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I'm going to level with you, I believe most cosplay's look good no-matter what race you are as long as you put 100% in your costume or just for fun, go crazy.
Here are 7 foreign Instagram cosplayer's who looked better than the actual anime character:

1. @fegalvao_ : Nami from One piece

2. @Uniquesora: Princess Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defender

3. @Queenofluna: Enma Ai from Hell girl

4. @Ironbrownie: Rin Okumura from Blue exorcist

5. @Nipahcos: Genos from One punch man

6.Ohmickey: Edward from Cowboy bebop

7. @Moodymynx: Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin

Hope you enjoyed my short list of these amazing cosplayers (I know), give their instagram accounts a follow! If you enjoyed my content please like, comment and follow to let me know you want more content like this. Don't forget to read my previous cardicles if you want more.
I LOVE EDWARD!!!! If Edward was full grown, she would DEFINITELY look like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
That girl is Nami. God damn 😍😍