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Its the new year! yey we made it in one piece lol. Youngjae had a cute filter that he shared with us saying Happy 2018! Our precious boy is so cute!
I love you all! All of you who have befriended me, been there for me, helped me, and supported my stories (which I always get anxious over), it means the world I have you all in my life and something to look forward to seeing. Whether you posted a card that made me smile or gave out new news on a group I enjoy seeing everyone come together in these different communities on vingle! I fangirl along side you all and I hope in the next year we can continue to fangirl together and share more happy moments!!!
(Tomorrow you'll probably see another new years card lol)

Happy New Year!! I keep saying this he looks just like bts Jimin 😀
Happy New Year! 🎊
Awe! That's so sweet 😍
Happy New Year!
He is so adorable.
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