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I know christmas is over but I finally finished this story. It took me a while. This is more of a choose how your story ends. SO HERE WE GO!!!
"Are you excited for the party tomorrow?" Alli asked "Yeah, but I'm nervous." "Why? Is it because BTS is going to be there?" My friend laughed "Maybe, I just really hope there is no mistletoe." "Haha because then you'd have to deal with those feelings." "Alli he can't date, so why even think of that possibility?" "You never know y/n. He might just go against the rules." "I just want to have a good time, we get to see Homme too." I changed the subject. "Oh yeah! And I'm going to enjoy that." Alli laughed. She was a clear Homme fan through and through. "Well, We should probably get a nice outfit for tomorrow huh?" I said as we passed a store. "Sure." With that we went shopping to find the right outfit. (The Outfit you are wearing)

~~~~The Next Evening~~~~~ We both walked into the party. We looked around and mingled for a bit as well as danced. I tried to avoid BTS and Homme while Alli was talking to them all. I went and got a drink. (Now is where you get to pick your ending. Who do you choose? Scroll to who you choose or read them all.)
I walked out of the room and into the hall it was a bit quieter there. "Hey (y/n)" I glanced to see Jungkook. "Hey Kookie." I smiled "What are you drinking?" He asked "Oh just a sex on the beach its really fruity." I laughed "You like fruity?" "I do but this is a lot more fruity than alcohol." I laughed. The guy must have put a lot more cherry flavoring to be nice... I hope. We had walked a bit and I stopped to turn to look at him. "What are you doing?" I asked "I wanted to spend some time with you. And I saw you walk out of the room so I figured now was my chance." He laughed "Oh ok." I couldn't helped but smile I really liked Kookie. "(Y/n)" I glanced up at him and he was a few inches from my face. My face warmed up real fast. He pressed his lips against mine then put the space back between us. "Jung.....kook" I whispered the last part of his name as I looked around. I was still in shock. "Mistletoe." He smiled and pointed above our heads. I glanced up....that stupid mistletoe. "Oh." "But, I just needed that as an excuse." He said and looked down and I looked back at him. "What?" "Well I like you but I cant ask you to wait till I'm allowed to date, so I wanted to see what it would be like." " like me?" "Yes, a whole lot." "I can wait." I blurted out. Which caused him to look at me. "What?" "I like you too. I can wait for you." "But what if its years?" "Then it'll be years before we date." "But what if another guy comes along. And gets your attention?" "I don't think that will happen. But if a guy comes along I'll turn him down. If you really like me, but in a few years you could not want me as well." "I'll let you know if that changes." He smiled "Ok lets go back to the party. You need to be present there." I lightly pushed him towards the door. "Ok." He smiled. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I leaned against the door frame, I was deciding if I should go out or stay in and watch everyone. "What are you drinking?" I turned to the voice. "A ginatonic." I giggled "Cute." Jin leaned on the spot next to me. "I dont get how she can be so open." I stated as I stared at Alli who was kissing a guy. "It's the mistletoe everywhere." Jin pointed to several that he could see. "Ahh that dang mistletoe. Its bad." I laughed. "It can't be that bad. I mean getting to kiss someone is fun." "What if you are under it with someone you don't like?" "Maybe they will start to like each other... what do you not like someone?" Jin asked leaning in a bit "Nah, I just prefer the one I like..." "Oh whos that?" He nudged me. "Not saying." "Come on who am I going to tell....or is it me?" He asked with a smile.... "Ha good luck buddy." I took a sip of my drink. "By the way, we are under mistletoe." He whispered into my ear which caused me to tense up. And my face warmed up. I "Ok...." "I hope you don't hate me." He lightly kissed my cheek then took my chin in his hand and turned me to face him. "Because I really like you." He then pressed his lips to my nose then he moved down and finally pressed his lips to mine. Within that tiny bit of time I was anticipating his lips. He lightly bit my bottom lip. As I lightly sucked on his top lip. "You taste like ginatonic." He laughed as he pulled away. "Well I wasn't expecting you to kiss me." "Yeah, but you liked it." "I did." "So I guessed right then." He smiled and leaned back against the door frame. "With what?" "That you liked me. I wasnt sure and I was gonna take the risk but I'm glad it worked out." "I never said I liked you." "You wouldn't have liked that kiss or really kissed me if you didn't." He was right. "Fine! You are right. I like you." "Good.... Let's go on a date tomorrow. I have some free time." "Ha, ok it'll be fun." We talked a bit longer and then he was called off to talk to someone. