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Who: Kim Jihyun What: Twas the Night before Smutmas and all through the house some creatures were stirring but it wasn't a mouse. Story: N/A You walked into your apartment with a heavy sign and started to pull at the straps to your high heels. Your hand went to the back of your neck to rub the knot of stress away. You walked deeper into your home and took a seat on the leather black couch. You went to slip off your coat, when you looked up and saw Jihyun walking out of the kitchen with a candy cane in his mouth. "Oh, hey Ji." You said. "Hey, how was dinner with MJ and Jay?" He asked. You sighed heavily, "It sucked, I wished you were there the whole time. It would've helped distract me from the consistent flirting that Jay was doing." Jihyun chuckled and walked over to sit down on the coffee table in front of you. He placed a beer can that was still mostly full on the table beside him and pulled the candy cane out of his mouth. He smiled and said, "Was it really that bad?" "It was like opening the fifth gate of hell. I swear- they're cute together, seriously they're perfect for each other but I mean you've got company. Don't invite me to dinner and make it feel like I have to cram a biscuit down Jay's throat just to have a conversation with you. Talk about third wheeling it." "He loves her." "What, that much?" You complained. Jihyun just laughed at your banter. It wasn't that you were jealous of MJ, in fact, you were happier than ever that she had ended up with the man of her dreams but she knew how uncomfortable situations like that were for you. She knew that you didn't like to be a third wheel and she only asked that you didn't bring Jihyun with you so that you two could talk. Jay came along as a last minute thing and she had told you before hand that she was going to come up with some excuse, like going to the ladies room or something, so that she could talk to you. It didn't work out that way, she got so lost in Jay's advances anything that she was going to tell you had left her brain ten minutes into the date. "Look, I love her and I'm happy for her but I'm not a social person to begin with. Jay's a cool dude and MJ's a sweetheart but I can't due awkward situations like that, it's just draining in every way. She's probably pregnant, maybe that's why he's all lovey with her." "It's possible but you know it could also be because, you know, he loves her." "You don't act like that with me." You pout. Jihyun just chuckled, "You never want me to. Besides I'm not Jay, I love you in my own special way." He smiled gently. You sighed, even though you were still annoyed, Jihyun's smile made you smile back. Jihyun was perfect for you and if it hadn't have been for Jay and MJ you two would've never met. You both moved under the same roof months ago, it was probably half a year by now. You were the type of girl to move slow and take things one step at a time. Jihyun was like that in a way but sometimes he chose to live in the moment. After being together for so long, it seemed some of his personality had rubbed off on you. You became more open to things and sometimes found yourself winging things rather than thinking out and planning through a situation. Jihyun was your favorite Christmas present. You two met two years ago at Jay's Christmas party. MJ had already known Jay as a dancer and then you two went into business together in Seoul. You were able to make your own studio and establish a name for yourselves so you were meeting up with a lot of different groups to come up with dances. For a while, you two worked together but then Jay gave MJ some offer and she started doing a lot more independent work with him. It was fine for you because it gave you time to find your own style outside of her. You both became better dancers by finding your styles outside of each other, rather than having to merge and surrender to the other's style. You looked around for a moment and saw the Christmas lights were shoved into the corner and tangled up. "You brought out the lights without me?" You asked as you got up to go over to them "I think the important thing is that I didn't put them up with out you." He chuckled. You looked back at him with an eye roll and a soft smile. You picked up the tangled lights and tried your best to get them to unravel from their jumbled mess. You sighed heavily as you did so, "We've got to come up with a better system when it comes to putting these things up. We can't do this every year. I feel like it'll take more effort to untangle them than it would to just put them up." "You like Christmas lights up though. You said you liked the atmosphere that comes with it just relax, okay." he said calmly. He stood up and walked over to you to help you unravel the lights. It took some time but one by one you two were able to get the lights untangled and then you wrapped them up neatly so that they wouldn't become a mess while you were working on the next string of lights. You and Jihyun stretched out the last string of lights, ready to find a place to set them up. Jihyun plugged in the lights and you checked to see if they were all still good and if there were any bulbs that had died. While you raised the string up to inspect a dead light, Jihyun took you by surprise and pushed you up against the wall. You looked at him with wide eyes and saw the smooth grin on his