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Jung Hoseok. Thank you for being the amazing Bright Adorable Sunshine that you were this year❤ Thank you for always slaying us with your incredible dance moves! Thank you for always putting a smile not only for ARMY but for BTS as well. Thank you for all the struggles you had to go through this year. Thank you for always making ARMY happy with your adorable high pitched screams haha. Thank you writing and composing amazing songs this year! And thank you for keeping me so damn anxious for you Hixtape. I know it is taking a while but this hixtape is ALL ABOUT YOU and I kmow the moment I hear it I will love it. Because I already love you❤ I hope and wish you many more amazing this this 2018. May you have good health and may God always be with you!

Happy New Year Jung Hoseok!❤

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What a day to be alive yall
(Soooo, I was high key waiting on this...don't tell Tae tho 😉)
No worries I wont xD