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Jeon Jungkook. Thank you for being an even more amazing Golden Maknae this year! Thank you for going through all the struggles you went this year. As the youngest I kmow there is a HUGE amount of pressure to be amazing especially with all of the amazing success BTS has had this year. So Thank you. Thank you for all of the memorable memes you have done and thank you for your JungSHOOK moments xD Thank you for ypur amazing Vocal skills, Dancing skills, Rapping skills, Visual skills, Sports Skills and Killing ARMY skills xD. You truly are a talented Maknae Jungkook. Thank you and I wish amd hope you have many more amazing things coming your way in 2018❀ And may you have good health & may God always be with you! Thank you Jungkook!

Happy New Year Jeon Jungkook!❀

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