face. Before you could say anything he had leaned in to kiss your lips softly. The touch of his lips sent a tingle through your body. You smiled at him as he pulled away. "What are you thinking?" you chuckled. "That I should wrap you up in these lights and make you my Christmas tree this year." You chuckled at his joke and said, "You're so silly." Jihyun grinned as if that very sentence was a challenge to his idea. You cocked an eyebrow at him seeing a more serious expression on his face. He grabbed you by your wrists and turned you around. Before you could get a grasp on what was happening, he was pulling your shirt up and over your head then unhooking your bra to release your firm breast. He pressed you up against the wall and you gave a little hiss at the cold wall greeting your bare skin. "Jihyun." You called to him with a tone of wonder. He grabbed your wrists and pulled your hands behind you. You started to feel something wrap around your wrists and then arms. He started to turn you so that he could wrap colorful Christmas lights up from your belly button up to your neck. They wrapped around your breast and arms and for a moment you actually felt like Jihyun's personal Christmas tree. "Are you satisfied?" You teased. "Don't talk." He said with a smile. His eyes were staring at your perked up nipples and then flashed up to look you in the eyes. The darkness of his eyes, the mere indication of how turned on he was at the moment, had amazed you. It aroused you. Jihyun was smiling in his smart kind of manner and walked closer to you so your bare back touched the wall. Your body shivered again at the cold touch and Jihyun's hand rested by your head as he came closer to your lips. His eye contact never broke with your own and you felt absolutely helpless. Your movement was restricted and Jihyun was the boss to take control. Jihyun lifted his hand to your chin and brought his face closer to yours. In a hot steamy whisper, he said, "Are you going to give me what I want Jagiyah?" You couldn't hold back the shudder that went through your body. His voice became something like the sound of pure seduction and he knew exactly what whispers did to you. "And what do you want?" You smiled back enticing him more. "I want this body," Jihyun's hand moved from your chin down to your neck and even further to your stomach. The gentle touch turning you on and making you shiver. "To tremble for me." He said. He brought his lips closer to yours and you leaned forward to receive a kiss that he wasn't going to give you just yet. Both your mouths were slightly open, breathing ecstasy into each other, the moment was sensual and awakened your body the way you liked it. Your lips wanted his and you were damn well aware of what your plump soft lips did to him. "And I want to hear you beg me to make you cum." He finished. His lips fell to your neck and your chest rose in a sharp inhale. His tongue grazed against your neck and your breathing began to shift. You were turned on already and getting wet with each sensation you felt from his warm muscle lining along your neck. His teeth nibbled on your flesh and gave you the slight sting between pain and pleasure. His other hand came to your breast massaging them nicely but his fingers were placed just under your hardened nub so he wasn't touching them. The thought of his fingers moving slightly to touch you made your nipples stand at attention hard and ready for action. He was all more than willing to give them what they deserved. He dipped his head down to lick your sensitive bud, his tongue flicking softly then gliding around the nub to make it harder. His teeth bit down lightly on you and a moan escaped your lips. With your hands tied all you could down was slightly struggle and then arch your back so more of you would go into his mouth. He looked up at you and his hand slid to you neck. He gave you a deep kiss and your body melted feeling his tongue meet yours. It was like a wave of intoxication took over you. You were completely under his spell. Anything you were upset about earlier today you couldn't even remember. You let out soft mewls as he kissed you passionately but sensually, not so much that he was crushing your lips but enough that you could feel his hunger for you in his kiss. He pressed you up against the wall even deeper. Soft moans left his mouth to be swallowed up in your lips. Your tongues danced and clashed to be the dominant. The deeper the kiss got the more turned on you were, he pulled away to look you in the eyes and you just saw his pupils full blown. You nearly lost your breath looking into his eyes. You and him both were panting heavily and it seemed like it had been too long since either one of you had each other. You licked your lips but looked down when you saw him starting to unbuckle his belt. "Get down for me." He said He helped you lower yourself to your knees and his throbbing rod stared you in the face. You grinned at it then up at him. He had his hand on your chin lifting your face so he could see. As if wanting to give him a good enough show, you let the tip of your tongue slide out in a seductive tease and lick the head of his dick. He groaned through clenched teeth and the hand on your chin found the back of your head. You opened your mouth while he situated himself against your lips and then pushed himself inside your mouth. He released a heavy groan as if the feeling of