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Now, I know there were a lot of amazing songs this year, of which I honestly probably forgot a few because I'm me, but hey I'm actually making this post on time this year!

1. Dramarama by Monsta X (shocker I know):
2. Anti By Zico:
3. Shall We Dance by Block-B
4. Red Flavor by Red Velvet
5. Goodnight by Dreamcatcher
6. Limitless by NCT 127(they have recently become one of my favorite groups)
7. O Sole Mio by SF9
8. We Like by Pristin
9. Crazy Sexy Cool by Astro
10. Damdadi by Golden Child
11. Hellevator by Stray Kids
12. Dance Dance by Day6
13. Only You by 24k
14. Take It by MVP
15. Wake Me Up by B.A.P
16. Beautiful by Monsta X
17. Shine Forever by Monsta X
18. Peek-a-boo by Red Velvet
19. Chase Me by Dreamcatcher
20. As If It's Your Last by Blackpink
21. I'm Serious by Day6
22. Don't Wanna Cry by Seventeen
23. Mic Drop by BTS (both the original version and remix because this is a great song)
24. Power by Exo
25. Hello Hello by B.i.g
26. Likey by Twice
27. Yesterday by Block B
28. Newton by Monsta X
29. Clap by Seventeen
30. Runner by Up10tion
31. Dance With Me by VAV
32. Baby by Astro
33. Runaway by Pentagon
34. Island by Winner
35. B-day by Ikon
36. Cactus by A.C.E
37. You Are by Got7
38. Happy by WJSN
39. Signal by Twice
40. Not Today by BTS
41. Ko Ko Bop by Exo
42. Don't Recall by K.A.R.D
43. Heartshaker by Twice
44. Wee Woo by Pristin
45. Going Crazy by Up10tion
46. New Face by PSY
47. Tension Up by Imfact
48. Beautiful by Wanna One
49. Kiss Me by WJSN
50. Fly High by Dreamcatcher
As I was looking through music videos I realized I forgot songs like Plz don't be sad or really anything by highlight, and a few others here and there, but I decided to just keep what I had on the list.
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Great list!