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Lol so I was at the Lotte Department store in Seoul earlier and they have a bunch of handprints of celebrities (2pm, NCT, Exo, Twice, actors, etc) and apparently Sehun (my exo bias) and I have basically the same hand size. I'm not sure if Sehun has small hands or if my hands are big...
My hand also matched NCT's Jaehyun (my nct bias) and Lee Jongsuk (my actor bias) but I didn't take pictures.

Side note: some of these celebs have ridiculously small hands. Like, I can understand Twice having smaller hands than me, but the fact that a buff, manly guy like 2pm's Taecyeon has smaller hands than me is kind of weird haha

(Please ignore how wrinkly and gross my hand looks. It's bc of the angle that I had to hold my hand plus the fact that I didn't put on lotion haha)
its ridiculous how many idols have smol hands, like Jimin
Wow! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