your warm mouth wrapped around his hard length was all he'd dreamed of. You bobbed your head slowly, you only had so much control without the use of your hands but that wasn't enough for him. He started to move a little faster, bringing his hands to either side of your face and fucking your mouth in a even pace. "Shit," He cussed. "Ah- fuck that feels so good. Keep going baby." He praised. He threw his head back and with each moan you heard escape his lips you became more and more aroused until it began to collect in your panties. He moved faster glancing down to look at the job he was doing. You looked like an erotic mess and you could feel his heat twitch in your mouth, not like he was ready to cum, he probably wasn't even close yet. He was just so turned on by all of it that even his heat had to jump for joy. You could see him lick his lips, his eyes were half lidded and he was thrusting his hips hard into your mouth. You were taking his length depth into your mouth and had your hands been tied in front of you, you would've been playing in the wet mess of your arousal in your panties. Your clit was twitching, begging for attention but just doing this for him was satisfying you so much. It was amazing to hear his deep moans of how much he loved you going down on him. "Fuck baby, just like that. Don't fucking stop." The encouragement was so hot, you just couldn't stop getting wet, it got to the point that your panties were already soaked up. Your saliva was slicked all over his hard member and his heat was throbbing happily. He stopped thrusting in your mouth to look at you. You let your tongue flick his tip and he hissed out a curse that was so fucking sexy. He pulled you up and pushed you against the wall again and this time his lips crushed onto yours. His kiss was hot and heavy and he could taste himself on you. Your heart was racing and your body was begging for more. He abruptly stopped the kiss to unbutton your pants and yank them down. He bent you over the single chair since it was the closest and you felt his tip run along your wet folds. "You got this wet for me baby." "Yes jagi." You answered in a moan. "Good girl. Let me fuck you till your shaking." He pushed inside of you slowly, making moan with each inch that reached inside of you. You felt his hand on your back pushing you down deeper. You felt him reach deeper inside of you. Your hands were still tied behind your back but they wanted to fight back. "I'm gonna fill you with my cum okay jagi." Jihyun whispered in your ear. "Oh- fuck yes." You moaned. His hands gripped your hips for a moment and then he pulled one hand off to smack one side of your ass. He moved slow allowing your walls to adjust to his size. It had been a while since either one of you had time to indulge in each other and it seemed like he was savoring ever bit of being inside you. You bit your lip, enticed by his slow hip thrusts. Your hands twisted in the colored lights with anticipation. He suddenly changed his slow glide inside of you to end with a hard thrust making you moan out loud from the surprise. He moved again and again like this, slowly diving back into your warm caverns until he could plunge hard and deep into you to end the motion. "Please." You whispered wanting more. He chuckled, "Ah, are you begging for me now?" "Yes Ji." You felt him lean over, his chest just about pressed against your back while one of his hands rounded your ass. He whispered in your ear, "Well tell me what you want baby." "Faster." You breathed. "Like this?" He said. You felt him grip your ass and your waist and start to pound into you. You moaned loudly and tried to bury your face in a pillow so that you wouldn't be so loud. He smacked your ass while he continued to slam his body into yours and the collision was everything you could've hoped for. You found yourself rocking back into his hips voluntarily but he was still moving rough. The slaps of skin mixed with heated moans and his finger tips dipped deeper into your flesh. You felt his fingers nails bite into your hips to leave small crescent imprints in your skin. "Shit, just like that. Fuck!" You moaned out loud. "You like that baby?" "Oh god yes." "You like how I fuck this pussy?" "Yes, yes." His hand slapped your butt. You yelped but he kept going. He was relentless in getting exactly what he wanted. The more he talked dirty, the more he gripped your ass and whispered in your ear the more excited you became. The tighter your walls caved in around his heat making him release deep groans full of pleasure. You two had fun together like this and the warmth from the buds of light wrapped around you made the experience more fun. Beads of sweat built up on your back and shoulders. He flipped you over so you had to lean against the couch chair and he lifted your leg with one hand. His other hand had come to your back to keep you upright. He pushed back inside of you moving just as hard as he was before. The sight of his sweaty hair sticking to his face a little and his dark eyes staring into yours hungrily brought you closer to the edge. "I'm gonna-" "Don't, not yet." He said. He started moving slow making you whimper and squirm a little. He had a small smile on, watching you shiver from losing the high that was almost there. He cupped your face to kiss you softly. "I should leave you here." He said against your lips. Your eyes perked up almost in a puppy