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~Week 1 of 2018~
So, I know it has been quite sometime since I last made one of these cards, but I figured this could be a good way to start off 2018! Groups I've already made posts for so far are Topp Dogg, Bigflo, Boys Republic, Alphabat, and Hotshot~

This weeks card is going to be about b.i.g, which stands for Boys in Groove, and they are one of my favorite kpop groups. Please remember that these cards are in my own opinion of whether I feel that a group is underrated or not, and I will always take suggestions.

B.I.G is a group made up of five members and they debuted back in 2014 with their song called Hello. Ironically, their newest comeback song was called Hello Hello, so one of the members made a joke, I believe, that the next comeback would be Hello Hello Hello.

Debut Song:
Most recent comeback:
My favorite song:
When I found out about b.i.g, they had ended up moving up to my second most favorite group, and I was in love with Aphrodite. There was not a single day after I discovered this song, that I didn't at least play it once a day. It was my alarm to wake me up for weeks if not months. I guess I could say that it was my favorite kpop song for a while there. I even bought this album that is how obsessed I was with the song. I still haven't actually listened to the cd. That's sad.

If you would like to be tagged in future cards to come, please comment down below~ I hope that you liked this card and as I said before, I will always take suggestions on other groups! Currently, I have a list of 60+ groups, but there are always more needed!