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Xiumin watched Nari come back to the table. If she was gone any longer, he was going to go see if she was okay. He didn't like how she looked. She had turned pale and looked sick to her stomach. He poured her a glass of water before she even sat down.

“Jagi, are you okay? You don't look so good.” He said handing her the glass. He scooted over closer to her and started to rub her back.

“I'm sorry, Minseok. I think I need to go home.” Nari rubbed her tummy which felt worse. “I need to lie down for a bit.”

Lu jumped up from his seat. He put a hand on her shoulder. He didn't even notice the small sneer that flashed across Xiumin's face when he did that. But he was being sincere to someone his Baozi cares about.

“If you're not feeling well maybe you should go to the hospital.” Lu said. “Would you like some tea? Sometimes an herbal tea can calm an upset stomach.”

“I was just thinking that too but I feel really sick and…” she looked up at Lu and then Xiumin, and quietly said, “I didn't want to make that much noise in the restroom.”

Xiumin smiled.

He walked her out to the taxi, insisting that he take her home but she declined. Telling him to enjoy his time with Lu.

Xiumin watched her drive away, she looked back and waved at him. She put her hand up to her ear, signaling for him to call. Lu came out right behind him. He saw Nari waving, so Lu waved too.

“Is everything okay?” Lu asked still waving and smiling.

“I'll go see her later.”

Lu happen to look towards the car, where it was parked. He caught a glimpse of a familiar profile hiding in a hoodie watching the taxi driving away before they completely turned away and went in a different direction. Lu took a deep breath and looked at Xiumin who was looking at his phone. Xiumin's triangle. Lu was just glad him and Xiumin were close again.

“Shall we go?” Lu asked.

Xiumin nodded.

On the way to another spot, Lu couldn't stop thinking about Chen. He wondered if Chen spoke to Nari and got her to leave. After he had texted him from the hotel, telling him where they were and why they turned back, he figured Chen would find a way to keep Nari away from Xiumin and he would get his time with Xiumin and Chen would get his time with Nari. That was what they agreed on. But he never expected Xiumin to be so worried over her.

He glanced over at Xiumin from the corner of his eye.

“Hey….” Lu said suddenly, he lightly tapped him on the leg, “If you're that worried, we can buy her medicine and take it to her. I'm sure she'll really appreciate that.”

“Yeah, maybe later before we head back to the hotel.”

As soon as the movie was done, Lu texted Chen.

“Hey, we're heading back to the hotel. Gonna stop at Nari's to check on her. Get out if you're there.”

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