dog pout as you said, "What?" Jihyun chuckled, "You want me to keep going?" "Of course." He chuckled and licked his lips while his thumb pulled at your bottom lip. He leaned in again and brushed his lips against yours. He pecked your lips twice and said, "Do you want to cum for me baby girl?" "Yes." "Then say it." "Ji." You whimpered. "No. Say it Y/n, say it and I'll make your body go wild. This is all for you jagi. Tell me what you want me to do." You mewled for a moment and moved closer to him. "Ji- please." "Please what." He chuckled amused by the weaker side of you. "Make me cum." He smiled bigger and he unraveled you from the lights, except he moved your hands to the front and tied them up in lights again. He brought his hand to your neck and pushed you down to the floor. He kissed you roughly, hard and deep. His lips brushed yours, as they molded together, his tongue swarmed in your mouth and took over. His hands groped your breast and he ravished your body. He started to grind against you, his heat running along your folds instead of making its way inside of you. He pushed your hands up above your head and pinned them down. He kissed your neck while he found your entrance again and pushed into you as hard as he could. You moaned out loud in surprise at the pain but even more pleasure than before. "Fuck me." You moaned. He kissed you with a smile on his face. He moved faster and faster and your curses became more frequent, it felt amazing and you tightened around him like a snake catching its prey. You let out a high mewl that mixed in with something turning into a scream, "Fuck. Fuck." You said almost breathless but drunk in ecstasy. "Don't cum yet." "Ji!" You nearly screamed. "Don't cum yet." He repeated. You shook under him trying desperately to control yourself. He pulled out of you and hovered over you to watch you whine and shake under him. "You look so hot like that baby girl." "Ji- Jihyun." You panted. You could feel it slipping away, your nipples were hard and standing up. Your clit was swollen and begging for friction. Your walls were aching trying to hold onto the climax that Jihyun kept edging. You whined and even slightly cried but it wasn't out of sadness, rather you were just so lost in the high you couldn't help yourself. You still squirmed beneath him. "Please. Please. Please." You whispered your begging repeatedly because of your heavy panting. Now sweat covered your stomach and arms, your neck, face and breast. Everywhere around you was hot and steaming. Jihyun's hand came to your cheek gently. "It's throbbing for you baby girl. You have no idea how much you turn me on." "Jihyun, I want you." You whimpered. "I know you do." He chuckled. He kissed you again softly and then slid back inside of you. He moved slow again making you groan deeply. You moved your wrists hoping to free yourself. He continued his slow pace while you snuggled below him. "Ji. Ji. Please just- fuck. Make me cum please." "Not yet." "Please." You whined. He chuckled and kissed you again as if to shut you up. You groaned and when he sat up a little you wrapped your legs around him tighter and sat up. You gripped onto him and rolled him over on his back. Your hands rested on his chest while you started to ride him hard and fast. You groaned at the feeling of him deep inside you and you finally being able to take control. His hands gripped your waist while you started to hop up and down on him calling his name as you did. You rode him faster the closer you were getting, you were determined to come this time and you were reaching that peak a lot faster than last time having been denied twice already. You looked him in the eyes, your eyebrows raised and your body tensed up. "Fuck. Fuck Ji I'm cumming." You warned. He slapped your ass and with those same dark eyes he stared back into yours and said, "Cum for me." The moment was incredible the moment you snapped and felt your climax wash over you so hard and so long you were screaming his name and curses so quickly it sounded like you were babbling in another language. He quickly flipped on top of you and kept moving, he ran along your sensitive walls chasing his own climax while making you whine. Your eyes rolled back feeling his final thrust inside of you with broken groans of his own. His hot ribbons filled you up from the inside and trailed out still slightly connected to his heat before he broke the connection. He rolled over panting and smiled, "Wow." "I need some sleep now." You yawned. Jihyun chuckled, "C'mon let's go take a shower." "You're just looking for a second round." You gave him a side eye. He chuckled, "Look at it this was, it'll go in easier this time." "Oh a little slippery when wet action." You grinned. He wrapped his arms around you and said, "It'll be harder to hold onto you." You smiled back and wrapped your arms around him and said, "I'll get my revenge Jihyun, you mark my words." Jihyun laughed and pecked your lips. He grabbed your hand and pulled you along to the bedroom, "I was wondering how long it would take you to just take over." He said. "You were waiting for me to do that?" "Yeah I gotta say you were more patient then I thought you'd be." "It may have had alot to do with the fact that I was Tangled up." Jihyun just laughed and yanked you into the bathroom before closing to door behind you both.....
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