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{AGR} Christmas Theme - Romance!

Romance Animes

Well since this year is coming to an end this will be my last card for this theme for this year and a new one will start soon I will make a card annoucing what next theme is so i hope you guys are ready! But I have finished my anime series for this month for Romance Anime's The one's that I have watched were

1. Say "I Love You" 好きっていいなよ

Say "I Love You"

Is about a girl who's been bullied all her life who finally has her first kiss at age 16 by a handsome boy who happens to be very popular with the ladies , they start to realize they like each other and start going out. Their names are Mei Tachibana and
Yamato Kurosawa.

This is the first time Mei has ever gone out with a boy and through her relationship with him she started to make friends with Asami Oikawa and Aiko Mutō.

Manga vs Anime

Theres a difference from the manga and the anime. I've read the manga to this aniem a couple of month ago, and like most Anime's the manga is more detail then the show itself is. So in the first episode, Yamato's friend Kenji Nakanishi they made him as a pervert and he loves Asami its the same in the manga but its also different, in the manga he doesn't really like or care for Mei and kinda picks on her too along with the other girls in their class. I can go on and on about what was differnet but all I can say is that the manga had more sex scenes then it did in the show. Personally to me I like the manga more since it's more detailed then the show.

Favorite Character:

Aiko Mutō.

Sure she may have hated Mei for the first few episodes but later she became closer friends and will do anything to protect their friendship and always thought of her and Asumi. In all honesty I'd be friends with her and back each other up. Ok I may have a crush on her but can you blame me? She's pretty!

2. 12-sai. chicchana mune no tokimeki

This show is about 12 year old Hanabi and Yui experiencing love for the first time witht the boy's that sit next to them in class. Hanabi has the pigtails and Yui has a bob braid hair cut. Their boyfriend's are ligit standing right behind them Takao behind Hanabi and Hiyama behind Yui. These girls experience what its liek to fall in love and also have to deal with rivals along the way who either like Takao and Hiyama or Hanabi and Yui.


If I had to pick my favorite

I would pick Takao and Hanabi since they were the first couple in their class but I find them cute together! Sure he may tease her a bit but its cute and you can tell that he playfully teases her, for example, Hanabi means Fireworks in Japanese so when he said her name for the first time in S1 saying "Hanabi" but then says "The Fireworks will be fun"

Cute Plushie!

In the show htey have this cute little Plushie or figure thats a Rabbit Panda! AND I WANT ONE SO BADLY!

So what Romance Anime did you watch this month? Leave a comment or make a card showing your love for that show! ~ Also please tag me if you do!❤️

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