The hurt and sadness he was feeling was because of me this time. That was the one thing I never wanted to do to him, yet I was doing exactly that.

"Jay... I... I love you...."

I looked around and hung my head. He came over to me and wrap the blanket around me. "Its not time yet, I get it. I can wait longer. You waited so long for me. I think its time I did the same." He spoke, as he lifted my head with his index finger at my chin.

"I know full well that you are not saying no... you're just saying not now. Its not time, though, yes, it stings. I think you felt way worse than I have... which was my fault."

Jay help me stand up and kissed the top of my head. "Lets just head to the dinner I have plan with both our families." I just blinked at him confused once again, as he just gave a gentle smile. "My biological family and yours." I just nodded my head as I realized what he meant finally.

He help me back to the car, and dust me off, to only drive to his parents house. It was awkward even with the radio playing. When his song 'Stay with me' came on, he changed the radio station. The whole drive he carried a serious expression, and refuse to look my way. He even left the ring in the box, in the cup holder.

I took the box and fiddled with it during the drive. Once we arrived I noticed a military vehicle park with the others. When we enter the house, Jay went ahead of me and did something that earn 'What the fuck's or at least a form of it from everyone. I walked into the room, to see it was more than just our biological families. It was all of them... even our crew family.

"So its safe to say I can rip the papers up?"

Jay glared at his little brother, who was waving a form in the air. Jay threaten to harm Jehan with the back of his hand. "Give me that right now." He growl at his brother, whom just shrugged and hand it over. My mother came over to me and rubbed my back.

"Honey are you okay? Do you want to talk?"

I nodded my head, as she took me to a random room far from them all. It was hurting more that I now disappointed everyone in the room. My mother had me sit down on the bed of the room she picked, so we could talk. "What really happen honey, that Jay is saying you don't want to yet?" I hung my head and rest it in my hands.

"My Jay is involved in some heavily illegal shit, and if I marry him, I will also be involved. Its not like he can't get out of it, because I know its not that bad that he can't say fuck it." I turn to look at her as I she kept a soft yet straight face on.

"I didn't think of it until I saw how proud you were of me earlier. Mom, I don't want to do anything to disappoint you, but I loves that man so damn much I would die for him like I would for you too. So please tell me, do you still support the idea of me marrying him. Because once its done its done, I'm involved in that dirty business even if we get divorce."

She her poker face cracked as I vented this all out to her. "What's his main business, the bad illegal stuff or the art he is making with is friends in the other room?" I smiled as I looked down at the box that was still in my hand. "The art... that's his pleasure and passion, and he even included me into one of his labels. I'm a producer."

I looked up when she patted my head. "Yes the illegal shit does bother me, but he a good man. He's amazing with you and his friends and family. I'll support you even if one of you get locked up and service time. Though I won't ever forgive either one of you is either one of you leave this earth before me."

I hugged my mama as she hugged me back. "Is that the reason why you said no?" I pulled away, from her and shook my head. "It was only one of two..." I gave off my cute pout look as she squinted at me.

I pulled out an all white box from my own pocket. "Though yet it was the thing that stop me from saying yes and gave me a panic attack. I actually was hoping to propose first." I spoke the last sentence as adorable as I could to my mother, making her laugh. "Well you got a redo now... so why not do it now while their all still here."

She stood up and had me leave the room with her. "Jay I think you might want to talk to my daughter." She said with a smile on her face, as Jay looked at me concern as to why she was smiling. Luckily everyone was still here, so I had witnesses. I walked over to Jay and held out the white box.

He took it from me, and slowly open it to see my engraved ring I had for him. "Til forever Bummie?" He question as his eyebrow arched up. "I was actually planning to propose to you on your birthday, but you had to go and beat me to it." Everyone shut up, as Jay stare at the ring.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, its just I needed my mother to talk a concern I had out. In a way I need her approve too. She is honestly the only biological family I have... I am an only child by nature, and already lost the other important person in my life. I wanted to make sure she really was okay with you and I being together. I already know your parents love me."

Jay's mother petted my head lightly, since she was standing behind me with my own mother. I took the box with my mother's wedding ring in it, and place it in his free hand, before taking the paper from him. He just watched me as I took the pen from the table and signed the paper. It already had his signature on it, so the moment I sign it, we became married.

I looked up at him to see that his eyes become big. I turn my head a bit to see if it would get his attention. I even gave him a soft smile, when he actually looked me in the eyes.


Jay snap out of his shock and ran over to me. He then picked me up and spun around with me in his arms. I had my hands on his shoulders, as he lower me down enough to kiss me on the lips. We saw flashes, before he put me back down on my feet.


Everyone cheered for us, as we smiled and lightly laughed out of pure joy. Jay slip my mother's ring on my finger, before allowing me to put my ring on his finger. He then pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss I refuse to let escape me. When he did break it, he rest his forehead on mine.

"My beautiful bullet."

"My angel King."


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