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I hope we get alot of nose bleeds here on vingle for this cosplay lol
@lenoxknight thats here instagsram incase any one wants to show her page some love :)
So this is the last one of this year my firends
2017 almost done and 2018 is coming with more Cosplayers of the week for all of you to enjoy ^_^ Give me feedback back every one i need to know that all of you guys are enjoying "Cosplayer if the week" lol :) Cause i was thinking of doing like a voting pole put up 3 cosplayers and let you guys vote and then you guys will pretty much pick who will be the cosplayer of the week :) Let me know in the comment below what your thoights are ^_^ pleasssss and thank you :)
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Sounds like a good idea. Cosplay is so neat.
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@MelissaGarza HAPPY NEE YEAR EVE to you as well and thank you ^_^ :)