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In continuing another day of Screen shot games which @MelissaGarza amd @StefaniTre have made a few of I wanted to make a short fun one for New Years Day!

Who kissed You at Midnight on New Years?

who took you home after the new years party?
After waking up the next day who did you turn over to see next to you???

When getting up and around who was wide awake and ready for a new day?
Who was the one to pass out on ghe couch and have to be shaken awake?

Im not sure if any of you have had these experiences the day after New years eve but some pretty typical thing, always having that one friend who goes to bed at 2 am amd still by 8 am can be awake and totally with it. then you havd the friend who partied to long and fell asleep never wanting to be awoken while the sun is up lol

Well I hope you all have a safe night/day and didnt get in to much trouble!

Fam tag! For everything!

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Awesome! I need to catch up and post mine soon 😁