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I started walking towards a table ready to get off my feet when I saw Jimin. He looked like he was coming right at me. I went to move out of his way but as he walked by me he grabbed my hand and pulled me to follow him. "Jimin what are you doing?" I asked and he didn't respond. He took me over to an area and then pushed me against the wall. I was shocked by his bold move. I was trapped between his arms. "Jimin?" "I am sorry." He said and closed the distance between us. His lips pressed on mine. He was rough at first but then he became gentle. It took me a few seconds to finally respond. When I did my hands went around his neck. When I did that his tongue traced my lip asking for entrance and I allowed him access. Our tongues danced together. When we started to run out of breath we seperated. It took us a few moments before either of us talked. "Why are you sorry?" I asked "Because I kissed you." "Ok..." "And because I was dared." "What?" Was the only reason he kissed me because of a dare? "Tae and Kookie said I didn't have the guts to kiss you and they dared me thinking I wouldnt do it and I'd have to do what they asked." "A Dare." I was a little hurt. I like Jimin and he didn't even like me. "Don't get the wrong idea its just because I talk about you a lot and always say I'm gonna kiss you but never do. So they dared me believing I still wouldn't do it. I was sorry because I'm not sure you like me." He finally said and took a deep breath. " like me and they were just helping you out." I repeated. "Correct." "Well heres a truth.... I like you too " "Really?" "Yeah, I was trying yo keep it hidden.... I thought it was wrong of me to like you." "Well its a mutual thing now, so it doesnt matter." He grabbed my hand and placed it against his lips. "Lets go somewhere quieter to talk about this.". He added after a bit. "Ok, I think thats smart." With my hand in his we made our way into the hall to find a place to talk. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I made way to the dance floor. Before I hit the floor I downed my drink and set it on a table. I started dancing when one of the back up dancers joined me. I was really enjoying myself when I was jerked in one direction to come face to face with suga. "You can go now." Suga said to the guy who was dancing with me. "What was that for?" I asked confused. "He was too touchy with you." "So... I'm single...not like I have a chance with you." I said and for a second there was this look of shock in his eyes. "Yes you do." He said and pulled me close to him and pressed his lips to mine. One of his hands was on the small of my back while the other was on the bottom of my neck. His lips where fighting for dominance which I easily allowed. I had my hands gently on his arms, not really knowing what to do with them.I kept expecting his tounge to pop into my mouth but it never did. After several seconds we broke apart. Both of us trying to catch out breath. "What was that about?" "I was watching you from afar and didn't like that guy on you. I knew he saw the mistletoe above you and was gonna go in... I couldn't let him do that. Not when I like you." He grabbed my hand and led me off the dance floor. "So you came to the rescue and kissed me because of the mistletoe?" I asked "Yeah." "You shouldn't have kissed me in front of all those people. You might get in trouble." "I dont give a damn. I like you and I dont care what anyone says. If you like me too let's date." We finally got out of the room and were in the hallway. "I dont want you to lose your job." "Trust me I won't, but I won't lose you. I don't want some other guy to come up and take you away from me." "Are you for real?" I laughed "Yes. Just say you'll be with me and Ill be happy." "Lets go for it." I smiled and he kissed my cheek. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I walked over to a few empty seats and laid down. It was a quiet area that not many people were going. "What are you doing?" I looked up to see Tae. "Hiding but being social." I laughed "Why?" "Well I need a break from all the talking." "Oh...I can leave." "You are fine. It's everyone else thats talking about work...I want to relax. Hench me laying here." I laughed "Well..." He glanced around. "What?" "You picked a bad spot to lay?" "Why?" I glanced around then back at Tae. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. His bottom lip was pressed against my top lip and my bottom lip was pressed against his top lip. It took me a second to realize what was going on and then I moved my hand to the back of his head grabbing a bit of his hai as he deepened the kiss. When he finally pulled back we were both out of breath. "Spiderman kiss." I laughed as I sat up "Yeah. I always wanted to try that." He laughed sitting next to me. "Why now?" "Mistletoe." He pointed up. I glanced up. "Ahh." I looked back around glancing to see if anyone was looking at us. "Y/n" Tae quietly spoke. I glanced at him. "Yeah?" "I like you, the mistletoe was just a good reason to kiss you and confess." "Tae, we can't." I quietly said as I turned away. "Why not?" "There are rules." "If you like me, like I like you then we can, we just won't tell anyone." "Thats a lot of hiding. Can you keep it from everyone?" "Not the guys but they already know. They are all willing to keep it a secret." "You already had this planned." I laughed "I did plan it a bit, I had to be ready if you liked me too." He laughed "Smooth." "So what do you say?" He asked looking at me. "How can I say no?" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I really wanted to check out the balcony even though it was chilly out. I got to the door and peaked out to make sure no one was out there. Once I was sure I opened the door and walked out. The sky was clear and you could see some stars. But one thing that sucked about this balcony there was a roof... I figured that meant there was another balcony above. I saw there was a mistletoe hanging from it. "Man they really went over board with the mistletoe." I leaned on the railing and looked around. It was really pretty. "Hey y/n mind if I join you for a second?" I glanced behind me and saw RM. "Yeah, I'm just enjoying the view." "Aren't you cold?" He asked "Yeah a little." "Here." He said and held upo a jacket. "I can't take yours." "Its not mine, I grabbed yours." He smiked showing off his dimples. "Thank you." I walked over and he helped me slip on my jacket. I turned to face him. "I really thought I could have handled the cold." I shivered "Well..I know something that can warm you up." "Whats that?" I asked as he put his hands on my jacket and buttoned a few of my buttons I didn't fasten. "You really wanna know?" He looked at me. I was a little curious. "Yeah!" "Ok." With that he gently pulled my jacket towards him making me move with it. He pressed his lips to mine ever so gently. One hand stayed on my jacket while the other went to my cheek. His soft lips and soft kiss was amazing. Although we deepened the kiss it never got rough. It was the sweetest kiss. "Wow." I smiled "Good?" "It was great! That was the best kiss ever. Sweet." "Im glad, it took me a while to pick a style to kiss you. Tae told me to do the spiderman kiss but, he said something about hanging from the balcony and I just threw that one out the window." We both laughed "That would have been amusing though." "Yeah for you." "So how long where you thinking about this kiss?" I asked "A while." "Hmm....well then. I'm taking a risk and could get fired but I dont care." "Why do you say that?" He asked My answer was me kissing him. "I always wondered what it would be like kissing you...and it was better than I imagined." I said putting a bit of space betwren us. "Good. So this means we both like each other. Right." RM spoke queitly "Right." "Well then lets take the risk and just start dating." "I like that idea a lot." I smiled. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I finished my drink and grabbed my jacket. I was gonna take a stroll through the garden out back. I only noticed it after the second lap around the room. I was quick to get out of the building. When I got out I found a path and followed it. I ended up being in front of a fountain that wasn't working. There was just a light dusting of snow. Disappointment. I sighed and turned around only to be surprised by Jhope being right behind me. "Oh my gosh Jhope you scared me!" I lightly smacked him in the arm. "Surprise." He laughed. But the next second he kissed all over my face like a parent does to there child. I started giggling. "Stop it you goof." "Never." He said and put his arms around me to hold me in a hug and continued to kiss me. After my fit of giggles he finally pressed his lips to mine several times. "What are you doing?" "Mistletoe." "Lies!" I glanced up and was shocked why was there a tree will lots of mistletoe hanging off if it. "Who decorated." I took a deep breath and let it out. "Why too much mistletoe for you?" "Yes. Lol I tired to avoid it and sucked at it." I laughed. "What you didn't like my kisses?" He asked "No I liked it, I kinda wish you would have kissed my lips more though." I laughed as I said this. "Im saving that for next time." He smiled "I'll be anticipating it." I smiled back. "The next time, I'll ask you out on a proper date." He said and handed me a flower. "Thank you." "I'll see you later (y/n). " He said and quickly vanished. Jhope...what am I gonna do? I like you too much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And that is all....what do you think? I tried to do different kisses but I was starting to run out of ideas for how i got them to kiss. I hioe you all enjoyed it. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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