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Don't be jealous of their hair, You're still my favorite out of this Bunch

5D's was my favorite
xzy in its entirety isn't even in my databanks... elemental hero's had a way better introduction and execution/development
@RobertWhite I agree with you on that
I feel like jaden was always the one to be shunned by the others. like he was the yamcha or minata of the group. I feel bad for him considering his story made the "most" sense
That's very true all because his hair isn't multicolored and weird🤔 I always felt that Zexal itself was pretty horrible because the way Xyz summoning was introduced was confusing as hell and to top it off the story was not very exciting in my opinion Zexal doesn't really exist in my Yugioh data banks
I stopped watching the series regularly after 5ds I felt like they were just complicating the card game especially in xyz which wasn't bad overall but the previous just felt better Yu-Gi-Oh had it's suddle dark moments and moments where you actually felt bad for Yugi and friends at times but now Yu-Gi-Oh has slightly become a "kids show" overtime trying to overcomplicate what was already good and make it flashier but I'd have to say that he definitely isn't missing out on having main character physics defying hair
I could never get into yugioh 5ds as it was far to dark to begin with, but dark fantasy does tend to be off putting for me. just an opinion though as I was able to follow the story pretty wel. my favorite was yugioh gx and the original. but I am a 90s anime fan but I have watched a few newer anime and I am still the otaku I am. though Jaden's hair was pretty cool I liked it more actually.